Sex is boring shit, don't waste your time

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It's almost as if sexual intercourse has a greater function outside of personal pleasure...

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wrong but I appreciate your opinion

No its not

Why its wrong?

t. kissles 30 years old virgin

Stop projecting,
pussy worshiper

I'm not a pussy worshiper, I'm a pussy fucker, you fucking virgin. Go jerk off to some tranny porn. I would feel sorry for you if we lived in some middle ages, but nowadays you can get sex literally everywhere, just be at least 4/10. If you're 3/10 or less, go to barber, buy new clothes, new perfume, grow some beard and you'll be at least 4 or even 5/10. You don't even have to be talkative and if you want some easy fuck go somewhere where you can meet drunk girls, they will want to ride your cock for free.

Nice story bro, now take your meds

because sex with a hot girl who likes you back is a pretty good feeling

muh... boring i tried sex 4 times

Sex with trannies doesn't count.

See that's your problem. You are such an incel you don't believe that stuff like sex is easy to get. Kys.

For the love of God, if you had sex with trannies that's not my problem, stop projecting, insecure boy

So much psychology experts today

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Kys retarded incel.

>He disagree with
>I will call him incel
Just kill youself, you have no place in modern society

Stop calling each other incels, everyone here is or have been an incel.

No I'm not. I had my first sex when I was 15 years old, I only come here and read all those incel threads to laugh at miserable virgins. Their life is meaningless and they bring nothing to the society.

No, you didn't had sex

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The only thing you can do incels is some mass shooting but only if you live in the usa. In europe you are harmless pussies, born to be bullied.

Are you complete idiot?

That user didn't have sex at all. You are all fucking projecting.

See, I destroyed you mentally. You are worthless shit, you don't know what to write. Go cry bitch.

Which one?

All of you actually. Every user in this thread is a virgin.

Listen I don't give a shit about you little world there you are "chad" but i think you are crying right now

Yeah I'm crying but with laughter. I don't give a shit about you because in the real world you don't even exist. No social medias, no friends, no girlfriend, fuck you pathetic cunt.

its something worth trying if you can be bothered in my opinion. its not that important. you can trust me, i used to have hot smokey sex all the time but now my dick doesnt work, lol.

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What's wrong with you?
How many times you have fall on your head?

Not for me, but you might be asexual and it's ok

Write some manifesto and go shoot someone, come on incel.

You so agresivly want to prove that you are not an incel that means you are one, have a bad day idiot, I fucked you parrents by the way

Yeah you definitely did incel. Go watch some tranny porn and don't waste my time.

Keep trying, next time someone will bealive you, Keep trying


Sex for me is amazing always but that's because I do it with my partner and we both care about each other, find each other very attractive and put in max effort every time