Hospital ruined my sons entire life

didn’t know I could sue them until about a year ago, when an actual doctor I was chatting with told me that what we went through was illegal. I looked it up and seen that the statue of limitations was up. And I don’t think I have ever felt more defeated.

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Wow OP that is so awful for you and your son. Are you looking for justice or just a place to vent?

You might still be able to sue them for emotional damages and such. Talk to a lawyer about seeking legal action for what happened.

I think I want justice and a place to vent. My son and I both have depression problems because his medication is so expensive that we can’t even afford to leave our house. He’s 11 and never been on vacation, I’ve never even been able to take him to something as simple as to get an ice cream. And since the hospital is the darling of the whole state I can’t even get a lawyer to really look at my case and see if the loop hole applies because nobody want to go against UK.

Honestly if I knew that spreading my son and i’s story to the far corners of the earth and raising hell would do anything I would. But I’ve found out over the years if you’re not already rich or the “all American family” nobody really wants to help. Especially a single mom with facial piercings and weird hair colors

what happened

My son was born with gastroschisis the hospital we started out at literally refused to do prenatal care, and have wrecked him for life. He’s 11 the size of a 7 year old, he only had about 30% of his bowel. Like I call honesty it would take like five paragraphs to explain everything little thing that's wrong. But because of his special vitamins that the medical card won’t cover and the fact that he has to eat as much as two or three grown men and I only get enough money to feed what the state says an 11 yro boy needs. Do you know how far you can get when you only eat pb&j sandwiches or bologna sandwiches before bed so your stomach doesn’t ache with hunger? I usually live off of dry ramen lol because I’m too tired to cook it and it’s all I can afford and no I don’t use the powder. I can’t even get a job because I had dentist mess up my top front teeth and I had to have a few of them removed he had dementia and he’s passed away now. But an orthodontist before him had messed them up also so they were screwed. And I have proof of everything I say I’ve been told by internet ppl that nobody’s life can be this bad constantly. But I’m walking representation of Murphy’s Law. Ask me anything, I’ve never had one thing in my life go right or normal. Even if it makes me happy something horrible is attached to it. If anybody want me to give the full medical explanation I will just let me know.

Sorry made my reply anonymous, I’m not used to Jow Forums and I’m still learning. I went to switch my from my to computer and can’t find the post in there, what did I do wrong?

Ok finally starting to figure this out, I had pasted and copied the whole story and for some odd reason it only pasted a small portion of the story here I will explain fully I'm so sorry please be patient with my dumbass.

OP, I've worked in healthcare and pediatric healthcare for a decade. If there's one thing I've learned it's that legal issues do not go away. There's no such thing as a statute of limitations for a civil matter, which the vast majority of medical lawsuits are.

Do not give up hope. Contact legal counsel. Look for resources that can help you. I would say avoid the slip-and-fall "WE ONLY GET PAID IF YOU WIN" lawyers, since they tend to settle quickly and low.

Medical malpractice lawyers are absolutely ravenous. Do not let this go unchecked.

Op have you ever done crystal meth, because your story sound like a meth heads story.

Please forgive formatting, on mobile, computer, I was just wondering what grounds this would fall under. It’s a little long because the details are what makes up my reasoning that there was an issue.
At 22 I found out I was pregnant, I hadn’t planned him, but from the moment I found out I was on cloud nine. I became obsessed with being as healthy as possible, I quit smoking, I stopped all caffeine (even chocolate), etc. They did an ultrasound and told me my son had Gastroschisis. They explained his intestines were on the outside of his body, and that his liver, testicles, stomach, and other organs could also be out. They said they wouldn’t know until he was born exactly what was outside. They gave me a bunch of pamphlets, a referral to a specialist hospital, and some apologies and sent me home. But only after explaining that he could not see me again under any circumstances. That I was officially “high risk” and he wasn’t qualified and wouldn’t risk the lawsuit.

