Got diagnosed with bipolar disorder today

How do people cope with it, without taking the expensive meds my doctor recommended me.

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Theres two types of depression based on how much they last.
Some last a short time
Some last a long time
And some are until you die.
If your dictor said " take this pills" , you should take them or youre gonna suffer bipolarism
Also, just because youre feeling better after taking the pills doesnt mean you can stop taking them or reducing how many you take.thats your doctors decision.

Binge on work and hobby

Try to work though the backlog of things you started but never finished during depressions otherwise it'll just keep building up after each manic ep. Mania I still don't really know how to deal with, I tell people that I care about when I feel myself going into manic territory so they're prepared.

What medication are they going to give you? My advice would be to take it. I didn’t and my life is in ruins.

He told me I should take pills that contain lithium and something else that should stabilize my mood, but this would cost me like 50$ a month and I have to visit the doc regularly for checks.

Lithium is a mood stabilizer. You should maybe ask for lamictal instead because lithium can cause hypothyroidism.

Thanks for the advice. I thought about a list of things I want to get done for some time, but now you've confirmed that this is a good Idea. I will definitely try it. The depressive mood has its advantages too, since I don't get on people nerves and I can shut my mouth for longer than 5-10 minutes. Also I have the need to sing in public sometimes, which I think is annoying for most people.

Thanks, I will keep that in mind, since I'm going to visit him in 2 weeks again.

I know I should trust my doctor, but those things are expensive and a lot of them don't work properly, from what I've heard online.
I kinda expected the diagnosis since 2 months and it helped me to know that its not really my fault that I'm sad, because I've often told myself that I'm responsible for my failure and feeling of worthlessness.

In 2018 it was really hard since one shitty thing happened after the other and when the only person I could call a real friend comitted suicide, I was at the lowest point in my life I've ever been.
That's were those manic situations were a rarity I had like once every two months for a few hours.

It got better until today and my mood is usually maniac now, except when I try to sleep or I fail on something after the 20th time.

>all of these retards reccomendating pill poision

Dont listen to them or doctors OP. Look at other people with similar issues and see how they deal with it. Actually you can try searching for people who believed those lies about pills and assoicated themselves with mental illnesses to see how that turned out for them.
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Its not that " they dont work"
There are two bad points : you can build resistance, and the medicine has side effects.

I seriously hope this isnt an anti vax person
But yes, sometimes mental health issues are so weak that they dont need medicine and can be cured by other methods.

I'll guess that's for the advice but I doubt the pill poison thing.
My parents think the same way and that's why I don't have financial support of any kind. And they shouldn't suffer more from the child they got than they already do.

At least your parent arent " psychology is a scam"

That's not true, my mom has some serious sleeping problems and says that it will go away on its own. I haven't told her about it, so I don't worry her too much, since she has a lot of problems on her own.

Don't be a pussy. Given enough time you'll find that you don't need the shrink, the expensive pills, the bipolar label, or anything.
What you need:
>Proper diet
>Good sleep
>Some sex
>Some friends
>Good mindset

Do that and you'll cope just fine. We all put unrealistic expectations on ourselves and society only reinforces that. If you keep "omg I am bipolar" floating on your brain you'll just drag yourself further down. Bipolar is a bullshit label. You are yourself, and you'll be dead in like 60 years tops. Live however you can and then you're gone. Don't organize your funeral on 4channel over some stupid diagnosis, just do something fun already.
My life vastly improved since I cut shrinks off. They diagnosed me with "schizoaffective disorder bipolar type". I have happy relationships with my friends and family, I work hard, I'm fit, and I enjoy music. That's good enough for me.

Consistency and Routine

I don't like having to do big changes unless I premeditate them.

Stay away from Substance Abuse

Best one so far, I kinda see now that I have a more important problem than just some diagnosis. I told myself at new year's Eve that I want to use less swearwords, but I just didn't see, that I complain a lot in general and that I can't be "truly" happy because of this shitty lifestyle.
Thanks, user

Know that you mention this, I notice that spontaneous trips were always stress-related for me and something, I couldnt be as happy about as other family members. I had to sleep at least two nights while keeping future "changes" in mind, until I can take them without problems.
Or sometimes I really like to do things slowly on my own speed and I don't know if I should care more about that people complain that I'm too slow.

They are probably primarily manic. Don't give out medical advice to the mentally ill.

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