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Vent away.

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nuff' said.

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The 80s were good

I really hope this isn't what software development is like in the real world.

I think I have to stop fighting this and do things the recommended way or I'm going to make it hard for other people.

What about the men?

I think they've just always been paying whores from the start of time.


Based CHAD women

Please leave me alone. Why do you still talk to me? You know I love you and you barely tolerate me. What can I give you? What can I mean to you?

I think I'm completely wrong about everything and I made all the wrong decisions. I guess I have to live with it now.

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I wish I was brave enough to kill my self.

What happened, user?

I can never really explain,
What's going on in my brain,
It's like living in the sleet and the rain,
But still I don't feel any pain

I want to be funny but i dont know how so i end up being cringy.

All because I love Lain

i wan aleen bf

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I want to say goodbye to you but I don’t know how. I guess I’ve said everything I need to already. I think you’ll understand if I just block you. I really wanted this to work but, idk, I have nothing more to say. I don’t knkw why you don’t block me since this is all your decision. Making me do it seems cruel...

War is not unfun

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dumass just talk to me

Project your despair onto others and snile as you realize that they too are unable to real with reality. Is quite a decent passtime

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I don’t know what to say. You don’t know him... I can’t say or do anything right in his eyes.


dear M

fuck your romance angst, get back to work

love M

I have vacation rn god why do i have to repeat exams for french and german when im in a math/science dominated school and why am i too disabled to study fk i just cant bro after this unvirsity will come but thtas shit too fml

Some of the gay/bi men on /b/ in the celeb forums are so adorable. I’m a girl but I like to listen to them flirt and just be generally kind to each other. I need friends but I don’t know how to make them. It used to be easy for me but I dislike people now and I don’t trust anyone after being used and hurt so much. I think I want to kill myself. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost my favorite friend and I can’t stop crying all the time.

There's a girl I really like but I'm not able to deal with the jealousy of the mob of thousands that are 'following' her because the incentive to kill whatever guy stands next to her is just too damn high.
It doesn't matter that they'd practically chain her to a bed and reduce an intelligent girl like that to a blow up sex doll wheras I'd plan a life, get her a teaching job and go out for adventures together. It's too easy to get rid of me and step in that perfect life so I can't. It'd literally kill me to lose that much.

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I might have anal cancer

I’m in a complete black hole right now.
I can’t handle my anger. I can’t keep up with a job. There’s a person at my job that harasses me daily, and I have horrible thoughts about her. I’d been either hurting or crying this week, I feel hopeless about myself... my birthday is on Monday and I’m not looking forward to it... I have bad mojo and I been having really bad thoughts about myself and other people.
I’m setting up an appointment with my psychiatrist and going back to therapy full time... I’m gonna try and go back on disability.
Every time I even think about going back to work, I get nauseous, my mind goes into a terrifying place, and I lose myself and cry.
I don’t know if I have anymore strength to try and live a conventional life... I can’t do it.

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fuck people

By horrible thoughts, I mean that I want to rip her face off, wipe my ass with it, and send it to her children.

I think I should focus on getting as much work done as possible.

I hate how whenever I find a girlfriend I become invisible to my self-proclaomed friends while they're busy ignoring and backstabbing me to get into her pants.

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I wish there was a way for me to have a second personnality that would take control of my body and live the rest of my life for me while I live in m imagination

I hate how I become invisble to my self-proclaimed friends when I find a girlfriend, while they're busy ignoring and backstabbing me, spreading lies to her behind my back in an effort to try to get into her pants

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I guess you actually want a kid, but you don’t tell me because don’t want to shoo me away.

I work third shift ten hours a day, four days a week, from 8:45 PM to 7:15 AM. My body will literally not allow me to wake up before 2:00 PM. Stop reeeeeee-ing at me for not being up early enough for shit you have to do just because you refuse to get a car. You take on too much shit for someone that doesn't have a car. Don't get mad when I can't come get you because I have shit to do as well. The world doesn't revolve around you and your kids.

Idk what I'm gonna do

cut contact lmao those arent friends

Literally everything I do I make at least one mistake. Why?

No fucking way... Do you have cute puppy eyes?

Dear M


If it’s going to happen then it will happen. I’m exhausted from forcing this shit

Sincerely M

I wished women liked me.
I'm a creep but I don't mean to be, I guess I just never learned how to not be an awkward chimpanzee.
It is painful to see the face of disgust cast upon me though and it's not like I can get mad because I seem even creepier then.
I just wish I hadn't been bullied so much in school.

Dammit I hate when I make mistakes that I really shouldn't have made. I guess I assume too much.

