I guess I’m as much shallow as you’re cute (._.)

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I wish my parents and brother didn't care about me, so I'd be free to kill myself. It's getting too difficult to pretend to be happy all the time.

Male colleague has just touched my arm occasionally. Idk how do I feel about this. I feel like some part of me liked this and it bothers me.

Need to wash that area with soap
You're not as bad as you think you are.

I keep making everything difficult for you and I don't want you to keep worrying about me so that's why I don't tell you about everything, youre doing your best and it's unfair of me to constantly keep coming to you for advice and stress relief. you have a bf and you care for him more than me which is perfectly fine, I just don't want you to worry is all.

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You don’t want to talk, fine. You don’t want to talk about the fact that we don’t talk, fine. Don’t message me today or ever.

Won five duels this week on RS and sold 50M gold for double the usual price. We’re all gonna make it bros.

still no gf tho

Fuck you penis for trying to destroy the only real friendship I have right now.

What's going on, clown

Rent free, can't sleep at all

I'm guessing it's over a person?

I failed for the second time to make it to an interview that an employment agency has scheduled for me. The first time was incredibly embarrassing and I just flat-out stop talking to them after that.

after that screw up though I realize that if it ever happened again, it will be really hard to find a job. It happened again though today, and even though the temp agency still wants to find a job for me, I just want to cut all ties with them and forget any of this ever happened.

If I do though that'll mean losing one of the only temp agencies in the area with the jobs that I'm qualified for. Applying just myself doesn't work anymore. No company wants to direct hire me.


Ice Poseidon was in my dream last night.

Funny, pewdiepie was in mine

Never dreamed of him and I’ve watched him a lot more than Ice Poseidon. What happened in your dream with Pewdiepie?

What would I do if you weren’t into me?

We played minecraft in mine...
I somehow have been watching his minecraft playthrough and I actually enjoy it, I feel disgusted by the fact actually, but can't help but keep looking at the videos.

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I don't know ;^;

I liked watching him play Getting Over It

Coffee is just bean soup

Delicious, caffeinated, bean soup.

Dry ground pulp-less bean soup

I need to forget about a bad period of time in which I met a clamorous amount of assholes and idiots. Stepping away from that environment (even if it's hard) and trying to change habits. I'm traumatized, I feel like it's my fault for everything they did to me. I never met such an amount of idiocy in any department in my whole life. How do I forget 3+ years of my life and move on...? Shit

I deserve to kill her

I want to cut off their heads

Shy boy...let's talk.

Why does nobody argue with me?
Stop doing that, calm yourself and get to the root of your issues. Violence is wrong and unsavoury. Especially against women. Women need like a special kind of respect but not necessarily special treatment, they're like a protected group.

They should be abused

Why does everybody argue with me?
Keep doing that, enrage yourself and forget the root of your issues. Violence is lawfully right and enjoyable. Especially against women. Women don't need any special kind of respect and especially not any necessarily special treatment, as if they're a protected group.

>tfw no ex christmas cake wife

Can you tell do you want a fucking kid or not?

pewdie pie was in mine too. No shit.

I'm not into you.

You can't even get a girlfriend, you aren't going to do anything.

I love how trump mocks all the idiots on Jow Forums. LOL

Do you lie to me?

I want to go back to using condoms. You only want me to cum inside because you have this weird thing about cumming at the same time. It's weird and creeps me out even though you think it's romantic. I'm pretty sure you did that shit with your ex, which is probably partly why it bothers me. We're not cumming at the same time, I refuse. It's weird, I could wait to not use condoms with you, and now I can't get back to them fast enough

Who are you?

Women are starving for attention these days and would much rather have their instagram and the couple hundred dudes who always follow and like their shit than to be in a monogamous relationship.
Men complain about this situation and then feed into the thirst traps thus causing this continuum.

People aren't genuinely kind to anyone anymore no one says hi to one another in passing.

Everyone is buried in their phones all the time as life just passes them by.

When did everything get so damn weird?


Nah, women get attn where ever they are. You jealous? Almost every single guy I know prefers female company to male company, also many women prefer female company. Think hard about that.

A person. I suggest you ask them in person for better results.

