Why are men's beauty standards so much more strict than women's? And what can I do if I don't fit in them?

Why are men's beauty standards so much more strict than women's? And what can I do if I don't fit in them?

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that isn't true.

be hairless
be beautiful
wear makeup... but not too much
be skinny
dress cute/sexy/but not too sexy

be tall
be clean
have penis

you forgot "be young" for women

yeah.... i could go on...

be young
be childless
be a virgin (for incels and 75% of this board)

i think OP is an incel or incel adjacent and is confusing his personal beauty standards (for himself) with reality... i.e. "Every girl rejects me... girls are SO picky!"

Women do not need literally any of these traits (except maybe "be childless" which is not asking too bloody much) to effortlessly get laid
For men it's not just "be tall" "be clean" "have penis". You need to be chad if you want effortless sex. Else you'll have to spend ludicrous amounts of effort and money. That's a fact.
Why is that so? Biology. Women are full of estrogen, an hormone that increases sexual selectivity, meaning they are much less likely to have sex on impulse and much more likely to pick their partners carefully. Men, on the other hand, have less estrogen and much more testosterone, which does the opposite (reduces selectivity, increases impulse). As a result you have the current social gig where men will just offer themselves to a bunch of women until one of them eventually picks on the offer.

Not sure if incel or gay psyops or both.

I am not an incel "looks are everything" memester, but your post only supports OP's point. "Be beautiful" is much easier to do for women because men have stronger sex drive and therefore lower standards. "Be hairless", "wear makeup", "be skinny" and "dress cute" is what virtually any woman is perfectly able to do with moderate amount of effort.
Meanwhile "be tall" is about an immutable physical attribute that automatically excludes the majority of men.

Broscience is cancer.

It's just flat out not true.
Pic related has eyes that are too close together, a weak chin, ears that stick out, and a big nose. This is STILL the doctor that Dr. Who that girls gush their panties over, even though there's been a slew of better looking ones.
It's because he has an infectious personality, something that promises wealth and competence (he's intelligent), but also something that promises that they'll have a good time with him (his character is funny, energetic, and excitable).

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>that is a weak chin
I hate agreeing with incels but they're somewhat right in that women have no idea what the average man looks like.

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This is kinda true, but it's good that appearance is not the only thing men are judged by, right? Incels who are buttblasted by things like OP pic usually don't even try to approach women except on dating apps where the only thing a girl sees is photos.

I think you're just a chinless wonder too m8. That's like a near-terminal case of it.

I'm an ugly girl and have been rejected many times/insulted until I managed to get a bf and tired of people saying we don't exist. Also don't say le workout because I am skinny I just have unfortunate face.

this is literally all of you though?
i'm half black and extremely unlucky with dating, be glad you aren't a minority

Only white people watch or care about the fucking Bachelor as a concept for a show. Specifically, white Americans, the type of person this show is made for. I've known women who would completely turned off by dudes like this.

he's right

>be a virgin (for incels and 75% of this board)
Who the fuck cares what we think? Stfu, nobody in real life is forcing you to be a virgin. Most guys couldn't care less or would even be put off by it.
>be childless
well duh, nobody wants to deal with another man's child you dumb fuck. Don't make babies with random men you fuck, don't start families if you are unable to commit to a long term relationship and it won't be a problem.

Even so, literally none of those things are prohibitive. Fat, ugly, dumb single moms end up with guys who support them all the time.

True. I hate short hair, beards, and brown hair. My ideal guy would be something that looks like pic related.

The only time I husbandoed someone that looks like OP’s image is Andre Villas Boas but that was also because I was in love with his personality/accent/being the youngest manager in the EPL.

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The amount of women that are undatable due to looks is much smaller than the amount of men that are undatable because of looks.

Now this doesn't mean that these men can't get dates, just that they have to offer something else. Only the absolute cream of the crop men can get dates off looks alone, everyone else needs to be either charming, or charismatic, or confident, or funny, or have money, etc etc. Girls just have to pretty themselves up and bang, dates.

Come in now, David Tennant is a good looking guy. how autistic do you have to be to dissect his facial features like that?

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Do you know how many women have plastic surgery because they feel they don’t feel they meet the standards? Especially in Korea. At most all men will have is rhinoplasty.

The lies that gay psyops tell. Women care less about looks than men. Incels do not get girls because they are ugly on the inside: angry violent entitled psychopaths.

Korea has the highest rates of surgeries for both sexes because they're a profoundly fucked society with an unhealthy obsession with beauty. But it's not really representative.

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>women care less about looks than men
Tell that to the 80% of men that get swiped left on Tinder

[Citation needed]

You will post a source for this right? Incel cult mantras are not evidence.