I can't watch while that world keeps going on even after what happened, that wasn't a trivial thing, I put an end to a whole plane of existence. I should be happy that everything keeps going on, that you keep going on. But I can't fight the wish to have been so much more to you. That was also ironically why I put an end to it. Welp, it wasn't enough. I also have to kill myself in that world.

Thank you if you were true, curse you if you just toyed with me. I will never know, and will never trust your answer on the matter. Goodbye.


Is this what a stroke looks like

Damn this is not wholesome at all. In fact, this is extremely shitty. I wish I could fix this somehow.

I'm tired of living with your crazy ass. One minute you're cool. The next you're ranting like a fucking lunatic. You expect the house to be perfectly clean at your whim but you don't fucking clean up! You know how much I pick up after you and don't say shit about it yet you have to let off every gripe like you pay the fucking rent or something. Shut the fuck up. Stop fucking with me you crazy no life bitch. Get a job and move the fuck out if you hate it here so much. Stop making your shit my problem you goddamned asshole

sick of feeling guilty for the abuse i dealt with from my ex. in a good, healthy, loving, committed relationship with my fiancé. been with my fiancé for almost 4 years and still feel anxiety when talking about my ex or anyone closet associated w him. i still flinch sometimes at loud noises and suffer strong panic attacks brought on by conversations/thoughts/dreams of my ex. i'm about to graduate college (something i had no chance of even doing when i was w my ex) and i still feel guilty. all for the simple fact that i'm happy now and still suffer, and my fiancé has to deal with the aftermath.

Also this kind of cunty behavior is exactly why you can't keep a man. Pisses me off to think of how many times I've defended you behind your back when all you do is talk shit behind mines and smile up in my face. Fuck youuuuuu

I hate men.

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I think I become one of "those" people.
that's a serious thing for me man

I want someone to play minecraft with

play with me

My dad told me he attempted suicide but the rope broke and I made a joke that “you can’t even kill yourself the right way”. He died from an overdose last year. I didn’t know how to react when he told me that, our relationship humor was at the forefront and we joked around a lot. But maybe in this moment I shouldn’t have said that because he came to me, his only son, vulnerable and I cracked a joke. We hugged and he cried and we talked but I still regret saying it

The worst feeling in the world is when you see a girl you've always wanted to fuck post her engagement photos.

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Go get therapy now while you recognize the triggers. It'll make the recovery significantly easier and faster. You've experienced trauma and if you try to get over it on your own it will probably backfire and you're likely end up with a victim mentality blaming your fiance and the rest of the world for your own issues. Trust me on this, I've seen it many times before.

When you are told tips included, know that the service provider doesn't see that so-called included tip.
tip anyhow, it's usually greatly appreciated

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This is stupid. You have some major issues to work on if this gives you an excuse for a pity party of one.

You have so much to hide but I'm the issue since I'm bipolar? Be real and honest with yourself, your feelings, with me, for once. For our relationship.

I'm going to be a lot more careful so I don't wrong anyone ever again.

Im scared to come home, i hate how you always want to fight over anything. You have so much anger and bitterness towards everything, its ruined me. Its been 10 years and still you blow up everyday. You call me a selfish cunt because I wont defend youre shitty behaviour or because I dont want to fight after working hard labour for 10 hours. Then its youre a pussy. You have grandiose ideas of yourself and yet cannot sacrifice to get there.
I have so much resentment built up I feel like theres no way out. Youve fucked my happy go lucky mindset up permanently.
Today I have to go and confront the neighbours about some shit as I said I would to calm you down. You dont realise how many times Ive defended you when youve acted like a cunt or the times ive simply been associated with you whilst you rage. Ive been in physical fights, had my jaw broke, lost all my friends and youre still a fucking cunt to me Youre so embroiled in your own head that your negativity infects every part of your life.
I started to talk to other people recently and im taken aback by how complimentary they are about my nature, youre so nice, youre kind. You made me out to be a bad guy for so long that I forgot how good natured I am. I still dont want to meet these people, I want you to not be a cunt.
You want me to be like you to get riled up over the same things you do. When I do and I bring the same vibe you put out im a cunt, stressing, making the day shit, when I dont im not supporting you, I dont care.
Your anger is destroying us. You dont care, I see it, you want to leave but dont know how. Ive tried in the past and its not worked out.
Im sick of living like this, I feel trapped. I know its abusive and I cant leave.
You dream of a lifestyle where youre the centre of attention, where you have done something worthwhile. I dont think you can handle it, but Ive never said it im always supportive. You dont work towards it, I think you know it womt happen, when the time comes youll blame me.

