Pilonidal cyst treatment

Idk where this should be so tell me if you do thanks. Hello I have had
Twp pilonidal cysts for 10 days now one burst and the other is just growing bigger nothing I found on the internet seems to help if you know how to get this treated please tell going to the doc is not a option ty.


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If it is pilonidal cysts you need to go ASAP to a doctor. The longer you leave it the more complicated and expensive the treatment gets. Get a loan if you need to.

Cant I burst it myself its not the money that's the issue

No, it's caused by a mass of cells deep inside that decided they were going to try and grow some hair follicles inside you. It's like a level 99 ingrown hair. If it's just starting to cause issues you only need minor surgery probably, straight in straight out. If you leave it you'll start to get inflammation and infections and your immune system will eat away at the surrounding tissue, generally not a good time. Definitely not something you can do yourself, just get the procedure over with.

Listen to this guy. I had one behind my ear that I left for too long and it fucked up part of my ear. Now I've had multiple surgeries on it and probably need one more.
You cannot do it yourself, a doctor will have to open the cyst and surrounding area, drain any liquid and scrape away any cells that could potentially regrow as a cyst (hence my multiple surgeries), check for any damage to surrounding tissue or other things then stitch it shut. Do you feel confident enough to do that in a safe and sanitary manner?

It just popped when I went it was probly a good2-3 cm in length not in going but stretching this happened after I took a hard blow tho why would my body wanna make hair there

When the cyst burst did the part of your brain that controls language go with it?

Sry I get rly dizzy and hear ringing when they pop I meant to say that it was 2-3 cm long but not in depth but in size and if I sqeize then they kinda channel to each other also does honey work?

No, go see a doctor. There is no other way.

Unless the sack gets removed it’ll just keep coming back. I’ve been plagued by cysts since my teens. Have drained hundreds myself after they flare up but they ALWAYS come back unless you remove the sack. I’ve had the doctor remove a lot but when they flare up can’t always get into the doctor right away and the pain is usually bad enough then I just drain it myself

Why would you not go to a doctor for this?
I really don't get it. They're the experts. At least go to some forum where people pretend to be doctors not /diy/.

Shame and fear of the doctor's face of disgust would be the most rational explanation. I had a cystic growth on my scalp and I couldn't stop scratching it compulsively for over 6 months before I finally got help. I was ashamed of it and it would cause negative feedback loop.
>don't look at me like that it makes me itchy > itch, begin to scratch > reality and illusion begin to intertwine as scratching can draw unwanted attention > are they looking at me?
OP this is gonna keep eating away at your self esteem and your physical health, you need to see a dermatologist. If its any consolation, in the US you will pay enough money for the treatment to absolve any guilt or embarrassment in front of the doctor; its not like they know you personally and their vocation is one of healing. Any judgement expressed to you is done purely in the interest of your best health.

If poorfag , heat up a nail til red hot and then lance it an gouge out the surround area , will hurt like hell but will cure it , keep it clean and covered afterwards , will leave a bad scar .

This is an excellent way to get blood poisoning and/or sepsis.

OP probably lives in a third world country where he can't access healthcare, like America.

A lot of third world countries have pretty decent access to healthcare.

Oh man. I remember when I had this. Got surgery done. Shit was a bitch to deal with.

Pics or it didn't happen.

Just go to the fucking doctor. Not a pilonidal cyst, but I had a boil on my thigh that I was dumb enough to try pop, it burst inwards and I ended up nearly dying of blood poisoning. 10/10 would not recommend blood poisoning, easily the worst experience of my life.

Ive lived with one of these for 2 years user, highly recommend getting the surgery (i havent because im a pussy and im scared, fuck you). Mine flares up about once a week and causes IMMENSE pain. It hurts to walk, hurts to sit, literally the only thing i can do is lay down on my stomach. I've poked it and tried cutting it, got a lot of puss out but it never goes away, it just comes back worse. It also fucking hurts. If you let it go long enough, youll start pulling long strands of clumped together hair out of it. 0/10 wouldn't recommend.

Dont be a pussy like me. Get it fixed.

To give everyone some idea of why time is of the essence here
That is a relatively straightforward pilonidal sinus operation that takes like 10 minutes. Something like that is what OP will have to go through atm. I won't link to it, but there are a lot of more invasive operations on youtube where they're having to do things like cut right down to the coccyx. It only gets worse with time.

...unlike America

Damn... Double baiting today there, kid? Just save it for a couple of weeks when you go back to school and let OP go get his ass lanced already.

Rub raw garlic on it. You're welcome.