Stop being obtuse, you dumb cunt. The only reason why posted a thread about "beauty standards" is because you're fat. You are not getting matches on Bumble because you are a tub of lard who does not have the discipline to stop drinking and start exercising.


It's not that fucking hard. Cut out the booze, stop eating so much, and go running every morning. You can do this in less than three months.

Do you really want to know the beauty standards that we men have? They're not what you think. Our standards are nowhere close to the standards that women have for us.

>don't be fat
>don't have too many body mods (tats, piercings, etc)
>don't have kids


Now, let's compare those to the standards that women have for men.

>don't be fat
>don't look too young
>don't look too old
>have muscles and definition like swimmers
>have model-tier facial symmetry
>absolutely no receding hairlines
>must look tall
>must look "darker" or rugged
>must look presentable or rich
>must look sociable
>must look confident and trustworthy


Just lose weight, bitch.

Can you take your incel blog somewhere else please?

swing and a miss, fatty

>Men also judge attractiveness on factors beyond just anatomy, though in general, men are nearly three times as likely to swipe “like” (in 46 percent of cases) than woman (14 percent).

Seems like 20% was an exaggeration actually.

What if you're not white or don't pass as white

All of the womens things merely require using products and not eating too much. Male stuff like be tall and have big penis are genetic

They're not. People have different ideas of what is attractive to them, and if you have other good traits people are likely to find you attractive despite not being perfect physically.

Then you better have a huge dick

For men the criteria are
>don't be an incel
That's it. All you have to do is not be a raging autistic sperg with no job who posts all day in the internet about how he wants to rape and murder women.

>if you want effortless sex
This is why these threads never go anywhere. Girls aren’t looking for effortless sex, they are looking for effortless commitment. Guys, vice versa. That’s why girls say “not true, you don’t have to have those things for girls to go on a date with you” DATE being sussing out you as a person, NOT sex. And guys say “not true, you don’t need all those things for guys to go on a date with you.” DATE meaning one night stand NOT commitment.

I mean but that's just how things work.

Guys will always put in more effort because they want sex way more than women do.
Women want commitment for some reason I still don't understand since now they can live by themselves much easier. This is probably what's causing marriage rates to drop.

So essentially you have men who want a partner and then women who don't really want anything, they can get easy sex whenever, they can raise children by themselves and they don't have to raise their boyfriend as well while they do that.

>Women want to be single moms
This is what incels actually believe.

Why do men want sex? Because they just do. It’s the same for women wanting a committed relationship.

Looks play a much larger role in hookup culture, especially when that's the only thing the tinder lets you judge the person on!

Nobody is saying that being attractive isn't important, but given the chance, you can make up for it. Status, charisma, confidence, charm, money, power, and dominance all play a role, it's just that tinder isn't the best platform to showcase these traits.

Because it feels good and our brains tells us to do that. The craving for sex is a lower level emotion than wanting a commited relationship, the first one is just a bodily function while the later one is a social function.

That's not what I said at all, I just said that women do not need men for anything realistically anymore thanks to our incredibly atomized society. Though I have personally met 2 women throughout my life that actually WANTED to be single moms.

>Because it feels good and our brains tells us to do that.
Literally why women want committed love. They really are not that different. Both are evolved desires that increased the likelihood of having successful children.

>be tall
That excludes 85% of men

Look, I'm going to be honest. Do not post on Jow Forums(nel) about men. They are 100% all sexually frustrated, bitter losers that want to make you feel bad about yourself.

My advice....love yourself as you are and the right man will walk into your life.

height is such a meme.
t. 6'3 26 khv

Which is why nobody takes that meme seriously except for closeted incels.

>be childless
well no shit
unless you're a widow its a neon sign that tells us either you chose a bad partner and had a child with him or you drove the previous partner away

It's still different though, commited love is a higher level emotion. It makes sense when women can't do shit by themselves like before, but now that they can do everything by themselves having to take care of a man on top of their child is a bad idea.
The pleasure of a commited relationship comes from the same place I assume than having good friends, or being able to spend time with people you like.

On the other hand for men wanting release is just a bodily function. In fact it's a complete need for men since if we don't cum we will simply cum in our sleep. We're hardwired to always want to put our dicks in wet holes.

Being tall is a plus, but being 5'8+ usually isn't a minus. Under 5'8 really depends on the girl.

5'8" is in the optimum height range, height quickly becomes a minus when you go over 6'.

>height quickly becomes a minus when you go over 6
No, it doesn't.
It does when you're over 6'4"-6'5", maybe, but till then no one complains about it. 5'7" to 6'3" is all good.

