My girlfriend intimidates me

A week ago a girl confessed her love to me, we hadn't talked at all before that but we were in the same friend group. The problem is that she is kinda dom and can be really intimidating even if she doesn't want to, I dont mean to sound like a pussy but since that day I have been extremely stressed to the point of feeling sick and dizzy. I also don't know her very much since I didnt expect that she had feelings for me and I am not sure if I feel the same. What can I do to better my situation vros?

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do you think she might peg you?

Not really, I just feel kind of ashamed of myself and I don't really know why

What's there to be ashamed of? If you're lacking confidence, then work on that. If she's attracted to you, it shouldn't matter. You're already in a position of power, as she approached you and not the other way around.

If she isn't ugly and you haven't found her personality unbearable, give her a chance. Most people here can't get a girlfriend and you got one without initiating.

What exactly is so intimidating about her?

The problem isnt her vros, the problem is me because I feel intimidated even if she doesn't do anything, but I have never been so intimidated again and I don't know why im doing that to myself

Keep her with you insofar as you at the very least enjoy her company. Your main problem is your lack of vigour, strength and will. A woman becomes more and more domineering and rude the more so a man yields to her - I am not saying to be a chauvinistic ass hole just to make sure she, and you, know your places.

tie up, ballgag, and fuck her in doggy

Hmm hell yeah time to assert dominance

Ok thx vros I'll consider these options

is right, get to the core of what you are afraid of. Negative-self image? Rejection? Or is she just annoying?

You'll know if you like her after you've had sex.

>intimidated by a fucking woman to the point of dizziness and nausea
>i dont wanna sound like a pussy

Dawg, shes not dominant - youre spineless. How can I tell? Your story went.

>girl confesses love to me
>girlfriend seems intimidating

Was there no time at all between the confession and going steady with this woman? It sounds less like a love confession and more like her telling you your her boyfriend now - like she made the decision for you. Women dont respect indecisiveness at all. Indecisiveness is an inherently feminine quality. She doesnt respect you, my dude.

This. Like how the fuck is she even labeled as a gf. Y’all haven’t even dated. Stupid virgins don’t even know the definition of gf/bf.

tell her you've been a bad boy and you need a spanking. worth it.

relations are defined by the people involved

For those that want more information. When she confessed to me, I didn't really know her so I said yes and let her do her own thing until I got to know her better. By intimidated I mean that by letting her do what she wanted (because I didn't really know her yet) she started tongue kissing me from the first date (yeah I know it is my fault I didn't try to stop her or be more assertive) and I wasn't ready for something like that because I wasn't sure what my feelings for her where. It brought this to myself and now I got to fix it. I'll try to tell her how I feel

Just tell her how you feel and never be afraid to say no if you're uncomfortable. If she doesn't respect how you feel or that you are uncomfortable about something then she probably is not the one for you.

she's either super into you, or she's a slut who does this with all the boys. My money's on the latter.

Man up and take control of the situation when you're together. If you want to kiss her, pull her close and kiss her. If not, make some witty remark about buying you a drink first and then escalate on your own terms, at your own speed. You want to get to know her better first, so that'll be the goal.

Be warned, this comes with risk. If she's super into you, she may take the rejection harshly and pull back further than you are. If she's a slut, she won't waste her time with you. Girls nowadays move quick in relationships. Gone are the times of 6 dates until a kiss. Last 3 girls I've dated were all begging to fuck within the first 2 or 3 dates. It's not even that I'm Chad, I'm like 6/10 on my best day. Society is just so sexualized, it's hard for them to take their time.


Why not give it a try? You already seem like a submissive type, but for cultural or some other reasons, you feel ashamed of that and are fighting with it.
Just give it a chance and see if you like it.