I am gay:

Should i end myself?

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I'm gay too and I wish I were dead every day of my life.


Shit seems bad now, but you can claw your way back to normalcy.

There are always people who care about you.

Why, just asking

Just be who you are.

I wish i'd be gay. I'm much more comfortable communicating with men than women. However i'm attracted to women.

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try sissies, user

I feel worthless, I don't know. My parents constantly tell me I am.

doesnt do a thing.


sounds gay

Im gay and lonely, but im trying my best with a bisexual friend i have.(even tho i hate him sometimes)

just done be gay

Nah, being gay is becoming the norm. It’s time for straight people to be bullied into suicide.

What's sad, I hate

Absolutely. Do a flip while you're at it, faggot.

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Why homophobic?

Keep living and focus on your hobby. I'm still waiting for that review of thing you got yourself

Being gay isnt too bad once you cut out toxic ppl

Watch 'scooby1961' on youtube. The guy is gay and has a really happy life. Being gay isn't a handicap, user. After all, it's only a preference.

Just because you sacked off to traps it doesn't make you gay. Don't let the discord trannies fuck your mind like that.

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No no. That’s not what gay people do. They suck cock and have anal sex. Go do that, you’re gonna like it way better than the thing you were thinking of.

You just wanna go to those gay orgys in hell, don't you?

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Take someone with ya.

Christian perspective: Nope don't do yourself in. Both ACTING gay (you BEING gay is propaganda) and offing yourself are sins, suicide a much worse one.

One deals with sins in several ways. You may try to defeat the urge to sin, or you may want to try being good in other ways, if the urge to sin is stronger than you atm.

You being attracted to men is something you may not be able to change, but you certainly have the option of not acting on it. Or just be a good person in other ways and atone.

user you don't have to be gay, don't believe what people tell you about being gay is not a choice.

being gay is all in your mind if you really wanted you can re program your mind to be straight

hynotism is proof of you can change and suggest things to the mind to reprogram it.

people have cured themselves of life threatening ilness using the mind alone.

this is just one method for your solution but feel free to try others like hypnotherapy, meditation, ect other stuff to re program the mind.

but if i was you i would force myself to watch porn of the opposite sex only in a strict route and force myself to masturbate to it eventually your brain will start re programming it's self to associate the opposite sex with the release of dopamine in your brain and you will eventually start finding the opposite sex attractive. but for this to work you have to only watch porn of the opposite sex no matter how much you desire to see porn of the same sex.

with time and discipline same sex porn and others of the same sex will do nothing for you.

Why would you do that? You're a minority now, you're living the good life.

nice delusion

The fuck are you talking about? I'm not a minority in anything. I'm jealous.

Nah, certainly not because you're gay at least. You've literally got half the country pushing for your acceptance, assuming you live in American and not some third world shithole. Besides, being gay sounds great. I get jealous that gay men can just hop on an app and get their desires fulfilled anytime they want while I have to deal with women's bullshit

I guess I really want to bang you, huh?

Do it user, the best way to purge the faggotry is with a bullet to the balls, and then the head. Do it for me user, im counting on you

Meet a nice guy and live happily ever after

No and to all the gays itt, move to a big city and enjoy being gay. It's 2019.

OP listen to You probably arent gay, at worst bi. Its probably due to a life without success with girls, isolation, loneliness and an untamed perversion. Its that slippery slope theory, fix yourself one day at a time, I have been there myself. But now I am completely out of it, with my lovely cute gf of 2 years and I couldnt be happier

Have sex

No. It can be hard at first, but you will come across other gay people, online or in real life, and undersand that you can be gay and happy. You will learn to accept and love that part of yourself, I am sure of it.

No but it’s time to consider being straight again.

With who?


Try being straight mate.

No. Consider this : sexual repression is a contributing factor to creativity. You may be have greater neurosis, but you are capable of attaining greater heights in your interests.

I only see gay people walking three paths
First one is being full gay in a big city. I am in one and deal with these people a lot at college. They are all depressed and suicidal and seem to hate their own lives, but are quick to flaunt them as amazing when people doubt their life choices.
The second path is to just live a normal life and be lowkey gay with some guys, hidden from public view. I have some friends that are like that. You'll hate yourself a bit but your life quality will be immensely better than the first path.
The third path is to stop being gay. Plenty of people have done that and I heard there are books about that experience. It is also very common in teenagers who go through a "gay phase". This leads to living a normal and healthy life, but the process itself might be difficult depending on how gay you are

Seek Jesus

Could be worse. You could be footfag.


try a go at being happy despite the bullshit in your life.
everyone is going through a shitty time right now, so you aren't alone, just try and bide your time and see if things start getting better first.
suicide will always be there, so take some time to enjoy the things you want to before taking that final option.

No. No one on a whole really cares if your gay just dont be a faggot

Being gay is fine.

No, you shouldn't be upset because you're gay. You're just different. I know a guy that happens to be gay and he's annoying as hell but his upbringing was shit so I'm not surprised.

why gay?

Repent. Whether that means killing yourself or giving your life away.

Homosexuality is normal. It happens. We are social beings. People are more or less homosexual, bisexual, or heterosexual. Live your life.

Just don't be a faggot and stay in the closet.

find orgy
get all the STDs

kill yourself that way

Just don't be a femboy and be a mascgay

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