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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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so the girl who rejected me the other day still keeps glancing at me during work, also she has started wearing makeup and removed her glasses since I have cooled off and distanced myself.
I don't appear butthurt externally, I still say hi and bye.
Am I reading too much into it?

Yeah, just hope she won't accuse you of harassment or something. Bitches are brutal to average/ugly guys.

I'm a good looking guy, and I'm not pushy.
Asked her out for coffee during work and she said yes.
Only a few days later (during which we did not communicate, I hate chatting) did she make up a bullshit excuse and said it wouldn't be smart to go out with me.
I just said lol ok and left it at that.

Do actual women post here or is it all just trannies larping

Is it important that every one of my friends who I talk to about my boyfriend think I should break up with him/he's a dick? I have always thought it's just because I really only complain to themz about when we fight/he hurts my feelings. It's not like a gush about how great he is when we're not fighting. Could that be it, don't worry about it?
Honestly I don't know how I feel about our relationship and someone else's opinion about it could help but I just don't think their advice is objective since I always vent.


why do people like you exist? you're just promoting paranoia.

if literally everyone tells you to do something you're not supposed to question literally everybody and actually listen

girls, can you tell when a penis is touching you? i got a random boner and accidently rubbed it against my sisters leg. can i play it off like it's a finger or something or do i have to incest


So I joined this internet chat group and a few of us have started meeting irl. I get along very well with this one socially awkward fat girl, as well as a socially skilled fuckboy (I kinda wanna fuck him too but not gonna. I enjoy our hours-long bantz.)

Now, I spent the night with the girl talking and bonding. It became a therapy session of sorts. Then in the morning we went to meet the guy from the group and things gor awkward. I wasn't really bonding with the girl anymore, ashamed as I was to be seen as socially awkward when the hot guy was near. I have an issue with my social awkwardness even though I don't have lots of problems with it anymore. The girl didn't seem to get the hint that I sensed she was feeling awkward and wanting to go home, and she insisted on walking me to my bus stop. I asked the guy to go to the shop too, since I wanted to go. He said he was not going with us.

I kinda wanted to spend time alone with the guy. The girl was really nervous and fidgety the whole time, unlike before. I noticed my behaviour changing to be more aloof and indifferent. The guy kinda seemed to enjoy the awkwardness, I don't know? He commented earlier to me that we might end up fucking but I said no. I don't know, I would feel so fooled afterwards.

We went to hve a drink with the girl, I was feeling really gloomy, and like this social guy really is in this internet chat thing just to have a laugh at us social outcasts. I don't know, I might be paranoid. But the girl was really really depressed and she was almost crying. I asked what was wrong many times ane she kept saying nothing.

I feel terrible. My social skills might still not be really up to par. Is this fixable?

What have you complained about? And how often?

If you're insecure, do you really have to pretend to be confident to find a man? I can do that, but I find it exhausting. Why can't I be myself, overanalyzing and all?

You need to work on yourself before you have a chance to be happy in a relationship

You dont really have to do anything character wise to get a man. Look nice and be yourself. That's really it. Someone will fall for you.

Well, dont be the girl that talks too much about poop, or gay sex, or her favorite serial killer

I tried this. No one has fallen for me and still single.

luckily you're a woman so it's socially acceptable. a lot of guys are into girl like you too so just bee yourself
that being said if you completely neglect getting self esteem that relationship is going to break fast


Why would a hot and socially skilled man be in an internet chat group for outcasts?

Post pic. Black out your eyes or something.

Are you making lots of Male friends? I promise you that some of those dudes like you romantically.

Find new things to do that let you meet guys.

those 2 are not mutually exclusive snowflake

>I tried this. No one has fallen for me and still single.
Are you overweight?

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>I feel terrible
>My social skills might still not be really up to par, Is this fixable?


Sexually they like me. Not for a relationship.

