Incel world

Why is inceldom a recent phenomenon? Why weren’t there incels in the past? And with so much social media and dating app bullshit what’s the future of dating?

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Because the internet fucks everything up. It's the generation where smartphones are commonplace that incels began. Not a coincidence.

It's no more of a phenomena than it was in the past when sexual promiscuity was culturally frowned upon and punished. It just seems like that because of its popularity as a universal buzzword/insult on social media.

>It just seems like that

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False equivalence
Being Incel means involuntary celibate. It only means you arent able to get sex, it doesnt mean you arent able to get sex with lot of people.

Incels didn't have communities before, they were just dumb angry lazy teenagers. Eventually they grew up. With the internet they founded communities and slowed down the process of growing out of inceldom.

Everyone can get sex. Incels are literally a cult of liars.

>"general social survey"
>a whopping 28%
>implies nothing about the involuntary aspect of said celibacy

Even if this graph held water, I'd say it could be chalked up to the "me too" and post-feminism culture

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The far right actively encourage the growth of incel culture because it is a gateway drug for young disillusioned males into fascism.

Blatantly obvious to see. "Involuntarily celibate" and similar terms eg "loveshy" have existed for decades but only exploded this decade once the right realized these communities could become recruiting grounds.

Same argument like "work hard, get rich "

Incels are entitled angry low intelligence NEETs, we all know that, and?

incels used to die in a wars all the time.

You're all wrong, incel-like thought is as old as time, although perhaps more popular now than its ever been. Read Dostoyevsky.

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Everyone grew out of incel thinking by 14 before. No incel has ever accomplished anything. Now the temporary phase of being an incel has been lengthened by internet communities.

It manifested itself in different ways. When people say "incel" now we all know it refers to one thing only: sexually frustrated men who have radically misogynistic and right wing views.

Actually, being a virgin isn't even prerequisite to being an incel anymore. If you view incel communities eg on reddit, you'll find plenty very active posters who have had plenty of sex, gfs, maybe even have a gf at present, but they identify as incel because it has become an ideology now. That's something that wasnt the case until just a few years ago.

there were "incels" in the past, but amount has drastically increased due to (imo) the internet

I personally never saw the appeal of social media. It wasn't really popular back in 2007 when I left school.
Back then I just saw the negative sides like signing off ownership of your thoughts, experiences and conversations to some faceless American corporation with an ideology I detest wasn't appealing in any way.
And I had plenty of methods to talk to people anyway. Over time, people stopped using the IM systems I used, but people grow apart and people get new friends so not a big deal.
Obviously my method had one major flaw I didn't realize until much later: I only talked to people who I liked or where they liked me.
You don't have that huge network of people you don't talk to. Talking to a girl at a party means you never see her again.
You never get close to strangers as they have gotten used to the idea that they can just look me up and contact me.
Many probably don't find me and give up. I have had several people tell me like almost accusing me of wrongdoing that they couldn't find me. Sometimes people reach out to my friends or family through social media to get a hold of me.
I get why girls don't want to deal with that. But I am too deep into my hatred of this technology that I can't go back now. I don't want to either.
The world of social media is a dystopian future I never asked for, actively fought against and now I am being crushed by it.
I wasn't always an incel. For a while I was fine with my situation. I don't hate women because I don't have many experiences with them. No good or bad encounters to color my view of them. Maybe a few good.

I have conceded and tried dating apps, but being out of the loop, I don't know which ones to use, how to use them etc. I have never matched with anyone and I am several hundreds of dollars in, using several platforms. It isn't like I don't want this to happen. These new technologies doesn't work for guys like me.

That's only america though lol. Stop believing your shithole is representative for the rest of the world

We have always existed. It wasn't until the digital age that anyone noticed.

Oh there was incels before internet and before dating apps. We just called them by other names. Like virgin, or loser, or gay. And a good portion of them hated women too, and rambled about how feminists are ruining everything etc etc. the difference now is that the incels found each other with the miracle of technology. It used to be contained to one or two drunk assholes you saw once a week or so.

Yes, it has nothing to do with the unrealistic standards of modern women.

There were incels in the past, try giving A la Recherche du Temps Perdu a read.

I mean incels are right that men are mistreated now. When I was a boy I was abused by my babysitter, my parents, and even the school system to some degree. Now I am 23 and never had a gf and I always start shaking around women. Times have changed now men are being discriminated against. It is just the weakest men like me that are being hurt first.