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All my problems would solve themself if I left Jow Forums. It is the only website that I cannot leave and it eats up so much of my freetime. The only goods bring the stickies but the rest is garbage. Holy fuck why is it so damn hard. Twitter, Instagram, Youtube - not a problem. But Jow Forums...
Spending less time on it would be a beginning tho.

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If Jow Forums eats up that much time off of your life then you should probably quit it.
With that said, this is an issue of self control and unless you want to go cold turkey and probably relapse you should look into progressively using Jow Forums less and less or to confine it to particular time frames like when you get home from work or in the morning; maybe restrict it to 1 hour a day or something along those lines.
At the end of the day Jow Forums isn't holding you hostage, you just need to develop the discipline to say no to yourself.

I'll just go cold turkey. Gotta do what you gotta do. Goodbye for now.

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Alright, good luck.

i just wanna leave the friendzone with this girl. we've been spending a lot of time together, and im sure she would make me happy

GF wants me to be around her nephew more sonhe has a positive Male role model. I'm even going to have to abandon something I was really hoping to do this Sunday because I "have to" spend time with him.

I get it, but I'm honestly getting sick of this demand. My brother, my cousins, any gf who has a kid nephew or cousin or something...
I always have to be that one figure, I always have to make some kind of time at my expense.

I grew up with not ONE Male role model and no one gave a shit. I had to get by on my own in this regard and I did it. Why the fuck do I have to keep being that model when I myself never had one? Why do I need this added pressure because the kid's mother happened to fuck some loser?

Here's the thing user, the friendzone doesn't exist. If you try to only be friends with a girl and she just accepts you as her friend then that's just friendship, not the 'friendzone'; if you actually want something more with a girl then you have to balance things out with some flirting here and there as well as making your intentions clear from the get go.
You can't bounce back from becoming a girl's friend without her being attracted to you and you letting her know that you're into here as well. If you don't think that she's attracted to you romantically then I'd recommend that you to sought out other women while trying to make your intentions more clear, there's more girls out there who'd make you happy so don't focus too much on just this one.

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>looking for a job since three weeks but no luck
>mothers health declining rapidly with parkinsons disease
>good relationship with father, sister and mother, I'd be fucked without them
>want to speak to all the cuties I see and get noticed but feel I'm invisible and trapped by my fears and perceived shortcomings
>feel lonely and starved of physical affection
>meet friends regularly, do sports 4-5 times a week but generally unhappy with myself
>feel like I'm just floating by, only guided by fear, refusal and other negative feelings that come out of me

she said she sees me as a friend. is there a way to change that?

user, I don't think that anyone is forcing you to go camping with the kid for a week so that you teach him the ways of manhood.
I think that you just need to learn how to be more disagreeable when people try to push stuff like that onto you. Why don't you tell your girlfriend that you had stuff planned for Sunday for a long time and that you won't go do the role model spiel that day? If she says no then what's the worst thing she can do, not give you sex? Is YOUR Sunday worth more then a week without sex?
I'm not telling you to be an asshole, but you really should say no from time to time so that people don't rely on you beyond what you can handle user.

The only way to change that is if you actively try to turn things around by showing her how you'd make a good boyfriend. Even then it's not 100% guaranteed as she might never become interested in you; but that's how love works.
Seriously, don't focus too much on this one girl, go get to know other women; I'd even say that women start to value you more when other women are interested in you so either way it's a win win situation.

Shit user, that shit with your mother is rough. Have you actually spoken to anyone you know about how that makes you feel? A lot of your negative emotions are probably from that and finding someone who you can open up about that sort of thing would help you I think.
Can none of your friends introduce you to some girl friend they have? It might be a good way to get to know some women and hopefully help you develop some more confidence when it comes to approaching them.
Also, is there nothing that you want to do besides getting a girlfriend? A change of pace might not be bad even if it means practicing a different sport or doing a different hobby.
Don't let yourself stay in your negative head space.

alright man. thanks a lot

Just had to quit an online game I really liked because of pretty nasty people annoying me on a regular basis and some huge drama. 3+ years of my life (gaming wise) down the drain. It was my favorite stress-reliever since 2015. I don't know what to play, I'm marathoning Pokémon games but it ain't the same, I don't get the same high I got while exploring that world, getting better and better gear, and showing off my ability to other players. It's such a silly problem, but I really need something that makes me feel good again.

