Tired of life

How do I get by when I'm a 30-year-old incel virgin with no friends and no experience from women?
The way I see it, relationships and sexual things are the only things that keep people going in life, and sane. I have none of that. You may not realize it, but your sanity is literally based on the acceptance you get from the opposite sex.

At some point in life I got so fed up with a non-rewarding life that I couldn't perform in life normally anymore. Just going to school or work and returning to an empty apartment year after year started feeling so hard I couldn't do it anymore.
I re-started school and I have the familiar feeling again: I just want to quit. You have no idea how hard it is to get your responsibilities done when you know there's no reward, nothing positive in your life to balance out the negative.

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I know I'm going to get angry and judging responses to this post but just ask yourself.. could you keep going in a non-rewarding job if you knew that job was your entire life, and you had nothing outside it? Not even hope for getting a wife.

I understand what you mean OP sadly I have no real definite solution or answer for you. But I understand you completely.

Where I think you are wrong tho, and this should give you hope. Is that you can still hunt for this reward you seek. Not having had a relantionship before doesn't mean you can't get it now.

Good luck, heads up.

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I don't exactly know what to tell you but I totally disagree in the whole opposite sex keeps you happy or whatever but ask around for jobs that ship you off somewhere it's hard work but you aren't going to be thinking about that shit come back with a bunch a cash buy nice shit go to clubs score

Fuck you, fuck happiness, fuck your job, you aren't the money in your wallet, or the girl on your arm, you are the man you god damned want to be. Do something real user, do something honest, do something worthwhile, and do it well, the world be damned. Don't lie to yourself unless it is absolutely necessary.

Your body is the home for your mind, and your environment is the body of your body. Changing your environment can change your life. Watching to much tv? Throw out the screen. To much YouTube/Netflix? Disable/Throttle/Cancel your internet service. Not doing what you should be doing to reach your next stepping stone to your goal, design your environment to FORCE yourself to do what is necessary. People never have a feeling of boredom anymore. One you feel nothing you are free to do anything.

Start with baby steps and grow ever stronger. Don't forget user, fuck you. Why? because you are only an animal responding to unbeknownst synaptic stimuli. Understand well you fucking animal and how disposable the other animals treat you... without mercy.

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The reality of being "alive" and not even know what it feels like to be alive is the worst damnation a being can posess. Being alive and living are not interchangeable. 80% of people are living... struggling to live a happy and filling life at the pleasure of their limbic system. Those 20% who are alive take their current position with eyes open knowing the inescapable truth, they are slaves to animalistic tendencies and are fighting to overcome them to establish deep personal control and focus.

It's that type of tired that sleep doesn't fix.

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Slow down there tyler durden

Have no goals and just living a life? Delete everything else and carefully remember what you were drawn to doing. Then you build goals around that thing.

From what I hear and understand from personal experience, having sex and a relationship isn't the key to happiness. I understand it is difficult to know this when you've never experienced it before, but it is true. Because you don't know what it is like, and because everything else seems so boring in comparison, it will look like the best thing in the entire world. That isn't the case though. You're depressed. Once you do have relationships and sex you still won't be happy because of depression. You should focus on finding things outside of relationships and sex that will make you happy. Once you're truly happy, you will find that relationships are easier to come across. Again, you need to stop viewing sex and relationships as the key to happiness. It's this mentality that makes inceldom such a vicious cycle.

I wish I could say more and make it more clear but I have a bad headache right now. Maybe I'll write some more when I feel better. I wish you best of luck OP.

It's so very clear yet so very far for us chimpos.

how to survive when everyone is tired of me and all of my bullshit

>The way I see it
fuck that shit boyyo

I wanna know what you see as an reward? So I can understand your need alot better.

