Is it true women have no respect for men that go down on them?

And they prefer it if you say fuck their pleasure and simply plow them?

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Yeah, of course. I mean, it makes sense, right? If it makes sense, it must be true.

>*goes down on your girl and makes her leave you the same night for being a spineless faggot who doesn't wanna lick*

No. Of course not. That's like saying men don't like it when a girl goes on top.

No. It's just a sex act. Do it if you want to, leave it if you don't but don't decide what you will or won't do in the bedroom because you fear it doesn't look cool.

Being with a passionate lover who acts on his desire is much hotter than someone skittish who overthinks everything ("is this okay? and this? and this?"). But that's a far cry from just putting it in like it's a porno. Even apart from lubrication, foreplay makes blood pool in the crotch area and this is what makes penetration (as opposed to e.g. inserting a tampon) pleasurable. Fucking a woman who isn't properly aroused yet is the equivalent of forcing a limp dick in, no it's not going to feel great for her.


No wtf
My current girl says she's super happy that she doesn't have to blow me 5 times to be eaten out once like she did with her previous boyfriend.
More than half of the women I've been with loved it. The idea that being considerate with your partner will make them respect you less is ludicrous.

OP. Posted it cause of stuff they were saying over at /tv/. Never had a gf, very sexually inexperienced, etc. so I have no idea what to do believe.

Well, from someone who has interacted with a few women, that sounds like a load of rubbish to me.
Don't be insecure about that kind of stuff. I hope things work out well for you, user.

the fuck?
That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

Femanon confirming the opposite is true. No respect for guys who plow with no care for my enjoyment, 10/10 feels for men who actually do oral more than occasionally

>believing anything posted on /tv/

Well this and other comments are reassuring cause I'm more than happy to do that stuff often.

Just read a report that lesbian women achieve orgasm more often and this was down to heterosexual sex being "Foreplay, penis inserted into vagina and orgasm" while lesbian sex was focusing on oral/clitoral stimulation and longer duration during the sex acts

how do I get my wife to want it?
she says the thought of it disgusts her
did it twice and she like it both time but still doesn't like the idea of it

Funny just the other day there was a thread about this. Popular opinion was that bit does make you a beta. Lol though nost girls will be absolutely thrilled if you went down willingly. I used to be really into it when I was younger but the more I learned about stds the less I was into it. Remember get tested often and use protection.

Hasn't been my experience at all. I've always enjoyed going down on my ladies and it keeps them coming back and asking for more, also motivates them to get my jollies off just as well as I do theirs.

Wherever you got that information from put it in the trash.

women look down on people that actually believe that

No dude.
I don't even really like getting eaten out but I'd never think less of my boyfriend for doing it.

So if he offers to go down do you just tell him to fuck off?

I've had girls politely refuse it before. If they're not into it they're not into it

some girls have wanted to lick my nipples and do stuff with'em. not my kind of thing, I softly take them off'em and try to move onto another thing, they get the message and don't repeat. if not, they can always ask and respond

it's hurt me when a girl refuses my oral because I feel like I was being awful at it, but gotta learn to not take it too seriously


Yes, that's exactly it OP.

(Imagine being this retarded)

No, only black dudes and trashy Italian Americans believe that shit.

Low key, it’s kinda gay to be turned off in anyway by pussy. Including when she’s on the rag, get those red wings son!

I told him beforehand it wasn't my favourite thing but if it is a big deal to him, I'm down.
It's just not something I really want.

>some girls have wanted to lick my nipples and do stuff with'em.
you fool, you'll never know what a true orgasm is

>It's just not something I really want.
I'd ask why, but I don't think you have an answer to that. It's just hard for me to empathise with.

any one else notices something odd with that bitch's body? she looks wrong

she looks fine

she's too fucking skinny
like, she has no tits, no tighs, no ass
no muscle and no fat
she looks like Santa's helper

>1 ticket to eternal virginity please

she looks fine

maybe warn her way ahead of time next time you want to try? she might think she's gross and would feel "cleaner" if she showered right before.

Too busy eating pussy to calculate how much respect she has for me. I just love getting women off. Shit's fun.

Different people like different things. Some women don't like receiving oral sex at all and prefer fingering which I also prefer, so it can work out if you just find someone that is compatible.

Some people aren't compatible, and a lot of people lack the maturity to navigate these inevitable circumstances without attacking others out of insecurity. That's life. Just do what you like and hope you find someone that is compatible.

I’m guessing you’re a complete Virgin that has had no interaction with women because no woman would ever think that

I'm single now but the first time I offered to go down on my ex with no strings attached and nothing in return I might as well have paid off all her and her family's debts even though she declined. She wanted no sex until marriage and included oral as sex so my offers were always declined. Regardless she totally changed her attitude, started defending me when her friends talked shit losing a few in the process, surprised me with homemade food at work, and answered her door topless (she spilled over in a US sized 32H bra) when I went to her place. That continued for nearly 3 years and I let her know many times it was appreciated but unnecessary. If that's not a sign of respect I don't know what is.

Stop listening to brown people. Oral sex is how white people take everyone else's women.

Black women think this shit.

>black women don't like being eaten out

Gonna need to see some sources, user

No just don't expect a blowjob if you won't go down on her.

Going down is gay as fuck
Never have, never will
Fuck all the soiboys is this thread

who even told you that other than your fellow virgins?

Lol many relationships end because the sex isn’t good. If you don’t pleasure her, she’s leaving your ass

NO. You are talking about 4 billion or so people. They will have different ideas based on how they grew up aka their experiences. Go meet someone and learn what they think. What anyone else thinks won't help.

Nobody respects a person who waits on them hand and foot. That's just true.

Sex should involve a lot of give and take, more or less like a marriage.

Being overly eager to please could be a sexual demonstration of a psychological sense of inadequacy.

Alternatively, treating your wife and making her feel special when you feel a desire to is always advised. With-holding affection for fear of being seen as inadequate is also a sign of a psychological fear of inadequacy.

In other words, shower her with affection when you feel affection, not when you feel afraid of not being adequate or loved.

You are a complete gluebag.

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Half of black women in the US gave genital herpes so no thanks

>tfw gf won't let me giver her oral

What? No. This is stupid. This is a stupid opinion to have and you should feel stupid for posing this question

different strokes for different folks

i thought it wasn't for me the one time i did try it
might've been wrong

Black women will pretend to be like that but give it to em good and they'll call you Massa. Plus you get a free pass to say nigger in public.

lol, man that is some bro lore.

Women will come back and fuck you if you please them and leave a lasting impression.

If they wanted to simply be plowed, they would just keep fucking their husbands and not asking me out for drinks.

>implying you can't just take control of the situation and start going down on her of your own accord
It's not a like binary thing where men are either domineering as fuck and just aggressively plow or doormat weak simps that stutter and ask permission for everything like little bitches and get ordered to do things by some domineering harpy.

I had a woman travel across the country just to get more of my talented tongue