The problems started with the new “specialist” hospital. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say the hospitals name, but it is a teaching hospital attached to the states university. I’ll just refer to it as Uni. The first visit was odd, I got an ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis, but I didn’t see the doctor. They said they would have my previous doctor do the regular pregnancy stuff, I explained to them he wasn’t the nicest man (it’s a well known fact) and he said he would not see me again under any circumstances. Uni said they could get him to and gave me the ultrasound sound photo and that was it. It had been a little unnerving because they were remodeling their waiting room and it was an absolute construction zone, it didn’t even resemble a room it was so tore apart (I figured ok at least they have the money to update things). I lived almost 3 hours away and they said they wanted to make sure I didn’t drive too much since I was poor, I explained to them I had done research and knew I needed. At the least, two ultrasounds a month preferably every week. And that all the members of my family had come together and would get me up there every week if need be and that I would rather come weekly. They ignored me and said well we won’t make you do that.

I went there until I was around 31 weeks. During this time they would only do 2 more ultrasounds. They only checked my blood pressure one time. I never seen the doctor or got any kind of blood or urine work ups. NONE, not even the normal pregnancy tests like high blood pressure or gestational diabetes. They repeatedly sent/made letters and calls to my original doctor, who told them multiple times he would not see me ever again for my pregnancy. They decided to ignore him, and me, and decided to just keep asking him to see me. At around 30 to 31 weeks they made me an appointment to see their doctor and get an ultrasound, I was really excited because I thought things were finally going to happen. They then called to cancel my ultrasound, and I was done. I told her that I was supposed to have more ultrasounds and what if something was wrong, she said they had done enough and it would be fine, then I told her I had like one month left before my son had to be delivered (children with gastroschisis have to be take before 36 weeks or the amniotic fluid starts to RAPIDLY deteriorate the bowel) and that they hadn’t even planned anything yet. I’ll never forget what she said, her tone changed to snarky and she said verbatim, “Well, we’ll figure out something by then.” The way she said it crushed me, I had a child who could be in a dangerous position and she didn’t even care. I asked her right then for a referral, I told her I couldn’t do this anymore and I wanted a referral to another doctor. She refused and said they couldn’t do that I asked her couldn’t or wouldn’t and she said, “both”. She asked me if I wanted to cancel my other appointment and I told her yes. I fought years all night trying to figure out what to do.

Op this is Jow Forums,
you can literally post government secrets on here (and people do)

I drove to my original doctor and BEGGED him to give me another referral. I cried and bawled and begged (my second time crying since the red light), they told me if I didn’t leave they would have security escort me out. I drove to the only other gyno in town, and begged for help. After some confusion (he thought I was saying I hadn’t seen any doctors yet), he gave me my pick of hospital, I had to go somewhere with a pediatric surgeon, so I ended up at another university hospital in another state (we’ll call 10/10). And thank goodness for it.
When I got there 10/10 asked Uni for my medical records, and they tried to refuse and wouldn’t send them, even saying at one point I hadn’t been a patient. His exact words to me were, “the care you have previously received is appalling, this is criminal”. I honestly thought he was exaggerating. They started running all the tests that had been missed, they found out my sons bowels were distended (which means swollen) they didn’t know how badly because there hadn’t been proper ultrasounds done. They wanted to go ahead and deliver him, but like they said because of lack of ultrasounds they weren’t sure how bad the damage to the bowels was. It didn’t matter because less than a week later I went into preterm labor (at either 34 or 35 weeks pretty sure 34). I was given the choice of birth or c-section (I chose c-section),

Alright, so basically a gastroschicis is exactly what you described, a good number of organs are on the outside. I don't know exactly the cause of the defect, and I doubt anyone does. Typically when the kid is born they'll spend quite a while in NICU with all their innards in a sterile environment as they slowly reintroduce themselves into the body cavity.

Whatever hospital you delivered him at should have immediately gone through this protocol.

When my son was born they didn’t even know if he would make it through the night, you see at my first meeting with the 10/10 pediatric surgeon she showed me a book with pictures that showed the best case scenario, the usual scenario and the worst case scenario. That night she asked me to sign papers because she wanted to use his photos to replace the “worst case scenario”. The pediatric surgeon there actually specialized in gastrointestinal problems like gastroschisis. He had 100% of his bowel out (usually worst case scenario is 50%) his stomach was also outside of his body. He also had a mid-intestinal atresia, which means the bowels got twisted up and gotten no blood flow so it created a blind end. His bowels were more damaged than any thing they had ever seen, I don’t exaggerate this, most of his time there I was signing papers to allow the hospital to use his photos as a teaching tool in classes. They wrote a medical journal thing on him (which I would kill to get my hands on and read). He was there for seven months, I couldn’t hold him until he was a month old

