Getting access to GF phone

My GF has a face ID locked iphone X. How can I snoop on her phone?

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Put it on her face while she sleeps

ask her?

Just don't snoop on her phone. Sounds like you've got some trust issues or insecurities. If you try and snoop on her phone you are going to find shit that's gonna make you upset.
If you dig for worms you will find worms.

cut off her skin and wear her face, it's that easy

This; she won't notice at all.

Seconding this. It will definitely work. Just be discreet so she doesn't notice.

>if I don't pay attention nothing is wrong
Ignorance truly is bliss, isn't it?

Yeah thats why I want to snoop.

just ask her
tell her you have to make a call or something
then tell her to set a pin in case you need to use it
if she refuses you are a sucker


Only look if you're willing to break up.
No matter how justified you think you are.

>gf breaks into my phone
>finds out I'm not cheating
>looks at porn history
>tons of red head porn - some preggers porn - all red head
>confronts me about it
>I don't say a word
>we sleep
>we go to work
>I come home early
>put all her shit in boxes
>leave belongings outside apartment in hall

I haven't spoken to her since. She tried, a lot. Stalked. Etc.

If you don't trust her, just break up

Learn her pin and add your face.

Of your intuition is telling you to look, then check that bitches phone. Relationship of 6 years ended because of the shit she was hiding.

What a moronic viewpoint

As long as you carefully cut the face and re-attach it so that the scarring is barely noticable after 90 days, I think this could work.

You are going to need a good explanation for why she wakes up with 149 stitches on her head/neck.

Then again, she will need a good excuse for all those naked pictures she has been sending to Chad.

there is no need to snoop. when we snoop, we find what we are looking for.
-Chinese Proverb

Use a picture of her face

picture of her face

that makes no sense lmao

if you don't trust her it's already over just break up now and skip a step retard

>tfw no gf to lay thousands of baby spiders on your shoulder while you live blissfully unaware

Shoulda just packed some red hair dye on top of those boxes and some snipped condoms you know?