My boyfriend is 6'3" and he never had any issues finding girls. Sadly.

I'm 5'8" and I feel what you said is a lie.

Your boyfriend is an exception to the rule then. And besides women don't care about physical appearance as much as men do so someone who is physically unattractive can still get girls with charisma and confidence.

>Your boyfriend is an exception to the rule then
Lol, no he's not. I've never met a tall guy who struggles a lot to get laid, unless he was incredibly fat or incredibly ugly.
Being tall, unless you're freakishly tall, is a plus while dating. Being short is not terrible, don't get me wrong, but being tall certainly doesn't make things harder.

>women don't care about physical appearance as much as men do
Yes, we do care. It's absolutely ridiculous to say we don't.
We like fucking hot guys, there's nothing wrong with it.

Old women aren't beautiful.

You are so obviously a larping male kek.

Yeah, proposing the groundbreaking opinion that women aren't blind and having sex with a man they find attractive physically is something they tend to enjoy makes me a larping man.
You're full of shit.

Being taller can make it a bit harder to look muscular, but as long as you have medium-high test you should be fine. Being over 6' is not a minus.

I'm 5'8 too. I wish I was maybe 2 inches taller, but in all honestly, 5'8 is not *that* bad. It's a completely average (maybe a bit below average) height, and is taller than most wamen anyway.
>inb4 cope

It really isn’t that different. And even if it’s “higher level” you still concede that it’s an emotional desire, which can’t be rationalized away. It’s just there. Even though our environment has changed, our brains have not. It’s like saying, why do men even want sex anymore? It makes no sense because they have porn and their hands and even toys so there’s no reason to want to have sex.

Your grandma sucks mean booty hole

Losers like to think reality works like a tv show, where they can just assume shit is true and it magically is. Like how he thinks women aren’t the same as men when it comes to sexual attraction.
We might prefer different things but the emotion and sexual intentions behind women tend to run parallel with human beauty standards set by men.

>women aren’t the same as men when it comes to sexual attraction.
>whats is hypergamy

men need to be successful or talented to have an attractive woman, so if him being picky is a problem then you’re focusing on the wrong thing. Women get everything out of a relationship, men get what’s offered though consent. So if the relationship’s dynamic of power centers on a woman’s sexual attractiveness, chances are she deserves to be treated like a whore. Trophy wives are worthless to real men who want a partner instead of a fuck doll.

Just to be clear: I don't think that looks are *everything*.
I love my boyfriend as a person. He's my best friend, he's incredibly intelligent and funny, I spend days laying in bed and talking to him and it makes me, genuinely, the happiest I've ever been.
I also can say that if he was 5'4", fat, and had a pizza face I wouldn't be dating him. I can also say that if he was flipping burgers for a living and was content with that I wouldn't be dating him. I can also say that if he wanted to have a polygamous relationship, or hated kids, I wouldn't be dating him.
I date with the intent of marriage, and as much as I love him as a person it takes more than having a pleasant personality for a relationship to work.

Maybe you should research it yourself.
>Hypergamy is a term used in social science for the act or practice of a person marrying a spouse of higher caste or social status than themselves.
Women don't typically marry rich men because they're sexually attracted to them.

Until you have experience I suggest leaving the parroting of counter productive ideas to people more pathetic than you.

Being honest and communicating your intentions at the start is a good way to save time and stress. You’re not a ride or die type girlfriend and that’s not really a bad thing. It’s rare to find someone who’s loyal though good and bad.

I guess in a way you're right. I still don't think women have nearly the same interest in finding a partner as men do. Women tend to be much happier alone than men.

That's not true at all. I love him to death. I've been by his side through any shit life has thrown at him: I lent him money when he was broke, cleaned his mother's ass when she got surgery, I was by his side after his father died. I'd do anything for him.
I wouldn't do this for a random guy who is funny to talk to.
He's the one I choose to be loyal to because he has the personality I like, the looks I like, the values I care for and wants the same things in life that I want.
It'd be stupid to invest as much as I did on him if he wasn't the full package for me.

>raging autistic sperg with no job who posts all day in the internet about how he wants to rape and murder women.
that's like 1% of incels

>weak chin
what the fuck are you smoking lmao

That’s a decent looking white guy, it’s over for me (Indian male)

Bullshit. Personality works for any race.

If "indian" defines you it was over you right in the begining.

People don't date "white" "black" or "indian". Or at least people who aren't completely braindead. Your looks are just a dimension of you as a person. For every lookwise attractive male there is a similiar attractive woman lookwise and vice versa for less attractive people. If you feel unattractive lookwise go for a woman who has a similar level of attraction.