I body slammed my sister last night and now she won't talk to me... How do i make it up to her?

I body slammed my sister last night and now she won't talk to me... How do i make it up to her?

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she's secretly turned on by it. body slam her again.

slam her body

A good slap on the ass

Is she a younger sister or an older sister?

Twin sister...

I'm afraid I can't offer any advice then. All I know is that if your little sister hates you, you can mend the relationship by playing eroge with her.

Fuck her. She's your twin. She must want that genetically-same cock.

Don't body slam people, geez.

Now, you can only really just ask for forgiveness. You're siblings, so forgiveness is part of the deal, but jesus christ user why did you bodyslam her?

If it has anything to do with drinking/drugs, cut that shit now. If you have anger issues, go see a psychologist now. You might not be able to repay your sister for what you're done, but you should at least show her that you're taking the right steps to fix your problems.

Can you stop? I really need advice here I feel horrible. I have anger issues...

I have dominated my niece, she loved it, she begged to take her virginity. And here you are, crying that your sister is mad because you bodyslammed her. Say sorry you cuck and stay the fuck away from her, I'll fuck her for you.

You're fucking disgusting. You made me feel sick

Tell her next time she fucks with you it's the Dutch oven then body slam her again.

>made me sick
this is the only post on this thread that got a laugh from me

sex her hard in the bussy

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That's really fucked up what you did.

pull the classic “you hungry?” or just offer something small like that. you could just plain apologize lmao

So why did you bodyslam her? What was the argument about?

Based rapist

I was already pissed off from the video game I was raging at and was shouting, you know the usual, "fucking bitch game", "fuck!!!" She got pissed off at me making so much noise and we got into a shouting match. I just couldnt take it anymore and slammed her into the floor. I instantly felt really really fucking bad about it cause she started crying right away

You think i dont fucking know that?

Apologize to her, and get some help for your anger issues. An apology only matters if you take steps to change what caused you to need to apologize in the first place. If you can get some coping mechanisms in place for your anger, you can demonstrate that you are at least trying to treat her better going forward and that you are actually sorry.

ur the alpha male in the house, do it again to assert dominance