What the fuck, why are women so stupid, i don't get it

What the fuck, why are women so stupid, i don't get it


>work in anesthesia
>cute student flirts with me
>I befriend her on fb
>we chat


>I buy her her favourite croissants for breakfast because she can't visit cafeteria in the morning hours
>she thanks me and offers me money for it
>I reject money
>she tells me she can repay me with coffee sometimes
>i agree


>i manage to catch her after work and we go home together (we both live next to the klinik)
>she tells me about her weird habbit of eating nutella with salami sandwiches
>i tease her about it
>she tells me she will bring me one tonight if I want
>I reject because my apartment is a mess bcs i am in the middle of moving to another


>i get drunk and ask her out through messages (I type and sound normal when drunk, I am only a bit more open and social)
>she agrees and we set it up for friday
>chat is getting more rare


>it is normal that she hugs me now
>still flirty
>still playful
>doesn't respond to my messages as quickly as before though
>we don't chat tonight

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Friday (today)

>I have many intervetnions in Shockroom, so I don't see her today often as other days, just once
>bought her breakfast though, as "usual"
>Don't manage to see her after work so I text her ar abour 15:00 if it is okay for her tonight at 7 or 8
>no respond
>she saw my message at about 17:00
>she posted a fb story of her eating something somewhere

Now it is 21:00, still no respond

She (6/10) is under my league (8/10), but I found her cute. What the fuck went wrong? Do I confront her?
I am thinking about inviting out and dating another coworker who is interested in me (i know for sure), but to stay in contact with the student and pretend nothing happened. Is this a good approach. I just wanted to give this student a chance since she showed more interest than the coworker (but maybe coworker is too shy, idk)

But seriously, why are women so fucking retarded and disrescpectful today, i seriously don't understand

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You're the stupid one. Give her some fucking space. You don't deserve all her attention.

Beyond that, you said she's a student. Are you her supervisor? If so, you're in the wrong and should neck yourself.

Further, just because a woman talks to you doesn't mean she's flirting. She's probably afraid of your creepy freak ass.

Humans are retarded, humans can choose based on new information.
Humans are stupid and genius.
Stop using pepe memes

I forgot to mention that I (23) am only 3 years older than her (19 or 20, idk). So you don't think I am some old perv who jacks off to young girls. I am also not an incel

I know how to approach women and I know how to not be a creep, stop reflecting. I am just confused because something like this never happened to me. I waa ghosted before, but this is some next level shit, she knows she will see me again and she knows I might confront her. I don't even give a fuck about her that much to be honest

just give her room, go meditate and be one with the air or something. Do you have other friends that you can hang lol. Now that she ignored your date, it’s gonna be awkward to try anything from here on out, go try another girl and if she ever answers back, just be friendly.

Oh, ok. Jump of a bridge

I ditched my friends to go out with her. I could've been camping in the forest right now getting myself fucked with german beer, but I decided to stay in the town and go out with her. And she does this.

Dude, it's been four days and you're already pulling "women are stupid"? You need to calm down. She's not your girlfriend yet, she's not your wife. She's a girl who is giving positive signs, flirting, attention, and physical affection, and you're already going on a date. You are set. But you're putting too much weight on it already.

The date might work and it might not, this is your chance to get to know each other and it could be you're not a good match. She might have been busy, she might have been hanging out with friends. She doesn't need to give you attention 24/7 or even daily. You are Just Starting and you're treating it like she's already ghosting you.

You should be looking to have a good time and have fun, not be freaking out over every single little thing that might or might not be a sign. You don't expect a masterpiece out of a beginner. You don't expect wife behavior out of a first date. Ease up and let it happen, or you could end up driving her away with your own anxieties.

That is not on her. You're the one who made the choice to do that. You could've said "I have plans with friends but this day after could work." Don't blame her for your decisions.

>I am thinking about inviting out and dating another coworker who is interested in me (i know for sure), but to stay in contact with the student and pretend nothing happened.
Sounds good to me. If she brings it up, just say "I saw you read my message and didn't reply so I assumed you were interested" and leave her with that.

Thaks guy, maybe I did overreact and maybe I did hurry it up a bit. But I don't understand why would she set up a date with me just to ghost me. I wouldn't mind if she would tell me that she can't come today. Why would she just fuck me off like that

Tommorow’s a new day user, relationship takes time to kindle, you already texted her so why text more. When she’s ready, she'll text back. If she doesn’t then her lost.

Nah, I am not interested in ghosters. Her chance is lost. I moved on already

>nutella with salami sandwiches

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Exactly my thought

You are a creep. If a girl I knew would act like this I'd literally block her everywhere. You sound like a fucking stalker.
>girl doesn't respond for a few hours
Fucking loser

It is not a problem she didn't respond. It is a problem she ditched our date today without notifying me

Women are incapable of empathy. They can't imagine what it would be like for someone to cancel on them like she did to you, so they just do it without second thought. I'd be pissed too.

Are you projecting? Lmao

Something similar happened to me as well but I've learned to take it as a sign they aren't really as interested and move on. I don't really ditch plans with friends for dates anymore. Some women are fickle and scared to say they don't actually want to go out or are actually busy or some shit. It's lame but common in online dating.

This stuff is happening to me fucking often
>agree to go on a date
>either she ghosts or cancels for a meme reason
>texts me again after some time

I don't even know if they are fucking stupid or if they like to make people feel bad