I had no idea 6' was short

I had no idea 6' was short

I'm a bit sad what country would accept me as human being and allow me to have a normal healthy relationship between male and female?

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Whoever sent this is retarded. 6' is a great height unless the woman is like 5'10" + and there's nothing wrong with you.

6 foot is completely fine and if you find a women who drops you because of that, she's either looking for the wrong values anyway or you are a shitty person and she found an excuse to break up, because that's what women do, to "not hurt someone's feelings"

I don't think thats actually the problem, but I guess emphasising your real strenghts will help you find a women, that can truly make you happy.

*There are women, who are small too.*

Just remember that whatever idiosyncrasies you have are found attractive by some people user. Not every woman wants a 6'2 Aryan dude the same way not every guy wants some Blonde Bimbo.

Why are people so insecure about their height? Height dosent make the man.

6' is short because the average height is much higher now. Acceptable height is whatever the 80th percentile is among the target demographic (spics and old people don't count).

I'm 6'4" but I feel pretty average next to zoomers. Used to be far fewer guys my height.

But you forget that you are a kissless virgin, as are all males your height. It's only males who are 6' at the most who can attract girls.

Of all the neuroses you encounter on Jow Forums, the least explicable is this fear that if you're not 6'52 your life is over.

legandary cope

Lmao. Get in line, short stuff

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Why does Jow Forums worry so much about height? Like wtf? No one I know irl talks about this. Ever.

At this point I'm not even sure what to call this level of delusion. I meet people my height or taller all the time. It was never freakishly tall to begin with but nowadays I feel well within the normal range.

Perhaps your perception is warped by being American, you guys are all midgets.

While you're technically correct women's tastes tend to be much less varied than men's.

My mom's friend once said she only dates men taller than her, and she's 5'10"

>whatever idiosyncrasies you have are found attractive by some people
delusional cope retard

while technically it's not impossible for fetishes about literally anything to exist, the probabilities are often nearly 0. 99+% of people are not going to find deformed faces, obesity, skin problems etc attractive

Men like girls anywhere from very thin to almost fat, any hair color, round faces, sharp faces, flat girls, busty girls, long legged girls, short legged girls, whatever.

Women on the other hand...

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Absolutely based and redpilled. Normies reeling

>6' is short because the average height is much higher now
It's not.

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Seems like a bitch to me. Sorry you feel bad dude but I mean you shouldn’t chalk this up as a huge loss - chick is clearly some princess who would make you a miserable person.

We should sticky the studies that prove that men taller than 6' are the least successful with women so desperate lanklet virgin trolls would stop posting this shit every day.

I know what you mean. You're 6'4" so you're practically a midget. I'm 6'8" but that's not much better because I'm still shorter than most girls. If you're not at least 7'6" tall then girls won't even acknowledge your existence.

Lost, thanks user

This thread is a fucking disaster

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Because women are traditionally ‘stuck’ with the baby (still true to some extent) and want a partner’s good genes and men are (typically) looking to spread their seed around and will take any womb. Of course we are conscious enough of this to overpower the instinct and act more appropriately for today’s social climate but the instinct is still there’s: good male genes = good genes for my baby, good female genes = I don’t care I just want to put my seed out there as frequently as possible

Jow Forums bait

Who asked for your opinion, randeep? I am from Europe and when I advise people I assume they are from civilized first world countries not suffering stunted growth due to malnutrition. The average may not be 6' but it's close, especially among the younger generation.

Why are manlets always so shocked when I tell them the truth? I'm not saying my height is the mean, but it's certainly nothing special. I work an office job full of guys in their early to mid 20s and half of them are around 190. At least three of them are taller than me (out of about 30 people) with the tallest guy being like 200/6'7"

>women on the other hand...

Nah. The women who like men like this are also generic American white women themselves. Those men in the picture also only date blonde or brunette white American dolls. To put it simply, water finds it's own level.

Dude, I'm 5'4" and my gf is 5'7". You have to really be braindead to not be able to see past someone's height.

fuck my life, why are women like this

sometimes this can come from a guy who thinks he's 6' but is really like about 5'9 tainting the views of women.
so from then on when she sees that 6', she'll think of that guy and pass over anyone that height.

5'9 to 6' might be an extreme one, but it happens more often with 5'8-5'9 damaging the chances of anyone 5'10 to 5'11

Why do lanklet virgins like you always get angry when you are told the truth? If you and your friends are 190+ then all of you are guaranteed to die without having even kissed a girl.

Nothing makes any human but their choices and that is all

I'm 5'9" and most other white guys I meet are within two inches of me. Do all live in Iceland or something?

They live in troll fantasy land. Nice quads btw.

>least explicable
Plenty easy to explain, it's a bunch of sex-crazed 2/10s who fancy themselves an easy 7+. When reality crashes into them and their loser personality combines with their middling appearances creating a disappointment for any and all ladies involved, they cave on themselves and find something to blame that they could not control as opposed to their godawful personality which has needed fixing for a long, long time.
What's inexplicable about this?

Hahahaha manlet

more like, it's a legitimate concern. Looks matter. Deal with it.