I'm fucked - made myself financially vulnerable

I'm fucked.

I operate a small, independent business in addition to working my full time job. I posted a customer satisfaction guarantee that includes an offer of $10 to anyone who isn't satisfied with my selection. To make it look official, I signed it and made the offer good through December 31st 2022. Until Wednesday this week, no one has taken advantage of this offer.

On Wednesday, I received an email from a customer who asked if i was "for real" about the satisfaction policy. I said yes. He replied telling me he wasn't satisfied and provided his PayPal address. After I paid, he said he'd let some friends know who also weren't satisfied - I received 34 additional emails that day.

I removed the document from my site but continued to receive emails. I pressed people on the subject but there are screen shots floating around of the policy. Yesterday, I received 42 more emails.

I talked to a friend who's a law student. He was confused as to why I signed and put a good through date on it. He also said that by paying people just for saying they're dissatisfied, I've set a very low bar. I've established a "past practice", meaning I've acted under an interpretation of the policy that establishes what the policy means.

His advice? Take out a credit card and pray that this stops happening.

I'm not really looking for advice. I'm just venting. I'm so fucked.

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i am not satisfied please venmo me

I'd prefer not to do this here. This is for me to vent. I don't have venmo for my business anyway. Just PayPal.

lmao holy shit I'm gonna frame your post. I've done some dumb shit, but goddamn dude.

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Well I guess you really only have yourself to blame, of course people are going to take advantage of you with an offer of money. Maybe next time offer free services/something other than money.

Can't you just not pay them? are all these people actually former customers of whatever service you gave them? ask for proof of purchase, reasons why they're not happy etc. I dunno what you "selected" for them, if it was something like investments or whatever you could quite easily prove if it was actually a good selection yourself and deny their claim.

i was kidding anyway OP

are there any legal loopholes? could you just tell people that someone forged your signature or something?

i don’t think anyone is gonna bring you to court over $10 but i could be wrong

Because I've established that their word is good enough, I'm obligated to pay if someone says they aren't satisfied. It's even if they aren't satisfied with the selection so they don't have to be people who've made a purchase.

also this. tell them they need proof of purchase along with reasons as to why they’re not satisfied. make it a long process. most will tap out before they get $10

See this

>so they don't have to be people who've made a purchase.

You should probably re-consider your choices to run a small business.

Jesus fucking christ it gets better and better.

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is it established in fine print though? does it actually say “your word is good” ?

because if not you can totally make them show proof of purchase etc etc

It says that if you aren't satisfied with or interested in my product or product selection, I agree to pay you $10. But this issue is that I've established what people have to do to get the money. If someone goes back to a friend and says they didn't get paid for doing the same thing their friend did, I'm in trouble for not living up to the agreement.

The past practice part, even if not written, determines what the contract means.

And, I have more emails from last night. Fuck me.

these people fucking suck. what do they typically say when they want the cash? a one liner?

“hueuehehe i am not satisfied” is how i’m imagining it

Yes. Someone asked me what I sell after the fact. Another person said that he saw it on Facebook. But usually its "I'm not satisfied" and a PayPal.

I don’t get it, people can just demand 10$ for not being satisfied? Without actually buying something? Are you retarded? What are you selling?
I’m not satisfied btw

Basically, if I'm told by a person that they aren't satisfied and they give me their PayPal, that's it. If it's in person, cash will do.

Yes because if they claim to not be interested in my product, I've established that I owe them $10.

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What the fuck is your business exactly? So you basically introduced a policy which entitled $10 to anyone who requested it from you? Hello? Are you fucking brain dead?

I'd like to not share personal info on Jow Forums. So I'm not going to offer that info. I realize now how foolish this was.

My initial thought was that if I did a return, the customer could use the $10 to help replace a faulty item. I dont think it was a good idea now, of course.

Though I technically owe you $10, I would prefer to just vent here (thank you for not posting PayPal or anything). The intent of this post was to vent. I assume you mean this as a joke but just for clarity.

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Uh... uh... lol.

So it’s not a money back guarantee. It’s just here’s $10 free?

Short answer, yes.

Unironically the best thread I’ve seen on this board in months. Don’t even care if op is larping

This is now on discord in case if someone is disinterested in OP's products and wants a free lunch.

I think you need to speak to a real lawyer and not some student. maybe they can come up with something

If it doesn't slow down after today, I will.

no one is gonna sue you over 10 bucks chill

im not satisfied with your post OP

I have a plan for today and enough money saved up so that I can handle it until I have a solution to the problem.

That I can't help you with, lol.

He has created a reverse business where he pays others for doing nothing. Literally the worst entrepreneur in existence.

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Can we see a demonstration of how this works? I don't have PayPal or I would volunteer.

Legal advice is, in this case, worth exactly what you paid for it. See a real lawyer and pay for valid advice.

I am not a real lawyer, but I would guess that one could prove that past precedent assures that, even if unspoken, such a guarantee is limited to actual customers who have actually made purchases.

It says otherwise in the policy.

In the interest of not getting PayPal requests, I'll post an image of my transaction history in a moment. I just want to black out the recipient's info.

What do you mean "satisfied with your selection"?

Why would you be giving money to people you have no business relationship with?

>I've established that their word is good enough, I'm obligated to pay if someone says they aren't satisfied

You and your friend are both idiots. If you want legal advice, go talk to an actual lawyer, not some dipshit student.

Here's an image to satisfy those who want proof.