It was just one example guy.
Not jealous.
>Think hard about that
Can you explain that because that isn't making a whole lotta sense.

>It was just one example guy.
wtf are you even talking about? What the fuck is an example guy?

It was an example - guy.
Just missing punctuation.
Take it easy killer.

Forget it. I don't want anything to do with you anymore. The door is closed for good.

No guy likes to hang out with a group of women unless he's just hunting for pussy, a fun woman is really fucking rare nowadays.


We were never friends to begin with. Also the parties suck and I always felt I was wasting time every time I'm there.

Are you shore you're shallow?

I wish you would put your phone down and look at me like you used to.

Just ask them

I'm not the killer poster, weirdo illiterate.

Chasing after someone isn't worth the time. I will never do that again. If they want to be around me, they'll have to make the effort, otherwise, adios.

Also go to hell you piece of shits. YOU RUINED MY LIFE

I watched Friends for the first time this year and I liked it, but the ending is way overhyped and I didn't really get it. Rachel comes back to Ross and everyone says how great she is for that, but when they were younger she would shit all over him, reject him pretty much, then he went after her but she dated other guys, then they had a kid and I think that was motivation enough for her to stick with him. Nothing romantic or whatever about that, I felt bad for Ross and his lack of self respect. That annoys me because the people I watched it with were like "awww that's such a good plot twist" "they're perfect together" and I just rememebered how she treated him in the past and I thought he could do better

dis is u :3

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I feel I treat them better now seeing how cute looking they are. I felt somewhat bad for that, like I only treat them like a doll or another pretty thing I own, not actual human.

This is sweet

Aaaaaaah and fuck I'm in love. I knew it would happen again one day, but's interesting, you know? 20 years back it was the same feeling. You don't really have to ask yourself what to do or not, because anyway you're in a train going faster and faster. And suddenly only the present is important and you don't give a fuck about anything else.

She's my friend and wants to date me, but despite her being a good friend, I think I can do better in relationships. I think she has some mental issue, on one hand she's great and loving and honest but on the other, she told me she used to steal expensive things, was slutty and I'm certain she still is, and she has low standards, would pretty much date any guy as long as he's good looking. We are able to talk honestly and she's attractive, I like her but something prevents me from being with her and I don't know if I should ignore that feeling or if I'm just afraid never having a gf in my life. But I think for my first, I could do better, this just seems like I might regret it. I don't know what to do. She told me she feels bad about the stealing but apparently few months later she stole again and was bragging about it to her friend. It just seems like despite knowing these are facts, I still don't see her being capable of doing those things, yet they're true. I think thats why I can't make up my mind, I only see a certain part of her, but she doesn't do the other things when I'm around. Love my life, nothing is always easy, there's always something...

>steal expensive things
ABORT ABORT those kind people have absolutely no self conscience
My dude please
You really think someone like that could raise decent kids?

I know what it looks like, I'm under no delusions. But she was always with fuck boys and when we started hanging out I could see she started adapting a lot of my behavior and showed appreciation for my values and I think thats what made her confess all those things and she said she feels bad about them. Just the fact she told me about stealing, feeling bad about it and then from what I was told, she stole again, but I don't know how reliable that source was so I still question it. I think she is changing but I don't know if she knows why, she might just want to pretend she's my ideal and then when she's with me, all that stuff will re-surface. She is a good friend though and never really fucked me over personally, everyone else complains about her tho, that she's this or that or whatnot. She's also just 20 this year so I don't know if he is maturing and realizing stuff now.
I don't want to say no to her and later realize I missed one of my best opportunities, but as it stands, I don't know if that's what it is or if its actually one of my worst opportunities that needs to be avoided

Does anyone have experience with someone (or have it) paranoia schizophrenia?
I have a friend who just got out of a mental hospital for it, was in about 8 months, I think. He loves guns and knives and immediately went back to them after his release. He moved back in with his mom temporarily though.
His mom is really freaked out, especially after the shootings this week, and asked me if I thought there might be a chance he would get upset at her and kill her. She says she's nice to his face but is scared sick all the time. She also told me to be careful.
Is there a chance he'll flip out and kill her? I don't know if he takes his meds

Well you seem like a good judge of character so you'll probably figure out if you want her around or not soon enough
>everyone else complains about her tho
It means she got railed by the whole gang
>I missed one of my best opportunities
Just nut n go like the rest of the squad did if all you like are her looks. Physical beauty is ephemeral and she's probably steal again in the future for the lulz
>maturing and realizing stuff now
I knew my morals and values when I was 13 she's just a baby in an adult bodysuit

I've got some great support in this case.