He has had to stay on multiple medications over the years constantly rotating, his bowels (even after all these years) are STILL distended. That’s how bad he was allowed to get. When he hit three or four I started begging pediatricians to send him to a specialist because something wasn’t right. I got sent to one once, but she didn’t really know what to do with him. He wasn’t growing or gaining weight. He weighed the same amount from age 3 until age six or seven. And they would not listen, finally got a pediatrician to send us to a specialist. . We got sent to a children’s hospital, and they saved his life. He was actually malnourished and even though his old doctor had told me to leave his g-tube out at age 2 1/2 or 3, they installed a new one because apparently my son had short bowel syndrome. Which I was told when he was a baby but they said he might have it and it would be ok. He doesn’t have enough bowel to sustain himself. He had to get milk through a tube in stomach every night. He’s 11 and the size of a 7 yro. He keeps stomach aches, and he doesn’t know what life is like without constant explosive diarrhea. If he passes gas a lot of the time he will have accidents. All of this is rooted is what “Uni” did.
I don’t know if there is a civil suit way to handle this, I’m completely ignorant as to how all this works. I always thought somebody had to die for a hospital to be held accountable for their actions.
I’ve had so many medical professionals tell me that his problems stem from his bowels not being monitored. I have severe PTSD, every hospital stay when we finally get home I don’t shower for two months and just become a robot because it’s so triggering for me. I don’t get eat, I’m over weight because all the food has to go to my son so I will eat a bunch of pb&j sandwich’s when I go to sleep so my stomach doesn’t ache from hunger.

ok so that is the whole story (mostly) I tried to post on damn reddit asking for legal advice but they said they dont give advice on malpractice stuff. No I am not on crystal meth. i did drugs as a teen but my placenta didn't have any drugs show up. I know gastroschsis and anything involving bowel inside out. I'm just new to Jow Forums and royally fucked up my posts and i'm so sorry for that. Things were edited because of Reddit. But the hospital that ruined our life is UK hospital. University of Kentucky

He sadly was one of the worst cases of gastroschisis they had ever seen, even now. because he wasn't monitored. Johnson city medical center in TN literally saved our lives, if I had stayed at UK i have no doubt he would have died.

Kentucky and Tennessee are in the USA, not UK.

Well first stop being a namefag, I could give less of a fuck you call yourself some gay name. Secondly, what is your sons diet? Surely you don't feed him peanut butter jelly sandwiches or bologna sandwiches. Thirdly yes go find some medical malpractice lawyers. Thinking the statute of limitations is up is not helpful, asking lawyers if they can do anything could be helpful.

Also if you're aware of single moms with piercings and dyed hair getting less than a stellar reception then perhaps stop being two out of those three things. You can't stop being a mom there's a hint.

Just because you can't sue, doesn't mean you can't.

She's using UK as an acronym for the University of Kentucky, idiot.

I changed my hair to a normal color, brown, and i take out my peircings in public for anything remotely important. The hospital is called UK, I wasn't saying that is where the hospital is. I don't know what a name fag is but I'm guessing I should delete my name or whatever. No my son does not live of pb&j and bologna sandwiches, I do. He has a very very regimented diet. He gets five bottle pulma care milk 1.5 calories through his gastrostomy over 16 hours a day and he also he eats literally 24/7.

I have asked lawyers and when UK hospital is mentioned theyre usually dont talking. Or they say the statute of limitations is up with considering the loop hole I read about.

Doesn't even matter, it's UC not UK, get it right

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And I don't get riled easily. I have changed everything about myself to appeal to the boring normie bible belt people I live around. And still they will start a gofundme for a family that's dad has broken his leg and cant work for a month or so and raise 20k dollars and yet, I can't even get a lawyer to talk to me, or the normie neighbors. Oh sure they find an animal that needs rescued and it's dropped off at my door cause I'm the animal lady, but nobody actually gives a crap.

It its UC, it's UK, the University of Kentucky Hospital. Located in Lexington, Kentucky.

Well live off something healthier. Buy rice, beans vegetables etc in bulk. Last thing your son needs is mommy getting an avoidable disease.

As far as I know the medical system in the US is fucking shit. Still, western healthcare is not all that different. Has someone taken care of your sons psychological/social needs? At his age how is he coping mentally?

Sorry, ISNT UC. Cant edit my replies I need to pay better attention.