I don't fully understand this social situation, can you try to explain? The girl seemed sooo upset and I fear I hurt her.

probably because you're listening to incels
counterary to popular belief, you actually need to put in effort

you wanted to be alone with a guy but a girl pity-thing kept following you like a lost puppy and got progressivly sadder as you paid less attention to her, which in turn made you feel really sad and stressed and now you're overthinking things. somehow chad managed to enjoy himself still

i'm leaning torwards abandonment issues/jealousy with the girl. you are not at fault for anything here as far as i can tell

I'm a super shy emotionally stunted 30 year old incel.

How do I ask a girl out?

>super shy
a lot of people like that, surprisingly
>emotionally stunted
you're not ready for a relationship, there is a reason children can't fuck adults
>30 year old
bad, but managable...on its own
it's over

why the fuck would an incel want to ask a girl out anyways?

I think I seen you on /soc/
How old are you?
Anyway, you don't have to pretend to be confident. Because insecure people usually go overboard when they try that and seem fake. But please, don't be the kind of girl who complains to a guy she wants to date about how >guys don't like you. Because you are ok looking and the guys will assume it's because you are crazy.

you're pretty decent looking.
Personally I don't ask girls out anymore because I get rejected 9/10 times despite being a decent looking guy.
It's too exhausting.

I'm 28 and I am kinda crazy in truth.

I'm trying to be better. I don't want to be an incel

God dammit, I even said multiple times that it's fine if she wants to go (she did say before she felt a third wheel). I even said she shouldn't apologize so much and check if everything is okay with me. She was so nervous and eager to please I somehow became disgusted a little and I fear that showed. Also, the guy didn't chase after me at all, just sat on the grass for a bit and we chatted very little. He did smile at me though when we left. I kinda hate myself a little for wanting his attention.

please answer so i know how awkward i should feel

when you're out of a relationship and you're looking to date someone new, do you take what was best about your previous partners and look for those things in your potential new partner? or do you just date random guys who show attention and see what happens?

I'm a guy and I always make sure to find someone that has all the good qualities and more, of the person I was with or was dating previously, or some, depends how much I like the person. But I don't get into relationships until that is established, thats what I use dating for. I know a few girls who seem to be jumping from one relationship to the next and I don't know how you could establish a connection like this so quickly. It also applies to guys I know, but I'm curious about girls in this case.

"hi there, are you up for a coffee/drink this weekend?"

Guys why do you only want sex? Why would make up entire relationships just so you could get sex on a regular basis while avoiding getting to know the person?

Do men post here or is it all bots?

because weak men like to pressure other potentially weak men to sleep around like they do because its a numbers game, and its how guys should be getting women otherwise you're a pussy or gay. In a case where sex is all there is to your relationship then you found yourself a fuckboi who probably has someone on the side but likes to have something steady due to a high sex drive and lack of purpose in life. I know some guys who commit their lives to being with a girl so they can have the sex and all the perks of a relationship without actually committing into being a valuable partner. Its either this or working half your life and masturbating the other half of life away.

I've been pressured into fucking around by many guys in my life and they are very annoying about it and when you explain your values to them and how you see it, you get mocked. People don't like their believes and values being questioned, and if someone's are "better" then they get defensive and resort to mockery

what kind of mind games is she playing when she tells me she's going out with a male friend but sends me nudes a day later?
should i just ghost her? feeling like the biggest orbiter right now

She's immature and wants to cheat on her "boyfriend".
I have a coworker that's going out on her "anniversary" but calls her boyfriend "just a friend". They're probably plowing it right now, but "it's just a friend". I don't know if I should be pitying the guy or the girl.

I don't understand women.

