Gf likes hanging around with dudes

Should I be worried? My gf has tons of male friends and told me she prefers the company of males more than females. Every time she goes out she literally hangs with a new guy. I told her that I feel a little unease and she told me to stop being jealous and paranoid. She is also hot so many want to fuck her. What should I do?

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If you think she will cheat on you then break up. If you do not think she will cheat on you then don't break up.

user, she told me that she has never cheated on a boyfriend in the past and she always tells me who makes moves on her

Be friends with all of them
Shes a bit of a tomboy i suppose?
Men have " less drama" and are more " sporty"
Just give it your all to be her best friend.

Make some female friends? Give her a taste of her own poison?

>should I be worried
Yes. Even if she doesnt plan on fucking any of them, all of them plan on fucking her. Eventually it will happen.

Posters above had some good advice. OP, if she doesn’t have the sense to see how her cchoice of friends has and will continue to hurt your relationship then she either doesn’t care enough about you to try and appease you or is stuck in party mode and will likely be for the next few years.
Like his user said. I have known many women that prefer the company of guys because of the difference in personalities. However, I do not believe this to be the sole reason. It could be, but I wouldn’t buy that. What seems likely to me is that she enjoys the attention and subdued desire of her male friends. If she is as hot as you say, I guarantee she flaunts that in front of them to get her jollies, knowing she never had the expectation to put out or go any further than getting them riled up because she has a boyfriend.
If I were to put myself in your shoes, I would feel less afraid of her cheating on you and more angry that she chooses to continue to ignore anything you’ve expressed in regard to this and brush it off as jealousy. If she really wants to be yours, then she has to be yours completely and vise-versa. I bet she makes you feel feeble and emasculated by being around all these guys and that’s just not okay. This shit will eat you alive and real jealousy, real fear will drive you to do stupid things like search her phone and stuff like that, and I bet you won’t like what you find. No healthy relationship has one partner asking for compromise and the other outright refusing it, especially in something like this. I wish you the best of luck OP. My advice is that’s you should have a serious conversation about how this makes you feel and how you can both work to rectify the situation, and f she’s still adamant that she wants these lads in her life l, then you should dump her then and there.

Is this really true? Does the typical socially well adjusted straight guy always want to fuck their female friends? Do they ever make friends with girls they arent attracted to?

I find some of them attractive, but I'm not really interested in getting in their pants, even before I had a gf.

I'm a normal, functional and masculine dude who is not gay and most of my friends are women. It wasn't planned and I don't know how it ended up that way, seems random to me. I don't have any desire/plan to fuck most of then. My best friend is female and she's only my best friend, I see her as a sister, even though a lot of guys consider her very attractive.

I'd fuck some of my other female friends first chance I could, though, but if they're not up for it, it's not going to happen. Worrying about it makes as much sense about losing your nerves because your girlfriend might be approached by a random dude in public.

OP, how is she even meeting these guys? Is she talking to them online? Is she meeting them through her other male friends? How comfortable are you with the thought of her continuing contact with these guys when they’re not hanging out? These are questions you should be asking.
You shouldn’t be ashamed of the way her actions are making you feel, no matter what she says. If you really care about her and want her to be yours alone it’s only natural you should feel threatened by the presence of other men entering her life in any capacity outside of family or old friends that you’re not privy to yourself. In my opinion, it’s not weird if all her friends are male as long as they’re gay, taken, or your friends too. If she’s hanging out so regularly with guys you don’t even know then that’s fucked up. Seriously OP if she has such disregard of your feelings to deflect what you say as paranoia or jealousy then she sounds like a lousy fucking girlfriend. If her “platonic” relationships with all these dudes is more important than building up the one she loves and actually trying to make your relationship viable then it’s doomed.

>Worrying about it makes as much sense about losing your nerves because your girlfriend might be approached by a random dude in public
Not even close dude. Friends are usually folks you talk to regularly, that you get to know on a much deeper than superficial level. These are people that share your interests and humor and even if you don’t want to fuck them, you want them in your life. It is impossible to know what kind of connection OP’s gf could form with any number of these guys she regularly convenes with. It’s an incredibly reductive outlook to think some rando would have the same chance at getting in the pants of OP’s drunk gf than one of her “bestie” chad homies. Do you see what I’m saying? They are have or are building the infrastructure of a relationship at level, and that holds considerable weight.

Meant to quote

True. Thanks for the perspective. I ask cause I have a close male friend who started out as a fwb before he decided we should be platonic. He doesn't have any other female friends afaik and I was wondering what his motivations could be for still wanting me around but not wanting to bang

the first part doesn't mean anything (one who said that she would never cheat on anyone and that she's always the one that gets cheated on is also one of the least trustworthy people I know), the second is a good sign I guess.