She was friends with girls, there was one guy who liked her but she lead him on apparently and never dated because she found someone better.

I don't really sleep around and I'd feel guilty, she is a friend after all. Thing is, I do like her, we have chemistry but its just those things that to me seem important in a relationship, and I feel like she just isn't up to the standard, but there again, I base it on what she says she USED to do and what people that dislike her tell me about her, so not sure what or who to believe. And I get that, but see the thing is, she grew up without her father, that may have something to do with acting edgy, and she used to have shitty friends until she met me so I don't think she ever had anyone with a moral compass set to what mine is set to and when she met me she realized that its not ok to do some of the things she did, so thats why I believe she might change but it also is a life time of learning to break old habits and I don't know if I should be subjected to it and fucked over in the end.
I do see your point, its just not as black and white as I'd like it to be and in my position, its a hard call to make. Suppose with time I'll see

So true. My problem is that after the adios they start making the effort. Now what?

Your argument premise is she has Instagram. Easily disproven when she doesn’t have social media. Try again.

You can be born with certain morals imo
Just a good doctor is more likely to have smarter kids or a crack addict's children are more prone to addiction so are good and humble people more likely to have like minded children
Learned morals are a little different but it's very unlikely that they'll do a complete 180 and there's a high likehood that their internal thoughts or fetishes will stay the same

Nevertheless it seems like they are making an effort to change for the better and people like that are always worth keeping around and giving support to.
>Suppose with time I'll see

>She was friends with girls, there was one guy who liked her but she lead him on apparently and never dated because she found someone better.
Fren she banged the whole squad including that guy believe me

It's a great day. No man gets to tell me what to do anymore. They work for me.

Did YOU make an effort?

That's where literacy comes into play.

Look up the word, "again".

I'm so bad with money man. I need to figure a lot stuff out.

I feel bad for poor people. My neighbor is struggling. I couldn't even imagine not being to pay for something important for my kid. How sad.

I’m starting to hate my job to the point where I want to leave it this year, and I have a moderate amount of money saved, but I’m scared to do it because I’ve had no luck getting interviews at other places or figuring out what I really want to do. I’ve had the same job for over five years and I don’t know how I can get into something else without experience.

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We should have exchange contacts long time ago

It takes two to tango.

If only one person is making an effort then they'll likely give up after awhile.

yall im finna yeehaw with a boy who really knows how to hoedown know what im sayin?

I can't even say how tickled I am that you're both getting married for immigration purposes.
You just don't know how happy it makes me to hear this.

All matches are too far away fug

varför vandrar allting neråt. varför känner jag som att nånting är annorlunda när allting är som det alltid varit. varför undviker vänner mig mer och mer. varför är det fel av mig att vara ärlig. varför vill ingen röra vid mig. varför vill ingen prata med mig. varför vill jag inte prata med någon. varför gör jag alltid såhär när jag dricker. om jag bara skulle hålla käften hade inget blivit. jag måste lära mig vara tyst. då hade saker fortsatt som det var. men jag vet inte om jag vill att saker ska vara som det var. jag vet inte vad jag vill. jag har inget hopp ingen motivation ingen vilja att göra någonting alls. jag vill bara bli uppmärksammad och jag hatar att det är det enda jag vill. varför är jag så självisk. varför bryr jag mig bara om mig själv och inget annat. varför lever jag ens. varför skriver jag ens i den här tråden. jag hatar nog er alla och allting. jag vet inte