There should/may be nurses in the community/primary health care who can provide referrals maybe not to specialist doctors but social workers, allied health, community support groups or nurses that can make life a little easier. I don't know if you've already been told or accessed and made use of these resources but they exist in my western country.

He's coping ok, he does have depression problems, but he's homeschooled because he can't get through a whole day of school because he's too weak. It is too hard on his body. The lack of friends is usually what causes the depression, xbox friends really don't count. The whole not having a car because mine died and i can't afford to buy a new one kind of wrecks a lot of stuff for him. He's never been on a vacation, I can't even take him to a park or to get an ice cream. He is so sweet and intelligent and has the biggest heart but I know he's sad he's missing out on things like leaving the damn house.

>He is so sweet and intelligent and has the biggest heart but I know he's sad he's missing out on things like leaving the damn house.

Just gonna get this out of the way because you seem nice: no one gives a shit about that here

For what you are clearly looking for, I recommend reddit

we have a dedicated social worker, there is literally nothing they can do, a team of them went through every program and he doesn't fit into any of the requirments for most of them. I just attempted another one and it's a five year waiting list to find out if I am elligible. Unless you live really far below the poverty you don't realize how little help there is a small rural town. I live in the appalachian mountains. there is no taxi, no uber, no lyft. there isn't even a homeless shelter its open about two months out of the year due to lack funding. Where I live you grow up with a strong sense of nobody else in the world give a shit about you and hates you. The coal miners here just got laid off, their checks were sent out and then taken back some were on vacation and had no money to get home, most are havig to pay back the banks for the checks they cashed that because invalid. and that is how things are here. For everybody.

At least he'll never be obese.

It's gonna continue to be hard and maybe never get too much better for your son. But ask around for medical malpractice lawyers, look into primary health care options for more support, especially to get your son out and about, continue looking for specialists or whatever to manage the medical side of things but honestly from what you've said outside of some lucky referrals to children's hospitals in your areas well

Nah I'm not looking for anything, Reddit is honestly mostly pussies, I came here hoping I would luck out and somebody would know something about the malpractice loophole. i just get a little moony when I talk about my kid is all. can't help it.

Oh lol rural is a lot different yeah

If you've exhausted those options you may need to consider moving then. I'm sure you've considered it.

right now he sees the number 2 specialist in the country for complex bowel disorders. Theyre about to give him an experimental treatment. Im hoping it will work, but at the same time, we're still screwed every other way/

>crazy heathen

Try asking God for help?

Nigga why are you expecting legal advice from Jow Forums God this is just as bad as anons crying here for medical advice

Well stop being a fucking heathen and start praying

But also start taking care of yourself, pbj and mystery meat bologna is not healthy.

Oh yeah I've considered it so many times, but it takes serious money to move, I get 700$ a 2month. 100$ goes to meds the medical card doesn't cover, and another 200$ goes to food that food stamps don't cover because he requires more than what their charts say he should get.

What is this prayer you speak of? I take care of my mother and father who are dying from cancer and my grandma with Alzheimers. They're all very strict christians. And all I can think of is the song Judith.

because when you get desperate enough ya take a shot in the dark and say well might as well scrape the bottom of the barrel lol

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Not the OP, bad bait.

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What a shame.

It's not optimal but there's something ridiculously dirty and schadenfreude-ish about fucking a desperate 30yo who is whoring themselves out as a last resort. I've only seen a few similar doujins but it's more dumb financial choices not scenarios like OPs.

Meh my body is ok, I'm hour glass shaped, and luckily from years of actually using anti aging creams on my face since 15 most people think I'm mid 20's. I don't expect to be a porn star, just enough to buy a car. My friend is super fat and ugly and does a private snap chat and makes a killing.

bad bait?

I wasn't thinking so much as fucking people as doing like my friend does, she ahd a privare snap chat and does test and phone calls gets paid by the minute i have a raspy girly voice with a country accent so im sure some weirdo will get off on that.

lmao if i wouldn't end up as a meme I would show my face.

Yeah I'm thinking it's the suffering anger and desperation for me god imagine one of your clients being the doctors that fucked over your son. Pure kino

Yeah good luck but you better fuck off

Listen, I feel for you. Even if you are completely full of shit I'll feel for you.

Go to reddit. You'll find something there. Go to r/legaladvice or something like that. It'll help. Make a throwaway.

