Normies from local tabletop gaming community invited me for beers for the first time

>normies from local tabletop gaming community invited me for beers for the first time
I'm 27 and never been outside on a friday night before.
What do I do so they don't realise how much of an autist loser I am?
Should I just decline?

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Just enjoy a few beers and be more of an observer than a participator in the conversations.

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Decline, then ask for a different passtime instead. Offer to go shopping with them once or twice for some free stuff. Ofc get them to pay for that bullshit you always wanted but never bought yourself because, really Bea, cat shaped oven mitts arent going to increase out monthly income and therefor arent an investment you should make.

Oh and be sure to bring your own girlfriends because safety in numbers

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Just talk to them the way you normally do. is a good thing to do when you're unsure and testing the grounds, you'll look more enigmatic if you don't speak enough to spill spaghetti. Try not looking bored though

>tabletop gaming
How much of a wizard are you, OP?

Don't listen to this retard.

It's a tabletop group, the bar is pretty low.

You see them as normies, but they're still playing tabletop so they ain't that "normal." Really they're just people, same as you, and they're already interested in being friends with you, seeing as how they invited you. As long as you go and don't go on a drunken rant about politics or women or something, you'll be fine.
t. also a tabletop user who met his friendgroup at the shop.

Those aren’t normies lmao

>local tabletop gaming community
They probably already realized and thought you'd fit right in

Decline them and be a miserable, lonely autist for the rest of your life.

Accept and perhaps meet new friends and actually get a social life.

Just go and try to have fun. Nothing wrong with beers.

There's nothing to be excited for at a bar or at someone's house. Get them to go shopping with you.

If you drink then drink, if you don't then say you're driving, but go, if they foot the effort into inviting you they already like you. T. Someone who often has to initiate

I have made it a point to not turn down social opportunities anymore and my life has gotten SIGNIFICANTLY better for it.

I wouldn't even acknowledge their offer. There is nothing their little game or drunkenness could offer that I can't already find in my books, movies, or games. Fuck normies


>tabletop gaming community
Fag. We all know how unironic tabletop LARPers end up. Pic related.

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Just go with low expectations and don't drink if you don't want to. If they razz you for not having beer with them, say your father was an alcoholic.

I went after all.
We spent of the night talking about videogames, anime and cars. All things I love.
I don't understand how these people can be this into videogames and anime and stuff like that but they have gfs and normal social lives.

They're not (as) autistic like your

Keep going to these gatherings and you will learn their secrets user

They end up based and redpilled?

Normies are just autists but better at everything.

>What do I do so they don't realise how much of an autist loser I am
>tabletop gaming club
Don't worry they aren't any better. Just because they have beers in a group doesn't mean they are complete normalfags. Spergs drink too.

i don't care, but thank you for posting that image as your op

been there done that, normalfags can't properly talk about video games and anime
they'll be talking about fifa or cod or stupid shit like that, same with anime, it's always just entrance level things