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Why can't you just make a new account and play the game anyway?


Because I'd still see and meet the same people... The community is small. And if I just see the character of *specific person*, my kneejerk reaction is to deadass turn the PC off. Kek

>>Why can't you just make a new account and play the game anyway?
because they sunk three years into it and it fuckin' sucks to start over in that situation. going right back to the same place with all of that animosity is a rough situation to deal with.
you play any f2p games online? warframe is a decent time-waster and while there's enclaves of shitty community members, it's overall pretty chill.

Hey, someone who gets me! The game I was playing was indeed a f2p cutesy animu mmo.

You're frauds and you know it.

How does some drama make 3 years of experience worthless? You do know that all games end at some point, right? You need to go outside and try to be less retarded.

yeah, that doesn't make it suck any less. to suddenly have an entire chunk of your entertainment just disappear is rough, and while "lmao go outside" isn't exactly wrong it's a bit callous to think that they can fill a void that easily.

Been going okay. I've been unemployed for a year now and the job hunt is still active. At least I applied to four Jobs in the past two weeks, so it's not like I'm putting in little to no effort.

Screenwriting has slowed down a little bit but I'm pretty regimented with plugging away at the one script. I just reminded a film industry contact to read one of my finished scripts the other day, so hopefully she obliges.

I get it, i played WoW for 6 years, i have long lasting friends from the game. the golden era came to a slow and painful end. But it does not mean that it was all for nothing, i still have the memories and the experience of joy. Like sitting up all night talking shit with some hotties while questing etc. saying it was a waste is just childish. Complaining about it is weak. We are more than happy to throw out suggestions for other games, but when you whine like a little bitch my first thought isn’t that this guy needs another game.

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I'm afraid for my future. I'm not going to be able to work as a barista forever and I don't want to. But I don't know what else to do. I have some general interests in physiology and fitness but I can't do much with those interests. I'm afraid that I don't have the dedication required to slave away at university. I don't know what I'll do when my parents are gone and can't be my safety net. I'm barely independent and I'm 22 years old.

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Welll... A good thing to have is a plan. I understand that you're scared, and unsure if you can do anything, but with a plan, you can have a little but of security then.

What are your options?

To be honest the sky is my limit. Wealthy white parents and a massive college fund locked away in a bank. I just don’t know what to do with it. And I don’t want to waste it. And I don’t want to disappoint them.

Well shit, that right there is good. Have you tried talking to your parents about how you feel, then?

They're amazing, tremendously supportive, and utterly indifferent towards my life. My older sister set the bar so low they're happy with anything I do. They offer me no direction at all, unfortunately. No push and no motivation. Just "do your thing, you'll figure it out." It's nice, but it's hard.

Well then... Honestly, I think you're in a good spot here. So then, what kind of schools or institutions are around you then?

Both a university and a community college. I dropped out of comm college because I had no motivation and no direction, but that was a few years ago. I might be able to put down the work now if I have a goal.

My father is a professor at the university and tells me he can just get me accepted based on my impressive high school GPA and his good word. I’m very scared I’ll let him down.