The newfag is strong with this thread. If you're in the US talk to a lawyer about the debt cancelation after 5-15ish years depending on the state. Sometimes a hospital will waive the balance after a set amount of time if you pursue that path. Or have your lawyer check your original contract for the expressed terms. Unless there's a clause saying otherwise the debt is solely between you and the hospital, so if some other debt collection company is the one billing you or if your payments go to different companies on occasion, then the hospital breached the contract and not only are you no longer required to honor it or the payments, but a good lawyer can get your money back for each month you paid after the contract was breached. That one really pisses off those cocksucking loan shark leeches in the medical industry. Then there's the nigger method of just never even start paying for your medical treatment, ignore any follow up threats, and after a period of time they have to drop the fees. Your credit will be in the shitter for 7-10 years but it's not like it wouldn't if you were broke from paying the hospital fees anyway, only you'll actually have money.

reddit kicked me out, literally anything I joined i upset them. They told me to come here, I'm not looking for cuddles and hugs. Just wanted to bitch mostly.

Why should I fuck off? This place is interesting and entertaining. I love watching be angry or mean for no apparent reason lol. My dream would be to start a smear campaign against them, but thats a pipe dream.

payments aren't my problem, i'm pissed because my son is on a feeding pump and spends his whole day playing fallout because he's too weak to live a normal life because the hospital wrecked him. And I was too much of a dumbass to sue them because I didn't know I could at the time. i was very naive.

Also I think I'll be ok her, I have borderline personality disorder. I'm decently crazy, and my dad was a cop, I'm used to mean and crazy, it feels like home.

Because more of your kind will eventually shit up this place and make it not interesting or entertaining. The fact you insist on thinking a name is important to your posts only proves it. There have been moms here who are great but you don't fit in and you're better off else where.

I never thought it was important, it said name, so i filled out the name that i literally go by in real life because well in all honesty i didn't think about it too much. There no name ever again.

Would it be more entertaining if I asked if anybody else was close with somebody who lost their mind on K2 and still hasn't returnd to who they use to be? I've been wondering that also, is that normal

or maybe if I said I'm talking to guys from here on another platform and getting paid to do it and the men have no clue that theyre paying to talk to actresses because they didn't read the fine print like dip shits?

Just make a new thread for it but even if you get replies it's gonna be some variation of fucking roasties or fucking dumb betas. Go lurk here, really it was a kindness getting you to fuck off but if you're going to stay just read posts for the first few months. And don't stay on Jow Forums, it's mostly shit.

thanks for advice, I'm assuming youre an alpha lol? wher should I go that won't get offended easily?

>playing fallout all day
Which one? They're dangerously addictive. In one year I had to reflow a ps3 6 times from yellow lights of death playing Fallout 3 alone and it finally died from New Vegas so I got a slim model and it's held up since. Plus pc versions too with console commands and mods for more replayability. Over 3k hours total just dicking around with new builds and playthroughs. Wasn't a fan of 4 because its world felt small but after 300 hours I can say it's a decent game with the most cohesive story. Haven't played 1 or 2 yet since they're not the first person adventure style.


Read the Book of Job. Helps me through difficult times, and will shed some light on things. Also, pray to St. Jude, the saint of desperate needs.

Buy beans, the huge bag of dry beans. Soak them over night then cook them on a low heat for a few hours. Eazy and tasty.

6cents per ounce!

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It's funny I have felt like a messed up version of job, except there seems to be no point to anything I am going through. Ask me anything about my life and it's something bad. I should do a Reddit AMA. Literally nothing that has ever happened to me has been just good something horrible has always come along with it.

Fallout 4 is the one he plays the most, he hates fortnite, not because it's cool to hate it but he said they ruined the game with their updates. I got him a wii when he was 3. Our whole family is video game obsessed. We want a playstation so bad but right now just stuck with xbox one. We do have a switch. And I use the Wii U everybody can suck it I love the Wii U people were just mad because they thought they could take the controler everywhere and when they couldn't they didn't like it. Or thats my personal opinion.

thanks for the bump?

I don’t know what your religious beliefs are, but I was taught that our sufferings on Earth count toward time off in Pugatory (Former seminarian, believe it or not). So, while it’s difficult to accept, since only God understands it, it does still count for something. I’ll pray for you, and your son.