Whenever i drink i feel like i want to kill myself

should i?

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I don't know about you but I should

You shouldn't drink.

alright ill bite, tell me why

>that guy at the party who drinks too much and gets overly emotional and when told to calm down he screams "fine i'll just kill myslef" and locks himself in the bathroom where he falls asleep in his own urine and vomit

Whoa wtf do you know me IRL or something?


if only you knew how much i hate myself for being that guy

It's a common theme, bro. Either learn to handle your alcohol or don't drink.

easy to say for someone not dealing with it bro

Stop Drinking
Seek Counseling

of course

Kill yourself or don't. People here aren't going to help when we say don't do it and you say nah.
>imagine drinking when you know you get depressed when you do it

If you only turn into a suicidal retard when you're drunk then what do you think you need to stop doing to quit being a suicidal retard?

Stop using alcohol as a crutch or vice or whatever your relationship with it is. And if you lack the self control to use it in moderation then quit cold turkey and never look back. There's no shame in attending AA.

i already know i wont. i know who i am and what i do whether i drink or not. call me delusional or whatnot i dont care, neither do you. no one does. imagine feeling nothing or completely used up when not drinking and feeling not feeling nothing or completely used up when drinking

i prefer being a suicidal retard when drunk more than regretting it the day after. i realize how my friends talk about my alcohol usage more and more. i know this has a bad effect on me. after the last bad drinking night i told myself i wouldnt drink until september and well. that went well

>i already know i wont. i know who i am and what i do whether i drink or not
That's not delusional at all, in fact it's a strong, confident mentality and you're more than capable of putting it to use in a productive(i.e. non self-destructive) way.

you can call it that but would you call someone changing his mind and personality in minutes stong and confident? i think not. sure i can blame it on me just drinking but i do it for some kind of reason right? i just dont know why i cant be satisfied by anything. everything just seems useless and stupid and i dont give a fuck but since i live in a society i have to give a fuck so why not not give a fuck by drinking alot. im sure this is a question that has been question through the ages and also answered through the ages but ive sure as hell not found an answer as to why to be more "productive" when all i want to be is more destructive

just do it! you fucking pussy, nobody will miss your crying like a little kiddo

Keep living. You never wrote your bio and I'm curious for how your life was

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its funny because if i saw a thread like this id probably reply just as you just did and not give a fuck. in fact i think i just did in another thread.

my life still is. but anyhow thanks for writing that. boosted my ego abit. just by writing this reply i probably make out to be a terrible human being which i probably am but still. thanks for caring i guess

guess yall got bored of this thread

Are you here for attention or something?

Seriously get writing, I'm running out of libraries to read.


How has your life been? How old are you and where are you from? Tell me a bit about you.

I'm M27 European and I like reading and writing