Is there a point in continuing the simulation anymore

Is there a point in continuing the simulation anymore

>Schizo dad who texts me everynight about how he is god (and other incoherent nonsense)
>Schizo in genes now and have a chance of inheriting
>Alcoholic Mom / Step dad who abuse eachother constantly
>Traumatic childhood increases chances of schizo being inherited
> Smoked weed everyday in highschool to cope with shit life
> Did LSD at 14 or 15

I'm now a senior in highschool prime age for schizo onset, no friends, impaired socially. Is there even a point in continuing anymore with these shitty cards I got dealt? Even if I somehow spread my terrible genetics, my offspring would also have increased chance for schizophrenia

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not even once. op is more proof that most people are stupid

Explain how to get smarter ?

Everyone is a schizo. But some of us are more schizo than others.

You're super aware about schizo though and most schizos aren't. Take care of your health and avoid stress and you probably won't get schizo but if you do you'll be able to catch it early and avoid 90% of the symptoms with drugs.

Apparently I have schizophrenia, but they got me medicated extremely early and I have almost no symptoms.

I’ve heard that many schizos have no friends and have social impairments as well. So take that as you will.

I forgot to add, I seem to have the negative symptoms, those mimic depression( to a degree) but are, in my opinion, worse because they are very difficult to treat.

>but they got me medicated extremely early and I have almost no symptoms.
Bro really? That's so fucked up. Holy shit I am glad I escaped psychiatry's clutches. I definitely had the "prodromal" schizophrenia symptoms I'm sure they could have forced me to take meds if I stayed. I advise you to get out ASAP and off the meds.

Be a good person, this is a test, i will help you to get out of it, seek god, don't be a religious fag, endure throught this test, i'll help you, trust me, everything will improve, but first it have to get worst, endure, and trust that you're not alone, be good, and most importantly, endure throught this

Why should I get off the meds, in your opinion? I don’t see any problem being on them, other than feeling flat. I’m worried that I do have schizo (two psychiatrist both think I do and my case manager thinks I do too.) then it’ll bring an episode about. I could taper off it and see what happens I guess.

Because the way they work is by lobotomizing your brain chemically rather than physically like it was in the old days. You know what a lobotomy is right? Also long term use has been shown to lead to a reduction in brain matter. Basically they slowly destroy your brain.

jesus fucking christ, man. that must suck :/
have you tried talking to pychologists/psychiatrists?

is being schizo necessarily the same as being stupid?

Agree with ^, get off of your meds, brain is a very delicated machine, if you alter your natural chemical compo, it will throw bsod so hard that, either it render you more unstable or, useless, (basically the status lobotomized persons ends)

There’s also paper stating that psychosis related illnesses decrease the brain’s volume, so I don’t know what to think.

I’ll ask my doctor to see how that goes and act accordingly from there.

To train you social skills you'll want to practice in front of a mirror and see if it looks good enough for tv.
Your home situation is unstable and I'd advice to seek serious professional help from the police and school institutions.

I wish that when the time comes for you to raise your own family you'll have fotten the oppertunity to plan and prepare your approach to save your own children from such terribly dealt hands.

If you need a friend, I happen to have some time on hand that I love spending in the library, it is a good place to go to and meet people or read books

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Well consider the fact that most people with psychosis have been on anti-psychotics for a long time and it makes sense that it would be linked with psychosis. Many people with psychosis are forced to take medication with absolutely no regard for their right to refuse treatment. It is barbarous how our system works in all honesty. It has gotten better and worse in many ways. There are alternative treatments like Open Dialogue (not saying it is the only possible alternative but everyone wants an alternative there is an example). Problem is, due to being incredibly insecure knowing that nothing they do is actually scientific psychiatrists have to put on an act as if they know the answer to schizophrenia/depression. That is why they label these drugs as "anti-X" it's laughable really. The truth is the stories about chemical imbalances were just created to explain the drugs that they accidently discovered had an impact on certain mental "illnesses" There is no real evidence that chemicals cause depression or schizophrenia in fact it may really be a completely normal process of the human mind when confronted with certain life experiences. Consider the connection with living in a city and having schizophrenia for instance, city life is notoriously stressful and unnatural, how do you think a human mind reacts to that stimuli? Perhaps if someone is a little to creative and empathetic they won't react so well right?