Igår gick jag in på ett kafé och ville ha en muffins utan russin och utan choklad en vanlig jävla muffins. Hade de det? Nej! För hade bara mackor med pastej. Och en liten svettig fralla med fisk och remoulad. Jag brukar va' i god balans gör inga stora scener men inte trodde jag att kaféer fanns som inte hade muffins. Fattar ni det? Nej! För ni käkar bara mackor med pastej och kan inte förstå en riktigt ledsen människa. En enkel fråga ställde jag till den lilla expediten "Om du stått här, och inte jag skulle du då bli besviken" men hon svarade "Nej! Jag skulle ta en macka med pastej hålla käften, ta en tidning och sätta mig" Jag hade fått en kombatant jag ville inte ge mig så jag sa' "Min lilla smörgåstant vad kul det är att se dig" mena' jag det? Nej du är allt en ?? jävla tjej du kanske själv skulle in i ugnen och bli pastej.
Expediten blev sur och ringde på polis' som kom jättefort.
Han tog mig i armen och sa' "Nu följer du med till stationen", men när han såg att han var på ett kafé sa' han "Vänta, först vill jag ha en muffins. Det vore ju gott".
Och tror ni att han fick en muffins, eller? Ja, det fick han. Och tror ni jag blev förbannad, eller?
Ja, det blev jag. Jag blev så jävla förbannad.
"Men då har ni ju muffins", skrek jag. "Är det här ett skämt, eller?"
Det blev tyst ett tag och plötsligt vek sig både polisen och expediten och varenda jävel på kaféet började asgarva.
Och expediten sa' "Ja, det är faktiskt ett skämt". Och så förklarade hon att de brukar köra en sån här grej med nån snubbe ibland, bara för att se vad som händer, och när jag kollade runt hade nästan hela kaféet börjat tugga på sina muffinsar som de på nåt vänster hade gömt när jag kom in. Då hade de alltså kört ett sånt där practical joke på mig. Jag blev helt... det var skitskämmigt.

galnaste jag någonsin läst. men jag föredrar ju faktiskt mackor med leverpastej över muffins

Jag talar inte svenska men Jag lyssnade på den låten hela tiden när jag var 10 år.

vilken låt

I still have feelings for my ex. We kissed on the last day of school past semester. But a few days ago she blocked me on every single platform (even Pokémon GO, which we loved playing together) but at class she still glances at me every few seconds but looks away when our eyes meet. I'm suffering as fuck. Hello everyone, btw.

I dont know what I want to do in life or what "my thing" is. I am a successfull software engineer working for a company in the automotive industry and make decent money. Since I am good at what I do and am generally a smart guy I will not have money issues in the future it seems. When it comes to physical fitness I have been lifting for 5 years or so now and am for all intents and purposes Jow Forums. Cardio is decent since I got my road bike, might do some triathlon training.

But ultimately most of this grinding away and trying to be the best version of myself seems a bit pointless. Even if I make 6 figures and can buy expensive shit whats really the point ? I cant help but think that I should be helping other people in some way. I always saw people who quit their well paying job to help people in africa as losers but maybe I am wrong ? Not that I plan on doing that just yet but I feel like I need to use my intelligence and drive for something greater than personal success. Has anybody had the same thoughts ?

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Fucked a girl i liked, start talking to her, she is on and off with me, says she wants to hang and chill, i ask shes busy, ask again rejected again this coupled with argument over my dad who was absent for big part og my life has me all kinda of fucked to in the head, can be on å jog and suddenly start thinking about shit and her break down into tears, should i pursue her or just leave her

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, but she changes her hairstyle everytime she wants to change something in her life (she told me once It helps her to remember that everything can be changed) and she changed it recently. WDID?

Chill out, it won't mean anything until she says it does and making a big deal out of it will actively drive her away from you unless it's really serious and you seem sincere.

If you're at the begining of a possible relationship: chill out and let her do her

If you're already knee deep in a really serious relationship: tell her exactly how you feel

Huehuehuehuehuehue now you know you're just a limerent object to a crazy chick who left her ex for you because she can't handle stability.

på svenska tack. av det jag förstår skulle jag säga att hon antagligen gillar dig men inte egentligen och kan inte bestämma sig. antingen kör du fullt ös medvetslös och hoppas på det bästa. annars ger du upp totalt och glömmer allt bäst du kan. det finns inget mellanting

Chill ut out, should i keep talking to her casually without asking to hang?thanks fren