This is so sad, not like I'm surprised. I would have gone completely into dating women but the problem is I'm not a lesbian, I'm straight. There are just no good guys, if they are then why haven't I encountered them? It really sucks that a lot of guys just want a sex relationship. I really want to get married soon and it's just not happening.

she's trying to play mindgames with the boyfriend she supposedly loves so much.
send the nudes and an explanation to her friend then block her.

by that logic no good women exist either. every women is a bad person, which is really not surprising. it really sucks that a lot of women just want money from a relationship. i really want to get married soon and it's just not happening.

she just met this guy and she's in a new city (coming back soon tho)
we had a "thing" so idk wtf is she trying to do
i am not that petty

meant for

Sometimes instead of blaming others, you should ask yourself if you don't need to re-calibrate your choice of men. If you've been dating the same kind over and over again and expected a different result, then maybe start dating guys who don't want to fuck on the first date, or guys that don't just come up to you and ask you out on a date. For all you know you might be getting a coffee with a psychopath. Know them first maybe since otherwise it doesn't seem to be working out for you. Not all men are bad, just as not all women are bad

how the fuck is that petty? assuming you're her boyfriend, she just tried to convince you she cheated on you to get you jealous
read; she tried to destroy any and all trust you had in her for you to have a strong enough reaction so she could have attention
it doesn't matter how much it actually effected you, meant to effect you full effect so the response should effect her in full effect as well.


Trying to wrap my head around this one, yet understand it could be different for everyone.

Friend is married, has 3 kids but she keeps having an on and off affair with someone. I’m pretty sure she really does love this guy. But she won’t break it off and has periods of feeling bad for her husband, then it starts again.

Tried telling her it’s probably she doesn’t feel emotionally and/or sexually satisfied and if she keeps this up multiple times, there’s a solid reason(s) why it happens. For the good of the kids, herself and him, divorce amicably and move on.

Doesn’t happen though. Is it she’s too scared? Wants cake and eat it too? Trying to understand so I can be a better friend and talk to her about this, she won’t go into therapy for it much as I want her to.

Guys why would you ghost a girl?

What do I need to do to get some horny cougar who will go along with sex fantasies I have of reliving having been molested?

idk it was never that serious
plus i don't even know the dude lol
are you even a female? i need female perspective
see stop playing mind games pls

I'm not even playing any mind games.

i'm not female, just a good sense of justice and minds in general
>it was never that serious
then this isn't serious either. you're literally just telling the truth
>plus i don't even know the dude
assuming she actually slept with him he deserves to know she was just using him. you don't need to know someone to honor that rule, it's basic decency.

a million and one reasons. describe any notable events and your latest interactions

Question for anyone (just didnt want to make a thread for it):

How to choose a different hair style? Im a male. Ive had the same hairstyle for like 6yr or more. Short sides, long top. I style it a few different ways (side sweep, comb back, spiked front, messy top) just to have a little variety. But I feel like something new completely. But I dont know what to choose.

Should I just go to the barber and say "i want something new" or maybe ask for a list of styles with pictures, should I just let it grow long?

go to the barber and say "gimme what you think will work". he should know

what are you doing replying to male questions on the ask the opposite gender thread?
need more context then

My bf has completely stopped instigating sex. He'd rather play vidya or /tg/. I really enjoyed sleeping with him but I don't have a very high libido myself so I'm conflicted on whether or not I'm conflicted. The question I ask is very simple; in what ways can stopping instigating sex myself backfire on me?

if i'm completely confident in my info i don't see a reason to wait for a female to respond

that is completely irrelevant to the purpose of the thread and by now you've ruined my chance of knowing the female perspective on this, not even mentioning the awful "lol just tell on her" advice
good job buddy

hey so asked about this end of last thread, before it 404'd.
I'm gonna hand this dude my number and i wanna give him dtf energy, and i came up with pic related, does it work?? like guys would you get the hint that i wanna fuq if you got something like this?

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>how do i flirt
>literally put date on the paper
you overdid it a bit but he'll definitely get it

how do i un-overdo it i haven't dated since i turned 18 :(

it has a bit of an overwhelming vibe, but honestly don't worry about it that much

that being said the local barista can probably give you better advice then i can

You're quite pretty so I doubt it's your looks. It's probably a confidence/personality thing, or you're just not putting yourself out there enough.

