Romantic gesture to show my ex I've changed after two years of not speaking?

Romantic gesture to show my ex I've changed after two years of not speaking?

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Perhaps the only thing you needed to change was who

Fuck no.

I know you’re a weak ass bitch and still after YEARS want approval from that beautiful woman, but this is not how you go about doing that.

Fuck off and accept your losses, bitchboy.

I cheated on her. We were dumb teenagers coming into adulthood and I didn't know what i wanted. After two serious relationships since her and a number of hook ups, I'm realizing she was my soul mate. No one compares. No one makes me laugh the way she did. There's a hole in my heart only she could fill. But she wants nothing to do with me. She has me blocked on everything.

She won't take you back, accept it and just move on. forget about her.

You hurt her and now you think you're entitled to her making you feel better? grow up OP.

Just tell me how to get her back

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>my soul mate
hahahahahhaha come on man

Good! You are shit. You had a great thing and you fucking threw it away like a fool!

Now go lay in your bed, fuckup.

lol at all these little white knight fags sticking up for some random ho

op's ex probably had all the problems that most women have

stop putting these cunts on pedestals, you fucking chumps

Just... Don't. Stop watching anime, TV series and shit. You're delusional.

I have many exes. They are all dead in a metaphorical sense, but I get haunted by their lingering presences at times. Memories of them are like ghosts that manifest in the corners of my mind.

None of that is real, though. The memories of my exes are fake, and they lose what little power they have when I state the obvious by thinking, "You're not real; you're fake." Memories of your ex are fake, too, OP.

Get a better girl bro. That's ended.

Any sympathy I had just evaporated. Here's a romantic gesture: put on your Werther pijamas and romantically kill yourself.

Dont do it bro, going back is never worth it

2 years of not speaking. I guess go talk to her and say you miss her and all that bs about her being your soulmate.

Ive decided to send her a letter. Thats romantic right? I wrote it out and shit. I'm just debating on if i want to have usps deliver it or personally leave it in her mail box.

don't do it, bro

50-percent chance that she reads it

if she reads it, one of four things will happen: she responds as a friend, she responds as an enemy, she doesn't respond at all, or she responds as if you were a potential suitor

that means you're now at an 87.5-percent chance of not getting the response that you want

if she responds as if you were a suitor, one of three things will happen: she is with someone and will rebuff you, she will breadcrumb you and be indecisive, or she will go along with what you want

now you are at at 95.8-percent chance of this shitty plan not working

think about it, bro


don't do it if you value your dignity

Its worth it, dude. It's worth it. If she doesn't want anything from me, then atleast I apologized and my guilt/shame can fade. If she does, then I'll love her until I die. I'll move heaven and earth for her.

>95.8 percent
Looks like we have a mathematician

bro, shut the fuck up

tell that pussy voice in your head to shut the fuck up, too

you're letting your inner faggot waif come out, and you look fucking pathetic

i wish you could see how pathetic you look right now

you don't want absolution or forgiveness

what you want is the comfort of a past relationship that has been dead and buried for two years

you never moved on, and you're hedging your bets on this letter, which is your hail mary play for trying to turn fantasy into reality

be honest with yourself, bro

your fantasies are not going to come true

the relationship is dead, and you are being haunted by the memories of it

this is not going to go the way that you want it to go, and you are going to end up with more bad feelings than when you started

you think good shit will come of this, but i can assure you that nothing good can come from rooting through the trash

your guilt and shame have not faded because you are still living in the past

constantly thinking about this bitch and writing ler pathetic letters is keeping you grounded in the past

she's going to laugh at your letter and show it to her current boyfriend, and everyone will get a good laugh at your expense because you acted like a chump in this situation

grab your fucking balls, put on your big boy pants, and move the fuck on from this chapter in your life without causing any more drama with exes or anyone else

I think maybe you're the kind of person who waxes about manhood on 4channel's Jow Forums while positing that others are less manly than some standard you've concocted in that sweet little head of yours, and that's probably about all any of us need to know about you.

swing and a miss, bro