I don't doubt that I'm what you want, I just think I'm only what you want because you're already married. I get that your husband's a shitbag, and I'm sure you knew this while you were just fucking him, and I'm sure you knew this when you decided to let him go raw and get you pregnant. I know you want me more than you want him now, but we both know you need him more than you could ever need me. You won't leave him because you can't leave him, and you like me because you know I wouldn't want you to leave him.

I don't think you're a shitty person for any of this. I'm just mad at myself for letting myself develop real feelings for you. Rest assured though, those are gone, and we can both go about our lives pretending that we never felt anything for each other.

Sick rhymes my dude

Just like one doesn't necessarily have to give you the password to their phone neither do they have to reveal the thoughts in their mind

My gf is still friends with one of her exes. On a discord group we're all apart of I found a post her ex made detailing an extremely raunchy, thorough account of when they fucked after she turned 18. She didn't respond in a raunchy way but it was positive, she replied a couple times and gave it a heart. I brought it up with her and I feel like she's upset with me for being bothered by it. He's done this a couple times, I think she likes the attention.

Am I overreacting?

Why do people lie on the internet? I don’t understand the benefit of making up a stupid story, claiming to be a different race/sex/etc., or fraudulent credentials. All they get are empty (you)s, upvotes- like, I don’t see a tangible benefit. Can anyone explain this please?

Because it's the internet and people tend to do whatever the fuck they want.

The endorphin hits are tangible benefits.

But why would someone want to make up a stupid story that is obviously so fake? They’re not making money off of it?

I'm a quiet individual. I'm not shy, I just dont have anything to really say to people.
Sometimes i try to be sociable and make small talk. Sometimes I try to joke around with people, but it doesnt really go anywhere.

I'm pretty sure everyone hates to be around me though and loathes my existence. Nobody says anything directly but I'm just kinda ignored. If people dont have to interact with me they dont. And when I try to start a discussion its quickly killed off.
I kinda wonder why I bother.

That’s just sad and pathetic. I truly hope they’re not starved for attention.

Do you know that one song that goes
du du-di du du-di
doo-di-doo doo-di?
doo-doo-di doo-di?.
I think it came out in the 90s. And there was whispering at the end of the song.
I can't remember any of the lyrics though but I remember it reminding me of Tainted Love or Maneater because they were both about complaining about a woman I think.

Imagine if men collectively stopped giving women validation ( ones who haven't earned it) and attention and favors for no reason, and all that privelege treatment they get, and we as a society abolished all gender specific legislation and protections?

What if we changed the world to make it as harsh on women as it is on men? How would women cope? Would they be able to compete and work hard enough to to contribute to society as much as men do, and as a result bring and equal amount of value?

F#-A-B C-B
A-G#-G G-G

oh fuck

I'll be returning to your arms tomorrow, so why did I waste a whole day reading erotica "for the plot"? I'm horny as all hell for the satisfaction and intimacy masturbation can't supply, and you're an entire country away...

Shut up, roastie.

All of you are pieces of shit and that’s okay

reminds me: when y commited suicide... we didn't talk it through. and we haven't talked it through since. you and i were both affected by it, clearly. we were at a similar distance from him. i never talk with you about sad things, cause i don't want to look vulnerable in front of you. but i should.

ok, t

Aba baba uma ma mau baba uma mamama uma ma mau

Even your reply is weak as shit. Man the fuck up.

It's not that and I literally posted the notes The song's sung by a man.


I don't take advice from women who already have unrealistic expectations from men.

You don't take advice from anyone, dude, you're firing up a pissing contest on Jow Forums in a fucking metathread.
The last time you made a good decision was when you turned over in your mother's womb in one last ditch effort to spare this world your continued existence.

A shame she did not share your then-sterling decision-making skills.

Okay I figured it out it was by the guys who did Tainted Love it's Where did Our Love Go

Fuck I hope she has some respect for me... This could have been short lived otherwise.

And I also didn't know the name of the song because I own it on the album but it plays after Tainted Love but on the same track.

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Seethe more, Karen.



We're allowed to deport Jews, right? Like, they came here for refuge so now WWII's over we can send them back, right?


You're a beautiful piece of shit.

>user won’t pity me
>user replies I’m being a whiny baby
>user must be roastie
You’re a dumbass

Everyday I'm thinking about suicide because the suffering is too much and there is no end in sight. The only thing that is keeping me from doing it is that I don't want to hurt my gf, but ironically our failing relationship is just another thing that makes me want to end it all.