>it will throw bsod
kek, go back to Jow Forums

Also, you are not schizo. You are a normal, regular pedestrian like the rest of us that abides by the laws of the country. You'll choose a career and hobby and that defines your personality. Write your diary/journal daily, plan your appointments and pick up a sport or fitness where you can meet more people. You'll ask them for their names, proffessions and hobbies before inquiring further on their family members and past experiences. Do that and you'll fit in everywhere and your whole situation will be fixed.

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OP here, if you are truly schizophrenic, please do not get off meds. If you think you have been misdiagnosed consult your doctor and see what they think about it.

Like I stated in the post, my father is a schizophrenic and it is very dangerous when he somehow convinces himself to go off meds. schizophrenia only gets worse when you aren't taking meds and the episodes get longer and much harder. His last episode, we found him homeless in California, we thought he was gone forever.

All im saying is, these people advising you to stop taking medication do not know how dangerous that could be for an actual schizophrenic.

I'm just so sick and sorry to hesr of another fraudulent parent that is using the existence of her child to extort some more money off of insurance companies that are meant to put gas in the tank of ambulances. Especially since the behavioural symptoms are taught by the parent and not an actual medical condition such as a fungus infection.

And even worse, instead of properly teaching their kids how to do math and languages, they waste their time dragging them along to do some dumb trick in front of a weird man to get a paper that mandates a burglary.

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Did you consider the reason it is dangerous is maybe because of the medication themselves? Also there ARE alternative treatments, look up Open Dialogue. The problem is they are not implemented in mass and you basically have to be lucky and live near it. Just look at all the homeless schizophrenic people. Try actually talking to them and treating them like human beings notice they all say the drugs really don't help. Schizophrenic people are homeless because psychiatry is a sham and so are psychiatric hospitals. They are complete jokes all they do is drug their patients and leave them there forever if they are too bad. It doesn't have to be this way but it is because psychiatric drugs are good business. Plus most people hate mentally ill people unfortunately. Even on Jow Forums I constantly see people spreading horrible ideas around about depression. The sad reality is we live in a society that is not particularly empathetic to eachother and so called "mental illness" is what happens in such a society. That is why it is so rampant in the modern era. It is not some ridiculous meme explanation like, "oh we just are more aware of it now lol." Nope, our society breeds this shit and fails horribly at treating it in fact the treatment may just be spreading it.

But there is no 'real' schizophrenia. It's a fictional affliction meant to leech money off of the insurance companies.

I’m leaning towards not going off the meds, because if they are right then I don’t want to have an episode, I’ve never had one before that I know I of anyways, I’m on a pretty hefty dose at the moment, so evidence suggests I may have it.

Look I am the anti-psychiatry user posting the big posts. I understand if you want to stay on the meds because there really are no good alternative treatments widely available. However just consider the possibility that maybe psychiatrists don't actually have your best interests at heart. Or rather the big wigs don't, maybe the individual you meet with really believes in their discipline, maybe they undergo all kinds of, in their own words, "defense mechanisms" to explain why their world view is right. But user you are in a better position than others with schizophrenia. You never had an episode before so perhaps you get off your meds and nothing bad happens in fact maybe you even feel better, relief from the side effects for sure.

Even if her meds are aderall that help her study for some reason, it does not condone her mother stealing ambulance gas-money.
And besides, labeling a kid with schizophrenia makes her all special and weird and people do not like that! So be normal, like the rest of us, you can be, that easily and your whole situation will be fixed if you stick to those daily activities disciplinary.

And instead of learning about schizophrenia, you could be learning math or medicine.

schizophrenia is not normal dude you're being retarded

Is our society normal? Is being abused normal? What i am saying is maybe what is abnormal isn't the reaction from the person but the things that happened to them.

I am OP and also the Pro Psychiatry user because I have seen what it can do for my father (relative to his situation without psychiatry)
Anyways, I agree with this person here that maybe you should consider going off meds and seeing how you do, obviously consult doctor first. If you have never had a episode and you are on a hefty dosage, something is clearly wrong.
Obviously you don't want to go off of it immediately if you do decide to try it, just taper off and see how you do.

Should we tell the dad that the mom has probably been selling sex with his underage daughters and then explaining to the kids that the stranger hurting them was just a dream or nightmare?

Fair enough I am not trying to tell anyone who is on meds or has relatives on meds to blame themselves I am just trying to be a voice against psychiatry because the things they say are taken as objective facts when in reality they are not objective at all. I do hope people try alternative methods more though.

you don't even have schizophrenia yet calm down faggot

I mean, that's why the psychiatrist went with schizophrenia right? instead of ADD which is the regular label.

