I think males shouldn't exist

Is it normal?

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I think you'll change your mind when you meet this chad(me)

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they're kinda horrible but there are some good ones. i used to be an unironic femcel despite having men interested in me, and i had the same mindset as you. it's not very normal to think half of the world shouldn't exist, no. however there are things you can do to change your thinking.
why do you think this way OP?

i mean, it's normal if you've been raped or something serious like that. otherwise, no, it's pretty weird to feel that way

They are animalistic and cruel, also tend to commit crimes


I think it's more common than you think but it's still not normal or healthy.

femcel shit doesn't really get alot of exposure because there aren't many of them and when it does get exposure there's a parade of thirsty men who jump straight into the dms

I am not femcel

your way of thinking is quite understandable.
however a LOT of humans commit crimes, women too. we're not any better nor are we worse.
if you were traumatized by men, I think you should try therapy. it'll be hard to change your mindset on your own in this case.

Not traumatizied, but reading statistics makes things to you

Well then refer to the first part of my reply

If males didn't exist, neither would females.

Yes, and that's sad

What makes you better than any other full of himself, self proclaimed chad?

so you think niggers shouldn't exist too

This is a man's world

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I think women doesn't exist.
Wanna be friends?

No, woman invented agreculture

Please seek help.





>i want to live in caves and eat berries is this normal?


So you want to cause the extinction of the human race? Men are rather necessary.


Why not?
Planet has tired of us

Well, you're not wrong. Although, I'm not particularly animalistic or cruel, nor do I commit crimes, and there are many men like me. If men have hurt you in the past I'm sorry, but we're not all bad.

It depends on their level of training, not gender


>What is the cure for such disorders? Beatings

>pic related

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then how can the human race survive without the opposite sex? also get some professional help.

Tim Berners created the internet while women were fighting over dick. Don’t like men? Don’t use the internet.

Men built your house your complaining from so go live in the wilderness. You should take some tools with you though to help you survive. Tools that MEN created.

I think what I’m trying to say is, besides reproduction, your gender is -

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They created Internet only because some woman didn't,
Also, not an argument


unironically women will be replaced once sex dolls become cheaper
why pay tens of thousands for pussy per year when you can just pay 1000$ once every 3

No, how will you reproduce?

All male motivation is to fuck, civilaztion was build on that, you will just stop

woman x woman reproduction is already possible kid, just another step toward male extinction

>reproducing in 2k19

Yes, it called parthenogenesis


>using male semen

If you are a feminist, yes.




Please seek professional help.

biologically, yes. we don't need nearly as many, we could survive if 99% were killed off
in nearly every other sense men contribute more to humanity than women, so no
if you have daddy issues or were raped or just had men do a lot of shitty things to you then yes. but it's generalising 50% of the human gender so you should get that fixed

>you will just top*

I think feminists, soibois, beta males, trannies and anyone who thinks more estrogen would somehow benefit humanity shouldn't exist.

Am I normal?

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