My girlfriend wanted me to get rid of my guns. With all the gun stuff happening lately...

My girlfriend wanted me to get rid of my guns. With all the gun stuff happening lately, she has become a lot less tolerant over me owning guns. She's never liked them but she usually left me alone about them. My girlfriend is a lot more left-leaning politically than I am but we usually keep politics out of our relationships but she told me recently that she wants me to get rid of my guns. She said she doesn't like them, she thinks they're evil and dangerous and she feels uneasy around me when I have a gun. I own the following guns:

>Remington 870 for home defense.
>Remington 700 for hunting.
>A couple of Glocks for concealed-carry.

Nothing crazy. I told her I'm not going to get rid of my guns and I've done nothing to suggest that my guns would ever be used in some evil act but she's wasn't willing to listen and we had a big argument over them. I told her if she feels that strongly then she can leave because nothing she says will change my mind. We broke up on very bad terms and she called an asshole that cares more guns than her.

Was I wrong here? I was pretty offended and hurt over the implication that I would ever do something bad with my guns. I've never done anything to suggest that.

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Lol i hope this is just bait cause its funny.
Your love for guns is over your head
Things arent black and white,( left/right) it doesnt have anything to do with politics anymore.
" nothing crazy" guns are tools for murder and hurting (and maybe destroying if you play with cans).
Every person who buys guns( mostly) think "it wont happen to me" , but theres accidents, theres thiefs and theres misunderstandings.

Yes you did the wrong thing, she cares about you, get her back.

No you didnt listen she may say u chose guns over her but the concept still remains it works both ways bro. She chose to leave you over something that was in your life prior to her something important to you and if your not apart of the problem as a gun owner(shooting places up) and you have them for security her logic if flawed and God forbid one day u need that gun and choosing her costs you your life. I'm pro gun control and a Democrat and I'm getting a guns for all the same reasons you already have them and man I'm already worrying I'll end up in your position. But you did nothing wrong. I just hope you heal from this man stay strong and stay protected ... one day you might find a girl who likes firearms

I hope this post is bait because it's retarded on every level.

Guarantee if you only owned guns with wood furniture it would've placated her lefty bullshit. If anyone was in the wrong it was her for giving you such an ultimatum. Good on you for not falling for it.

And what exactly do you have to protect yourself from? A crazy psycho with a gun?
Just get a bat like a normal person.
The usa is reigned by gun terror/violence at the moment

I forgot to mention, try watching " adam ruins everything, guns episode" it explains that guns have pros and cons.
Its not about choosing a side, its choosing what aligns with your opinion.

Nah you were in the right there, the fact that she demanded you get rid of them despite your beliefs shows a complete lack of trust on her part and not to mention intolerance for not respecting your choices, I would of dumped her too

Can u show me how the firing mechanism of your shotgun works?

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Actual retard

This. Especially funny considering both those Remington's come in wood variants.

Dude you could have compromised and kept 2 or 3 guns plus your gf. What a waste you're never gonna need evem half of those baka.

Guns are incredble works of physical engineering and anyone who doesn't appreciate that should go grab a pencil and take notes because people who aren't shitfaced dumbasses are talking

What are you protecting, and from what army? She should leave you, somewhere safe and far away from the incoming horde invasion you have prepared for.

Welp, this is true
They are beautifull technologies.
But so are nukes, grenades, and other deadly weapons.
I would like to see them in action as an attraction
Theres a machine ( which i cant actually remember much) , that was made based on sound. It catched any sound, like a glass striken with a spoon, and it could shatter it with its sound.
Sadly it malfunctioned and almost destroyed a building by itself until a fireman smashed it to pieces.
Yes i know it sounds dumb to compare them but both are technological wanders that can hurt people.

Well, taking into account that the area51 raid is coming maybe he wants to do his civil duty of shooting some weebs lol

I don't think it's crazy to want to keep them. If you find a practical purpose or one for pleasure that isn't hurting anyone it's fine. Your girlfriend was probably in the wrong for forcing an ultimatum but you probably could have compromised by saying you would limit the frequency you would concealed carry.
Personally I think your girlfriend was being a bit of a cunt but what do I know. Fear does odd things to people and in her mind gun violence is enough of a threat to concern her, regardless of the actual odds of it affecting her.

He has a reason for all of them. What exactly doesn't he "need"?