When I hear about "prodromal" schizophrenia yeah I get the feeling they are basically going to start prescribing the most dangerous medication they have, anti-psychotics, to people who are not even psychotic in any sense of the word.

But if mommy is sexslaving her teensge daughters, what to do with the excessive amount of babies? We're not going to leak all of our funds in one retarded family.
That's best invested in the normal folk.

No those things are not normal but if the person feels they can't function in life then what's your solution? Society isn't going to change that easily and the abuse isn't going away so if the person can't get by or function in life without being put on drugs then it doesn't seem like they have any options that are better than taking drugs.

I know exactly what you mean user. I get that and for some people maybe they really have no choice. But if you have the ability you should try something else. There actually are plenty of schizophrenic people who gave up on drugs and some learn to cope on their own, for example John Nash. Others needed help and were fortunate enough to find it. I do wish there was better help but the first step is letting people know there is better help out there in the world even if it isn't in your world.

Well drugs are medicine and a cancer is defined as excessive growth and a cure is a cure. Just make sure you're not swallowing anything that'll kill you.

Also please watch this if you are interested in this subject.
The only people who really recover from schizophrenia do it without drugs. Medication prevents recovery, not getting off meds.

Some treatments that kill you eventually still can give you a better quality of life than living with your illness.

So I learned: Be normal by abiding by the law, talking to people in the library and maintaining my journal/diary daily and to not take drugs.

Did I miss anything?

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Talking to people in the library is a dick move.

user... who are you talking to? This forum has long been abandoned no one is going to respond

Practice self love and respect. But also empathy for others. It helped me.

No it's actually a very social move. Someone's sitting there alone, hiding behind a book cover not talking to anyone and in you come asking : "hey how's that book so far? would you recommend it?" Instant friend when you offer to get a drink, then ask for their id card and number and voila you made a friend

>heightened schizo risk
>consumes narcotics
This is the equivalent of having diabetic parents and eating yourself to 300 pounds. Yeah sure maybe the sugar eases your pain for five minutes but the illness was fully avoidable, and now you'll die of insulin poisoning at 40. Same story for you.

What made you think that was a good idea? Drugs are illegal for a reason. You might as well start taking preventive measures. Tattoo your name and address on yourself.

LOL I didn't do narcotics. If you are being serious I think you are very ignorant. LSD and Marijuana in someone with a schizophrenic father is not the same as eating yourself to 300 pounds with diabetic parents. 2 completely different disorders that are not comparable whatsoever. "Drugs are illegal for a reason" is enough said.

Anyways, what font and color should I get the tattoo? Should it be on my arm?

I'm on my PC as i don't know how to use this site on my phone.

Not to make it about me, but, I've had "weird" experiences, stuff like the radio reading my emotions and being paranoid that my parents want to kill me and lately, and although very randomly, I have heard voices other than my own in my head kinda like thoughts but they are random voices and words, things like that. But I know that those are not reality. The meds have stopped almost all of those occurrences. I'll definitely talk about lowering it or even a trial without the meds.

From my understanding, an episode is when you think reality is what the illness "makes up", i've never had that happen. But I was diagnosed about 3 years ago, with "prodrome", that's what the psychiatrist said (I can't seem to find anything about "prodrome" other than prodromal schizophrenia). Now I'm with a mental health team and they seem to think the same if not "worse".

If I was you I'd go to a psychiatrist, if you have the means, and talk to them about your situation. most papers say that the negative symptoms are more of a prognosis factor than positive symptoms, although positive symptoms can be extremely bad they are "easily controlled", compared to negative symptoms, as well as cognitive symptoms.

>I have heard voices other than my own in my head kinda like thoughts but they are random voices and words
I haven't experienced this in waking reality but I have when I'm on the verge of sleep. I've also had powerful lucid dreams. I will say that I learned alot about the mind through those experiences. I think I really understood the meaning of "unconscious" There is a deep conscious world beneath your Ego. You actually aren't alone in your head nobody really is. I think coming to understand that part of you is extremely important for not just mental health but actualization. Basically exactly like Carl Jung described. son of a bitch.

m8, I'm not expert or anything, but AFAIU, the main thing is that you'll have to learn to control yourself if you ever get a psychotic episode.