Like I said, my problem is of the mind. The sky’s my limit right now but I don’t know what to do. I have NO idea what I want to be and it scares me

Im a bit worried. My boyfriend is starting to show symptoms of multiple sclerosis.
The worst part is that he is a natural body builder. He doesnt do any drugs or smokes. The gym and fitness is his life.
He recently has had:
-vision problems
-chronic lower back pain
-sexual dysfunction, particularly complete loss of sensation during orgasms/very weak orgasms and even sometimes pain during climax
-frequent urination
-dizziness and lack of balance
-tingling sensation on his face and finger tips
-lack of energy and usual motivation to go to the gym (but he still goes daily)
-slurred speech and stumbling over words
-difficulty swallowing
-weakness in his legs

Some of his symptoms are milder than others. Some have been around for years and some have shown up suddenly in the past 2 months.

Im really worried for him, but its been impossible to convince him to go to the doctor because he doesnt believe his symptoms are a problem since they dont really impede on his life, yet he has complained a lot about the weak and painful orgasms and vision problems/eye pain. Since he is a gym rat and looks like the very image and definition of fitness, he doesnt think he can get sick.

I dont know how to convince him to at least get checked out to rule out illnesses or to get treatment. He has kaiser permanente, so his doctors visits are only $5.

Yeah I can get dropping out over that... I feel like I'd do the same thing, honestly. Though... Your parents honestly sound like nice people. Have you ever talked to them about being scared to let them down?

And, I think it might be a good idea to schedule some kind of meeting with a guidance counselor at one of the colleges. Or like, one of those career counselors? Basically, someone you can talk to about figuring out what you want to do, and giving you some direction.

Hm... Has he refused to go see a doctor even after telling him how worried you are about him?

I'm too mousy/shy and I feel like my mental cognition is falling faster than the drop on the humane death suicide roller coaster after being abused by my family and my ex-lover.
I don't know where to start, I have a job, I'm making physical friends, but I can't break the chains that have been welded on me and I keep feeling my IQ drop faster and faster because of the depression that was caused by the abuse.

Yes he has refused to see the doctor. I keep telling him I am really worried, but he dismisses his own complaints about his symptoms. He is 23 yrs old and super fit, so i can understand why he believes he is invincible.

Im considering sitting down with him very seriously and begging him to at least tell the doctor his symptoms so he can at least HEAR them say that something is definitely wrong, but not like life-threatening.

If you're making friends and have a job then your shyness will gradually lessen provided that you make an active effort to socialize with your piers.
Are you seeking professional help because of all the abuse you've been subjected to? This IQ stuff aside, if you have depression then you shouldn't be dealing with it alone and talking to someone that could help you break those chains that are weighing you down would also be a good idea.

You should probably do this, otherwise try to trick him into getting into a car with you and driving him to the hospital like you would with a kid.

If you can't be a barista forever then it's time to get a real job user. Go look up some job agencies and job listings and try to get something that you can make an actual career out of without needing a degree.

Nice jam.

Have you considered just getting a minimum wage gig so that you're not cooped at home most of the day? You can still look for a better job but having one in the meantime might be better than not having one at all.
Hope the screenwriting stuff turns out well for you.

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Thanks Nero, this thread is great, who's "us" though?

"Us" would be me and a couple of other anons who unfortunately couldn't make it today.

>complaining about it is weak

I'll fucking complain as much as I want about a cherished hobby of mine being ruined by mentally ill people while I'm still enjoying it, and while it's one of the very few things that made me unwind in a generally stressful life. Go be a little 'oh-I'm-so-mature' bitch elsewhere.

My moms parkinsons is the norm for me and I can't tell if it's that much of a burden for me anymore. I think I handle it pretty well by now.
I've been introduced to plenty of girl friends but I don't care about most of them. The women that take my interest are ones I see in the store, on the street, in the train, etc.
I wanted to be a teacher but that plan was cancelled three years ago for various reasons. Now I just want to find work that I can live with.
Don't know about the sport thing. I enjoy it plenty and like the benefits of looking better and feeling more physically dominant. But I think it may reinforce negative feelings and thoughts that fuel me and drove there in the first place

Oh, well something good that happened to me today was this thread, made me smile, hope you and your guardian angel friends keep it up, and that they can make it next time.