Op here. She meets the other guys from university and friends of hers. It makes me feel insecure when those guys are more attractive/taller than myself. She told me that her past bf was extremely jealous of her male friends as well and even resulted in spying her.

That's sketchy as fuck, are you not invited out with her. Dump her asap if not

>She told me that her past bf was extremely jealous of her male friends as well and even resulted in spying her
And yet she sees no fault in her actions? It’s merely her boyfriends being jealous assholes? Pattern of behavior my guy

Can you define the number? Does he get a dozen new male friends every week? Are those all long term friendship? Did she fuck any of them or is friend with any ex bf?

20, maybe more(not at the same time though lol)

Huge red flag. If she can't handle female-female relationships, its probably bc she's the one ruining them. She's the drama starter. Never trust a girl that hass less than 3 close female friends that aren't family

yeah, that's a big red flag

what you do in steps
1. Stay with your girl friend
2. looks max mew and all that stuff
3. get female friends that want to fuck you
4. Make her jealous and hang out with them
5. be friend her male friends you got to enter the boys the boys wont steal your girl
6. profit

Just know that by her hanging out with dudes it means she is always looking for your replacement. She just hasn't found it yet.

Do you want this worry? You can't get rid of it, if she wants to cheat she will

You do whatever is comfortable. For me that’s a no-go. Can’t stand all the orbiters and pretend friendships for attention.

I would really have to know her to give a definitive answer, but its totally possible she just happens to have a lot of guy friends. Thiink level headedly, you dont want to ruin the relationship from underlying unfounded trust issues.

you could tyr checking her phone and social media

she is slutty. she likes to be in the center of attention.

If it was me i wouldn't stand for it.

>my girlfriend is seeing tons of males

she's acting like she's single, bro

are you really going to put up with that?

There's nothing you can do about, she's kind of right that you don't have to be jealous or paranoid. Either join in on the fun, or leave her to her male friends and do your own thing. On the bright side half those dudes are probably losers and barely a threat. Nothings gonna happen unless she starts hanging out with one of them alone. If she starts doing that you should move on and dump her.

how did you meet her?

at minimum she loves the attention from other guys, but more than likely she has hooked up with a few behind your back.

>My gf has tons of male friends and told me she prefers the company of males more than females.
This might be OK. It all really depends on exactly how she interacts with them. I know a lot of women who hang with dudes but as soon as he makes a move she rejects him.
HOWEVER pay close attention to how she talks to them and how they typically react when around her. If they are doe-eyed and practically jacking off when they talk to her then understand she is leading them on and she is exactly what everyone here is saying she is.
> Every time she goes out she literally hangs with a new guy.
To me this is a red flag. I hang with women from time to time but I don't actively seek out new women to befriend. To me hanging with a new guy every time shows she is seeking out new guys to hang out with rather than just making new friends everywhere she fucking goes.

Overall I would say start making friends with women and see how she reacts. If she gets butthurt then you have your answer. From my experience, most women who insist on having guys friends tend to despise their SOs having female friends. IMO this is something you seriously need to find out.

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These are the ground rules that I set with any bitch who I keep around long enough to treat like a dedicated girlfriend.

1) If you are going to meet up with another man or visit a bar/club/meat market, then I will be coming along, or you are not going.

2) If your girlfriends ask you to visit a bar/club/meat market, then you will turn them down, because you were originally going to those places to find me and start our relationship.

3) If you find yourself having close continuing contact with another man in professional or online venues, then you will cut off such contact and refuse any meal offers or gifts, because that type of behavior is disrespectful to me.

4) If we go dancing, then you will only dance with me and the men that I deem worthy, if any.

Some bitches have issues with this, and I let them walk because I don't give a fuck.

I'm not here to control anyone's behavior or make bitches change.

I just know what I will allow in my relationships and what I will not allow.

I don't understand why she even has a bf, if indeed you are her bf. Sounds like she spends all her free time partying with other men and not even a mixed male/female group of friends. A house party she's the only female, go to a club and all the guys have her as their focus of attention and no other girls. When you aren't around she out for a drink with a guy, dinner with another guy, walk in the park with another guy and since thats not enough she continues to collect even more guys when she goes out.

So again why are you her bf, what makes you special according to her?

>Either join in on the fun
You mean her amusement because I doubt her being the center of attention for a gang of guys and OP on the outside watching is fun

BAil bto

dump her

been in your position before. Bite the bullet before you become too invested. she loose and is hiding it

Jesus Christ. Imagine being this guy.