Read every post in this thread.

everyone is tired of me and my bullshit in this thread

Nah man, you got it wrong. Happiness is pretty much entirely about perspective. Before I had sex I thought it would change my life and keep me from content. It didn't. Once I started having sex that became the new norm, and I started envying others for new things besides sex, like money and power. The point is, happiness is all about how good YOU personally think your life is. People in third world countries living in shitholes tend to be happier than those in technologically advanced societies simply because they are exposed to less social media which is basically brainwashing everyone to continually want more and more and never be satisfied with what they got. That's how capitalism is fueled.

Read you fucking fuck. I just hate chimps that give out even before exploring the possibilities. Humans are so shitty. Don't let it define you. Find your rewards and benchmark simple steps to getting them.

Happiness does not equal pleasure, feeling stoic and leaving a legacy you are pleased with is ultimate happiness. Find it, it is waiting for you. When you die, what will those around you remember, what will live on? Change it, fuck 'em if they laugh or hurt you. They are just some simple chimps nearing a simple end. Ignore those who disparage your true character. Live honestly to yourself and know your limits. Take no half measures in transforming your local environment. Reside stoic.

Change your environment and give zero fucks about those other cattle.

alright, please tell me how happiness does not equal pleasure. i feel neither happiness nor pleasure and i havent in a long time. at this time i feel that when i die, i die. call it selfish or what you will. i really dont care. i care about now. i care about the feelings and thoughts im having right now. i care about the people in my reality and i cant ignore because im not an autist.

changing my environment is not an option at the moment and the "cattle" you are mentioning are worth more than you to me at the moment as you are literally just text on a screen to me

>how happiness does not equal pleasure

>changing my environment is not an option at the moment
You will suffer doom and gloom forevermore then. Start by changing your local environment like your home or room or desk. If you don't have any motivation to do that then you should consider suicide because you will be stuck in a loop of endless modernity.

uhm no user. the opposite sex accepts me and courts me but I have many issues with relationships in general. sustaining a relationship is a lot more complicated.
user i totally understand it's hard and very few people can live alone. I'd say no one can, but of course there are exceptions. but the opposite sex not accepting you is not the issue. for instance, if i like a guy, if i really really really like a guy, i don't give a damn whether he accepts me or not. i want him, he gives me joy, he makes me want to better myself, and i start changing into someone better automatically, and i WANT to be more confident. maybe you just don't like anyone rn, you're just PASSIVELY waiting for someone to like YOU. nah, that's not the way.
you were put in this world to be with someone, but you have to start changing something. and that simply is your isolation. i assure you there is nothing wrong with you but that. shutting yourself up. the world and all the good things aren't for the perfect and handsome only but for everyone. next time you feel this way, try to chat with someone close to you. what's important is that you shift your focus from the inside to the outside and the way you think about your inner world may change too. please, do this in real life. you don't necessarily have to start talking to strangers, even though if you feel like it do it, just the person closest to you, maybe a relative, a coworker. who's the closest person to you, physically, right now? start talking to them. that's it. don't be discouraged if anything goes wrong, keep doing this.
i used to be a total loner but talking to stangers made me SO BRAVE user. if you can't straight up talk to girls, talk to some old man. i couldn't imagine the kindness that hides behind some people i thought were shady, and the ugliness of other people, closer to me, who i thought were gorgeous at first. (cont)

(cont) open yourself up to new things, if you're suffering like this you have nothing to lose right? and stop thinking about whether someone accepts you or not, it's their problem... do YOU accept to be open to the world and what it has to offer you user?
trust me, people are the best kind of entertainment, and if you approach first you can get rewarded.

Dubs checked.

An Hero before it gets any worse.

I think op offed himself guys.

So it seems you didnt have ambition form money and power until your ambition for sex was satisfied. Which i think is the point of OPs post

You can't be happy in a vacuum without people. Lonelyness is normal, I've gone through it, my father has, my grandfathers have. But human connection and human touch are what makes you feel human. Lacking it for too long will turn you into a shell. OP is suffering immensely and I feel he can't get out of this hole without it
You cover all your needs like food, income, hygiene etc. Now you need to cover another need that you've neglected which is connections to others

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