The shotgun? Hopefully he doesn't need that, but that's the point isn't it. In an ideal scenario he will never use it, but how do you know it will never happen?
The rifle? Do you know how much or what he's hunting? No? Well you can't say he doesn't need it.
The handguns? These are his concealed carry, this doesn't need defending. I'm going to assume he has two handguns. He could probably get rid of one, okay. Wow that made such a difference.

There was no compromise that didn't make sense, its just being pedantic. You could say he could use a handgun instead of a shotgun for home defense, but the reason shotguns are so preferred is because they usually end the fight instantly while a handgun does not and there's always a chance you die. In the hecticness of a gun fight, you want something that will end things as quickly as possible. The only times I would ever use a handgun is if you live in a tiny cramped home that's hard to maneuver in.

So he has about four guns with defined purposes and none of them are fully automatic.

You're not in the wrong, never give up your guns. It is your constitutional duty to bear arms, and if she gets upset over something like that then it would not be worth pursuing a relationship with her because that is a major red flag. Ultimatums are never a good sign.

But to use the gas build up behind a bullet and redirect it to move the slidething backwards while ejecting the empty casing, loading the next bullet, sometimes even with a recurring hammer strike due to some nifty gearwork, especially in the semi-automatic three round burst as seen in de M16 assault rifle is really some underrated craftmanship. There are more then a million car mechanics out there that could learn a thing of gun artificers

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>the reason shotguns are so preferred is because they usually end the fight instantly while a handgun does not
If this was true then people wouldn't use handguns for concealed carry.

>implying op doesn't live in nigger central where home invasions and muggings are commonplace
>implying op doesn't live in bear/wolf/mountain lion country
>implying tyrannical police states are a thing of fiction

The reason people use handguns for concealed carry is because you can't conceal a fucking shotgun you moron.

"Constitutional duty" lol
Someones been brainwashed

you were 100% in the right, if you gave in to her demands she wouldn't respect you as a person anyway. Find a woman who accepts you.

You forgot to add " even if youre wrong"

Imagine not even being capable of feeling a single iota of pride for your country.

Why are people acting like OP is armed to take on an army? Dude owns a shotgun and a couple of pistols. That is literally nothing, that is basic shit. He will never used the Remington 700 in a real exchange so that's irrelevant, if you don't know why then you don't even belong in this conversation. He doesn't even own a semi-automatic rifle or even a fully automatic anything. He ain't taking on an army with a fucking shotgun. He's taking on that fucking creep that breaks into home and tries to steal his shit or worse.

I would prefer if car dealerships stopped making so many cars.
Its already been seen that public transport takes way less space than cars(i mean the people that fit in a bus but with cars are way too much for streets)
They should already regulate them.
Police cars, ambulance, taxis, and deliveries should still be able to buy cars because thats their job, but outside of that no exceptions (limousines are fancy taxis)

Adquiring guns in the USA should be just like in japan

Besides, you won't hear her complaining about your ability to defend the house against a sportstadium audience that decided to hold a garage sale at your house

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>He believes the government and polic will protect him

Gun violence includes self harm and accidents

Because people don't know shit about guns and act like they do.

Neither of you are wrong except maybe your gf in giving an ultimatum. But her feelings aren't wrong. I personally agree with her mindset but I think you guys just aren't compatible and if she feels unsafe then yeah you guys shouldn't be together.

If i want to kill/harm/ defend myself from someone id get a kitchen knife. My nails or anything else that works.

I understand you have an issue with guns because you swallow reactionary media/news like a porn star guzzles gallons of semen but it goes beyond that in principle. If you were into something that later became taboo and you were in a relationship would you give that taboo thing up if your partner demanded it? Would you let your partner dictate how you live your life? This is mostly what this is about, not this political bullshit you ascribe to it.

And it shouldn't.

wait just reread and nvm since she didnt actually give an ultimatum. if anything op did but if that's how you really felt that you would rather her leave than get rid of your guns I suppose that's valid.

Guess we should ban nails.

Yup there is nothing like getting rid of your only good option of self defense

Get a bat
Feed it three times a day and name it baseball lol

Guns are, first and foremost, for killing your enemies. Someone invades your home or tries to jack your car? They are your enemy; kill them. A gun is a good tool for that.

Well, neither of you seemed super compromising, either. Maybe it's better that two inflexible people didn't remain. You'd do better with someone more to your leanings, or more flexible in nature.

>I told her if she feels that strongly then she can leave because nothing she says will change my mind.


This is exactly the position that you should be maintaining. A woman who nags you over guns and expects you to fold is not going to be wife material. You did yourself a favor by holding frame and letting her walk.