I mean i'd be absolutely flattered to get a note like that, so just do it.

Is it possible to hate someone you actually get along with really well?

Yeah, of course.
I dislike people I get along with because they wronged me.

How do girls give off a vibe that they’re freaky in bed? What are some behaviors/looks etc that tend to tip guys off? I’ve heard guys describe girls as seeming like a freak but I’m not sure what gets them to say that.

I've been crushing over a dude at work for the past 3 months. We're on friendly terms, but I think he has something for me as well given he ofttimes casually seeks me out to have lunch or drink coffee together. He sometimes talks to my male colleagues about other girls at work and how he'd like to bang them, but he does so in my presence and usually in a hushed manner, so I wouldn't be able to hear their conversations clearly. Wouldn't he simply tell me he's not interested if he suspected I liked him?

You can tell actual women are posting by some of the stupid shit they say. Trannies also say stupid shit, but different stupid shit.

That’s why you wait until marriage. It’s the ultimate way to weed those guys out.

How do I stop dating and getting dumped by chad? I genuinely want a good man.

Boyfriend hates when I touch his nipples. Why?

>I don't know how you could establish a connection like this so quickly
Often times, they were already establishing that connection during their relationship, and only broke up once they had all of their ducks lined up

How to encourage a guy who seems interested in me without pursuing him? I've scared guys off before by pursuing.

>Wants cake and eat it too?
This probably. Also, divorce is not what’s best for her kids. Fixing her marriage is, which is possible even in the event of infidelity.

It can backfire if there’s some underlying issue that you’re both not addressing

Is there a way to get chad to accept you as girlfriend? He has had girlfriends before.

Little things. Smile at him. Touch his hand.


They might be really sensitive and it might annoy him to get them touched.
I have a super sensitive navel and the second anyone touches it I jump.

I know this is stupid, but I kinda want to give the impression I'm not too interested and play coy. He has so many girls jumping on his dick.

Be a decent person.
Be kind to him and to everybody else, guys don't really like bitches.
Be his friend. Listen to him.
Don't suck his dick right away, but don't play hard to get.
Mommy him a little bit.

>married to Chad

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
Show that you're interested without being a slut.

I met this girl a few months ago, who introduced me to one of her female friends. I overheard hat female friend talking shit about me, and we had a sudden falling out. I'm still pretty good friends with the original girl, and those 2 weren't extremely close or anything.
Would it be fair to ask the original girl if her friend said anything about me before we had that falling out?

That's stupid.
You can play coy, but overdoing it to the point of seeming not interested will only make him think you're not interested and he'll move on to one of those other girls jumping on his dick.

just fucking say that

Have seen couples grow apart from it.
He might have gotten sad about always getting turned down so he quit trying rather than feel undesirable

not a gender question i just don't want to make a thread my sister is being incredibly possesive of me, anyone got advice on how to snap her out of it?

That haircut where it's long but one side is buzzed
Grunge style dress
Plugs in ears, tongue pierced
Good luck tell us how it goes

by the time he's ready he'll be 40, so yeah he's destined to die alone

Why boyfriend flinches when I touch him in bed?

why are women who've slept with lots of guys in their younger years stigmatized so harshly?
as in: what if that was years ago and they got it out of their system, fooled around, and are now perfectly nice interesting thoughtful people
is it just legacy values and social norms like most other things?

I want both
but there seems to be an impression that I have to choose one or the other, so I chose the one where I'm actually intimate with the person I'm attracted to.

If I can have both. Where I'm allowed both physical and mental intimacy with my partner most guys would chose that. But the physical is the first thing you learn about a person while mental/emotional is only something you learn after you trust them, so I rely on the former more. If they don't trust me with their body chances are they won't trust me with their mind either.