White turbo virgin dating Philippines girls

Hey Jow Forums,

I'm a 34 y/o turbo virgin for the most part. I did fuck one girl years ago, who I fell in love with and ended up feeling badly burned by in the end. I'm close to giving up on women, but next year I may get a chance to move to the Philippines for awhile, laguna region. I'm self employed and can work from anywhere, so I could potentially there awhile. I'm hoping while I'm there I could try some dating.

I think this will be at least good for me. I feel like talking to girls who actually find me physically attractive will boost my ego a bit and make me feel like I can talk to them a lot easier. Maybe I could get a wife there and bring her home if things went well enough.

Has anyone done dating in the Philippines? Have you any advice for me? Am I crazy? What kind of expectations should I have? Thanks bros.

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the third world is full of white expats doing the same shit, it's legit pathetic

Why stop? I don't care if other people do it. Why should I?

Filipino wife = peak dishonour. No one will respect you except weird old ex pats who also bought their Filipino wives. Once you’re married and have given her a child you will be less than nothing to her and she will stop at nothing to make sure she gets both marriage and children from you

Chinese, Vietnamese, or Japanese is the better option imo.

I have a Filipino wife, was totally worth it. Shes feminine, 90 lbs and very hot - Chinese Filipina. The first rule of being an adult is not giving a fuck about losers on 4chans opinion, from experience Filipinas are nice, and sweet, but they're not the brightest bunch. Have patience, and be aware that you are probably really intimidating to them. It's probably one of the easiest countries to get laid in if you're white

>not the brightest bunch
How so? Tell me more

Education in the Philippines is not great so you will probably be much more knowledgeable and just generally smarter than they are. Just have patience with them.

Enjoy the stigma.

Why better?

No stigma if she's hot and you're both the same age

Nope, stigma remains. SEA "hotness" is highly debatable.

There really isn't, in the real world anyway.

I really could give less of a fuck. No one likes me that much anyways. Fuck them.

t. Salty manlet Philippine guys who are mad all their women are trying to fuck white men with superior genes

I signed up to filipinocupid.com and the amount attention i get is unreal compared to home. Like 100x more.

I don't know about this plan, OP. You sound like a prime target for taking advantage of. Cajoled into marriage and kids, then divorce, then roped into financial support by the courts for the rest of your life. Danger, Will Robinson!

This sounds a lot like dating a child. How do people find this appealing in a romantic partner?

You mean like regular marriage?

Similar, but even more aggressive. I guess I've heard too many stories about mail-order brides marrying someone and then the husband mysteriously dies for unknown reasons.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm NOT advocating marrying first-world women either, God No! But at least murder would be less likely to be on the itinerary.

It's nothing like dating a child, lmao they are still mature, just often many don't have the best book learning. Intelligence isn't everything in a partner - in my experience first world women are smart and ambitious but extremely lacking in empathy, humility and just femininity in general.

Mail order brides is a lot fucking different than just normally dating people in a foreign country.

I think the key difference is the economic disparity. Introduce too much economic differences, it'll cause unintended and surprising consequences, none of which are good.

This is a stretch.. but do you think my nerdy autism is more likely to come off as impressive over there? Like they’ll assume I must be smart or something?

It depends on in what way you are nerdy, if you are a computer nerd with a high paying job then yes probably.

I misread what you wrote, it probably won't but in general they don't have the same autism detector that we do

I run my own shitty little company. I take €12,000 a year as salary, but hopefully can grow that a lot soon. Yeah, could be doing better financially..

>but in general they don't have the same autism detector that we do
Why do you say that? One of my biggest issues with social anxiety is a lot of people can pick up I’m “off” really fast and my anxiety goes up really quick in response. But some people don’t seem to notice. My life would be much better if more people were the latter.

>any advice for me
You live only once. Good luck. Also women are kinda same everywhere. True, they may be more desparate for white rich foreigner in shithole country, but if you learn how to talk and flirt with women there, it will work the same in your own country as well.

Thanks man. That’s encouraging

Why is it pathetic?

No divorce in the Philippines.

Depends on the girl. I’ve witnessed in my friends family a filipino mom that just wanted money and kinda gave up on the marriage after getting a green card