If you cut off all communication with her, she'll probably text you in a few weeks and act remorseful. Don't take her back. She's an easily suggestible liberal who will keep making your life miserable.

>limit the frequency you would protect yourself

How much of a badass are you that you could stop 2 big mean guys with baseball bats with a kitchen knife?

only enormous pussies need guns to feel safe

Living in a bubble must be nice

>only a pussy needs a car for personal transport

There are other means to protect yourself than responding to a stimulus. You can prevent it/modify the response/modify the stimulus.
Ultimately it's OP's choice but saying guns are the only method isn't realistic. If he does decide to keep them around, it's fine, I'm just throwing out a method to work around/appease OP's poor partner choice.

You should tell her that you appreciate her efforts in challenging you to a political debate but that you despise the fact that she runs off to a different guy and cannot respect somebody who walks away from and handles a relationship this carelessly.
You're a great man for investing in your future scientificly and defensively and if she won't appreciate that, there's plenty of tail that will

Tip: Take a gun hater shooting. They're gonna love it.

send her a pic of your gun with cum on it and explain why having more guns makes a country safer

Great idea, gluebag.

>A couple of Glocks for concealed-carry
>crazy gun nut wonders why his gf runs away from someone with several grenades for self defence

Nah you did ok kinda. Should've taken her shooting until she realized guns are just expensive tools. She a lefty though, you don't want to be a pussywhipped faggot letting your kids be brought up by one of those cunts. She has no critical thinking and got mindfucked by the constant propaganda and fear mongering and was literally not worth your seed.

imagine it though. getting cucked by a literal gun while your ex sends you messages explaining why guns are superior

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You could have been more strategic. Maybe have offered a compromise of buying. Gun safe and taking a gun safety class. Then said it was unfair of her to try to control your hobbies.

That way it would have looked like you were the reasonable one.

>My girlfriend is a lot more left-leaning politically than I am but we usually keep politics out of our relationships
Thats is never going to work she will bring it up anytime also do you wanna start a "family" with someone who might assure you the kids are gendebullshit?


you mean batman, right?

>guns are tools for murder
Wrong. Murder is an illegal violent death at the hands of another. The implication there is very clear: not all violent death at the hands of another is illegal. He is keeping his guns in case those legal possibilities become reality.

Furthermore, one of his guns is for hunting, and it is impossible to commit murder or "harming people" on an animal. Your accusation is totally groundless.

I can kind of understand OP but if your gf wants the piece of mind I would do it for her. Being the quiet dude I am Im afraid people will label me a potential threat with all the violence we've seen recently. Now more than ever it's not easy being me.

if you feel like you need a gun to protect your home and life, I understand. it is unreasonable to make an ultimatum to trade your perceived safety for a relationship. the fact this ultimatum was made by her is a dealbreaker imo.

Nah, fellow Jow Forumsbro, if girl doesn't care about your passion, she is not worth it. Find some qute girl-operator

Does having those guns make you feel more manly? Do you enjoy handling and stroking them? Do you?

stupid lefties do not know how to look out for themselves. its why they go to third world countries and get murdered.

you weren't going to go shoot up a walmart, you weren't going to give them to kids to play with or any stupid bullshit, but she still wanted you to get rid of them.

her argument wasn't from a place of logic but emotion, don't be controlled by a womans stupid emotions. you have your guns for a good reason.

Tell her to get rid of her political opinions, since those are what cause these attacks

Kys, preferably without a gun so you wont contribute to the statistics

Reassure her and dont give up your guns.

Oh, and which jitsu would you use to defeat your foes
I prefer the shingomushu jitsu that allows me to instantly teleport behind the enemy, i usually throw in a cool one liner like “face the might of justice knights of thunder” and give a slight laugh to show who’s in charge
I hold the knife backwards of course, because its unpredictable and have trained on waterbottles since i was in highschool to protect myself from bullies

You're right. You should never give up any hobby for anyone else, so long as you're not actively harming yourself or others. Plus, if she thought you were a danger, then she should be happy not to be dating you. You not having guns would not stop you from strangling her or some shit. My wife knows if she asks me to get rid of my guns she's gone, and I know if I ask her to get rid of her reptiles I'm gone.

The right to commit suicide is a natural right, and accidents are darwinism at work

No OP, you were in the right. If she has a problem with your hobbies, she has a problem with you. If she truly cared about you being disarmed more than being with you, you were right to tell her off because that’s not a good relationship.

What is your obsession with the phallus, libtard?