I want to move to Kenya. What should I do or know about the area before I do it?

I want to move to Kenya. What should I do or know about the area before I do it?

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You should first know why you want to move there.

White people are mean to me so I rather be around black people :(

black people are mean too user
especially because you'll be an outsider and foreigner

yeh but I'm black so it'd be ok.
Do I have to learn Swahili? Because I'm not sure if I want to live in Nairobi or join the Mijikenda where I'd need to so I just want insight on the region.

don't eat the poo poo

Wrong country but ok I'm not gay??? I think anal is gross anyways lol

Why not Ethiopia or South Africa?

South Africa is a mess and I can't name a single website that supports learning English > Amharic.
Plus, Kenyan guys are sexy.

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disgusting thot, go to africa

That's what I want to do?

you realize most of Jow Forums is white right? go post on an african forum. after 1 week in africa you'll be begging to be back here

I keep seeing black posters on this board so that's not true.
And I think I'm old enough to finally get married so I want to get married to someone who's black because I want children ok so shut up I know what I want.

i'm thinking that men do not like you in your area, especially white men, so you want to settle for third world africans. it's easy to do this but i'm not sure why you would want to sacrifice your living standards. good luck

Um... Kenya is a first world country...???
And I'm not settling, I just don't know any black people in my town.

Kenya is listed as a Third World country. Your living standard would be incredibly worse. I'm not sure why you are so fixated on black men. Go to Africa if you want to but by all criteira you will have a worse life.

Maybe find a list that's more accurate because you're wrong.
> I'm not sure why you are so fixated on black men
Because I'm black, dummy.

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Kenya is a poor country with shitty living standards. 'Because i'm black' means nothing other than the fact that you show yourself as a racist because you choose a partner based on skin colour and not love/virtue

I never fell in love with anyone who was white. I had a crush on a black guy who lived in Europe when I was younger but we only knew each other on the internet? lol
Also, their living standards can't be worse than where I live. We're having a really bad epidemic in my city with insects, everyone's getting sick. I just need to move and get married and stuff lol.

You are a grown woman who says 'i just need to get married and stuff lol'. You sound like a child, not only are you childish but you are racist. I hope you move to shithole Africa. They are full of bad people mostly, but i'm sure there's some good ones, they wouldn't touch you with a 10 foot pole though.

>They are full of bad people mostly
You sure you're not the childish one? You sound seriously simple-minded lmao. Not only that, you're giving absolutely no advice in my thread.

You asked "what should I know about kenya". You should know that it is a poor shithole with high crime and your living standards would suffer. On top of that, you exposed yourself as a childish rapist who talks like a middle schooler texting. Most Africans are trying to escape their shitholes, yet you want to immigrate there? By all means, go ahead. I don't really want people like you in the west.

Loads of Africans try to immigrate to Kenya. Go blog about your anti-African hate elsewhere because deep down I'm African in my genes so all you're doing is insulting my people so fuck off.

>I'm African in my genes so all you're doing is insulting my people

Are you saying you think race and intelligence correlate? Since you somehow relate more to people thousands of miles away from you because they're black

Sure, whatever. But for real go bother someone else in their thread because you're not helping.

Your people have the lowest IQ out of the races and commit the most crime. You sure you want to be around them? I mean you would fit in nicely considering your aggression and immature brain

Yes because deep down we're family and family sticks together and means Ohana.


Why not just live in Nigeria instead? It's the richest African country and is borderline first-world. English is also very commonly spoken there as well.

I kinda wanted to be on the eastern side because I also want to visit Madagascar occasionally (I know, I know, don't go to Madagascar there's too many mosquitoes there and whatever).
I mean, don't get me wrong, West Africa seems okay.
Idunno, never thought about Nigeria desu. I also wanted to maybe work in Wakaliga and that's like kinda bordering Kenya? You know, since they need the help. But Kenya is like the place everyone wants to visit, it's like the big tourist place so I thought it'd be cool.

>they need the help.

You need help.

You need a life.

Youre on Jow Forums posting about how you can move to Africa. Get self awareness

Yes, I have enough money to start a new life in a new world and you're being salty because someone else is different than you, gtfo.

>you're being salty because someone else is different

Says the one who wants to date because of their race and then used a Hawaiiwan word to back it up. You are a stupid child

>used a Hawaiiwan word to back it up
I was referencing Lilo and Stitch you underaged child.

Have you considered Rwanda? The government is 80% Black women. There's also Tanzia which has the extremely diverse food. you'll find detractors everywhere you go, but it's good to go somewhere you've never been.

ah that made me laugh, now i don't hate you so much. shame you're still racist, if you want a nice black country, try rwanda/botswana, they are both english speaking democracy.

>There's also Tanzia
desu that was my first choice when I was a teenager and was like "I want to move to Africa because I like lions lol!" I forgot why? But I think I was watching some documentary about their country's stability or something.
I'll research Rwanda though, that's interesting and I didn't know that.

Learn how to fight with a machete, or buy an SKS.

Always wanted to

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Do you know people who live in Kenya? Have you ever been there? Does it feel like home or do you feel like a foreigner there?
Plus: any idea what you'd do for a living there?

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