How to run away?

I was born on a cult and I know I'm going to kill myself if I can't get away. It's turning me into a bitter cynical shell of a person. How do you get away and get your own job/housing? Are you supposed to buy insurance? I have no idea where to even start. Are you supposed to get a job first and then an apartment? Or is it the other way around? Are there organizations that help with this? The homeless shelter? Or...? I'm literally starting from scratch here and haven't lived in normal society for my whole life

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You need money up front for a down payment on things like an apartment. What are you, amish or something?

Well, its better if you have a job at first
Because you need to pay for everything yourself, food , water, electricity, internet, taxes, healthcare
Then try getting a place to stay thats permanent

If youre running from your parents, they are gonna get help from the police

It would be better if you contacted child services yourself and ask for further advice or just directly confront your parents

It's kind of like Jehovah's witnesses, but it's one church

How much is the average down payment? Can you pay for an apartment on minimum wage or does it depend on the area. All I have is high school degree and five years of (entirely unpaid, all the money I made went to the church) manual labor experience

They'll set you up with work, living, food.


Thank you

If you are physically able, RMYC has work programs that will put some money in your pocket while letting you camp with a crew.

The work is demanding outdoor manual labor, but they would hire you on the spot if you told them about your circumstances.

There's a good chance that they could plug you into the community, too. Email Jenny Carey directly if she is still there. She's nice.

Don't stop fighting.

How is that place economically possible?

A LOT of people go there to stay. They do all sorts of conventions and other shit. It's pretty cool.

You're welcome, homie. Pass on the good deed to another.

I used to be an army platoon leader, and one of my soldiers enlisted because he was born into a cult and wanted to escape from it. Everyone in my platoon could tell that he had experienced some trauma in the past. The quality of his work was admirable in spite of his heartbreaking backstory.

Military life is not peachy, but it does allow you to live comfortably for as long as you stay useful to Uncle Sam. A recruiter can get you set up with some kind of deal as long as you have not done drugs or committed any crimes. It is not the quickest exit strategy, but it will give you an escape route.

A recruiter can get you set up with some kind of deal as long as you have not done drugs or committed any crimes.

Wouldn't be a problem for me. I'll look into this if I can't get into the conservation core

Thank you, I truly appreciate it

You're welcome. If you want one final piece of advice, then here is something to think about. This has helped me, and it might help you, too.

We are bound by the laws of nature. Our habits and routines are like gravity because they keep us orbiting in familiar holding patterns. Escaping from those holding patterns requires a massive amount of energy.

I can tell that your intent is to break away from your current holding pattern. Think of yourself as a rocket ship blasting off and trying to beat gravity. That type of launch requires a huge portion of fuel.

The fuel that you need for this trip is already inside of you. Use every nasty, horrible, and unfair thing that has happened to you as motivation for winning the fight. Let your anger stoke your fire.

Stay hard.

> Are you supposed to buy insurance?
Health insurance - depends on what country you are in. In the US, you can sign up for it at the health care exchange.

Car insurance - only if you have a car.

Life insurance - only if you have a family.

>was born on a cult and I know I'm going to kill myself
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Sorry, don't get this reference. Cowboy Bebop, right? Was that the background of one of the characters?

Unironically join the military. If you're a pussy, get a POG/non-infantry desk or logistic pushing job. They will turn you into a functioning human being. They do it the hard way, but seeing as you're very unfamiliar with the world - they'll give you the adequate reset and start over.

are you a guy or a girl

I was born a guy, but I'm really not sure. Stuff like picrel stabs me in the heart like nothing else. It's part of the reason why I need to get away

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do you have a discord or kik?

She's still dating her boyfriend, he's just a girl now.

I have a discord. You want a link or something?

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maybe nah i don't think i can help in any way desu, but i think if you reach out and talk about your circumstances you'll most likely get helped


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