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That means that a person isn't interested in making a purchase. That's why i'd be giving money to people I don't have a relationship with.


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We can take advantage of this, right? It's almost lunch time where I live.

Yes but I'd prefer not to please. This post is for me to vent.

yeah businesses change their rules all the time friend
you can also add terms unless prohibited in the “doc” by that i mean make them show proof of purchase then a paragraph why they aren’t satisfied,then if you feel cheeky you can make them provide a way you can improve then they get their 10$

I signed and dated it. It has an end date. It's a contract.

Again, you're an idiot. I don't know why you bothered to post something indicating that you're sending people money unless you're just trying to prove how much of an idiot you are.

If you wanted actual advice, you'd be posting the material that's causing these people to try to get free money from you. No one here knows what it actually says, but chances are high that it's not something that's enforceable under civil law for wherever you live.

You have no business relationship with these people. There is no valid contract here. You're giving people who aren't customers money because you want to.

I'd probably just send a stock response that says that since too many non-customers are sending fraudulent "dissatisfaction" submissions that you're cancelling the whatever this bullshit "customer satisfaction guarantee" is.

Again, go talk to a real attorney.

unless you had a lawyer write the document it doesn't mean shit

you can add amendments to contracts user as long as they parties involved agree
they should have covered this in orientation

I will talk to a legit lawyer. My friend is in school for contract law. Until then, I'm not taking any risks.

i fucking swear if you sell dildos online user i’m done

$40 more gone since posting this morning :-/

someone please take $10 for keks

What kind of business is it?

I'm not sharing information about the business on here, for privacy.

It's nothing wild, no dildos, it's art/craft related.

Ask your idiot friend what the basic tenets are in contract law, and what very obvious one is missing here.

I would think this is most likely some bullshit troll, except that I've met a lot of retards in my life.

Hey look, another clueless dope.

Is this why small businesses usually fail? Because the owner is retarded? What the fuck were you thinking, man?

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OP what's your email?

I'd prefer not to share my email. My discord is Bladerunner2017#9564

Question. Why the fuck would you keep giving people money? Who is going to sue you for 10 dollars, and more importantly, how are you too dumb to realize this would never make it to court?

lmfao just got $10 on discord

Just update the contract with those terms you nitwit

Hey lil user from across the web, let me hold 10 dollars

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I'll talk to a lawyer soon. Then I'll do what he says. Until then I'm going to play it safe.

OP you have a fan club on /b/

How about you don't pay them the second they ask you to? The solution is posted already: change the rules!

I want to talk to a lawyer first.

I'm extremely dissatisfied with your service and selection

Send me $10 now you little bitch

lol does your "guarantee" suggest that this $10 payment is going to be made within the same day of receiving the notice of dissatisfaction?

This is the part where you strain the reasonable belief that you're kind of stupid into incredulity that you're THAT stupid.

I've made payments immediately except when sleeping.

you're a complete idiot and your business was going to fail from your sheer stupidity one way or another

Does the contract say when you have to pay the sum? If not then you can do it after you die I guess, or in 70 years

Just shut down your website for a bit and dont respond to anyone.

Or just say that due to abuse by scammers, the policy is no longer in place.

Another $10 gone.

>It says that if you aren't satisfied with or interested in my product
What are your products? Maybe I will be interested and can inject some much needed revenue to your business? Post link.

Is a galaxy-brain phishing scan for people to post their Paypals?

I'm not sharing that information.I'm just waiting for this thread to close as people have started adding me on Discord and taking $10 payments.

How do you get these posts to time out? Do you keep posting until you reach a number of replies or do you stop replying?

Go to his discord, type i'm not satisfied and give him your paypal.me address. It's easy. Sorry op but its your deal

Isn't this the discord address that guy who said he had a findom friend gave out?
>81 replies
>20 posters

Hahahahah at least change your IP you goober.

OP made about 30 posts as himself, so it's safe to say he samefagged another 30 posts.

How do you even know they are your customers?

If they aren’t satisfied, it means they have no class, no taste in the finer things and that they can take their money elsewhere because I know my quality is on another level.

My advice is to pretend it never existed. Fuck the leaches.

I am not satisfied, and would like to collect my owed compensation.

Contact me or my lawyer will contact you with a subpoena.

[email protected]

To send people money?

I would like to obtain my $10 unsatisfactory payment. What is your discord?

Pay us now, asshat. You made a guarantee and now you owe us!!!!

>[email protected]
I'd appreaciate it if you don't share my personal information in this post if you share the receipt.
Thank you.

Thank you for your payment.

this is a honeypot to get ur emails and paypals

and to think u all thought OP was the dumb one, retards

>I posted a customer satisfaction guarantee that includes an offer of $10 to anyone who isn't satisfied with my selection
Holy fuck if someone as retarded as you is allowed to be a business owner, I better get on that shit right now
>Yeah let me just guarantee something that's completely subjective!
LOL. People aren't nice, they will fuck you any way you can.
If you have a registered business like an LLC or a corporation, I would just close down right now. Otherwise, prepare to file bankruptcy.

This has to be bait. I refuse to believe that someone is this stupid.

Although there is that thing that is stated that "most businesses fail within their first five years" looks like you're part of that statistic OP

Well he could use lesser sum to get people you know

Op what is the name of such a fine establishment that you operate?

Don’t pay people holy shit
Stupid LARGE companies do shit like this all the time and then just quietly back out of them.
No ones going to notice

I got my $10.

Too bad you too much of a bitch to take a risk and get some.