What would you do if someone cheated on you?

What would you do if someone cheated on you?

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Fuck their sister

File for divorce

Leave immediately, or as quickly as the situation allowed

Make a better reinforcement of the basement so she won't escape again.

Tell everyone he knows about the cheating, of course. See how much that bothers him. From there, keep sharing his darkest secrets one by one to the relevant parties until my lust for revenge is satisfied. Totally not speaking from experience.

Masturbate because I'm a cuck.

Break up and never look back. There’s other people I can trust.

I've cheated on my gf 8 times now.

If she did the same to me, I don't think I'd really care that much, just some discussion needs to be had about whats wrong and how to make it better.

That's why I cheat, I have grievances but my gf is unwilling to talk about them, and if I break up with her she would likely off herself so I feel guilty. If she ever found out i was cheating on her she would likely off herself too, but she is too dumb to realise.

my ex boyfriend cheated on me multiple times. maybe like 2 or 3? regardless, I stayed for a while because I was retarded and naive then that some people can change.
after I left that relationship, things were slightly rocky with my other ex because I was paranoid about cheating.
so basically, leave asap before it may happen again and you end up mentally fucked.

Do everything in my power to make sure nothing but pain and misery befalls them for the rest of their life. I would also want to know that after they beg for the sweet release of death that hellfire awaits them. Basically I would need to make sure that cheating on me was the biggest mistake of life with severe consequences

>"If gf cheats, it's okay but we'll need to have a talk"
>"If she found out I was cheating, she'll an hero"
>Cheats on her 8 times
Kek. Are you literally retarded?

I'm inbetween a rock and a hard place. There is no good moves.

Whats retarded about that?

it's retarded that you think you're so special she'll kill herself over losing you. dude, you're not. if she's not ugly, she'll find another one who doesn't cheat if you let her go

No way anyone can answer this question truthfully. Its like what would you do if someone you love was held at gunpoint. Most hope they would/could go superhero and save them.

When a woman cheat on their bf or husband the husband 95% of the time ends up justifying it believing any flimsy lie told by the woman and/or blaming themselves for pushing her to cheat. Then they beg and promise to change so the woman will stay. She usually swears never to fuck the guy again but she always continues and hides it better.

Kill them

Ah, your making hugely general comments on a matter you know literally nothing about. She has serious attachment issues.

I'm trying to figure out how to dump her, I've tried a bunch of times but things haven't worked. Its getting to the point that I'm going to move out of the country potentially some time next year just to end this right.

Shut up

Found the cheater. You're scum, know that

Probably do nothing.

Break up, kick her out of the house, and never think about her again. The best thing I can do is to move on immediately and never look back.

Excepting the issue where it's about keeping intact a family with kids, I think the right response to this is to realize the other person isn't a good choice for a partner, to end the relationship, and to find someone else with better values.

That's a huge waste of time and energy, plus hugely unrealistic unless you are also willing to destroy your own life out of spite.

This is foolish. This isn't a reaction comparable to something like a previously unexperienced immediate threat to one's life, where someone's instinctive reaction is unknown.

It's a situation that people can think about at length once they have the information, and that includes people who's natural inclination would be to pretend that the bad news wasn't true.

And anyway, plenty of people have been in this situation already and knew how they reacted, and that includes a lot of people who tried to get past the infidelity for a while but ultimately realized that trust was gone and the relationship was dead.

There are also plenty of people who have not experienced infidelity but have a firm sense of what they find to be unacceptable behavior.

You are correct that there are some people who are willing to swallow a lot of bullshit to maintain the status quo, but I wouldn't say it's anywhere near the vast majority. From what I've observed, it's people with children who try the hardest to get past infidelity, but most of the ones I've known have been very aware of the situation and whether or not the relationship is salvageable.

>unrealistic unless you are also willing to destroy your own life out of spite

Absolutely worth it if it destroys them as well. Cheaters deserve nothing but bad in this world

I think it's hilarious that you would value the quality of the life of someone you despise more than you value the quality of your own.

This is some loser shit.

Rape him and then cut his cock off.

>letting cheaters get away with it without serious consequences

Now that's some serious loser shit cuck boy. I bet you like the taste of semen