How do I stop feeling too old for nintendo and anime at 25...

How do I stop feeling too old for nintendo and anime at 25? Apparently there's nothing wrong with it but I feel way too old. I can't enjoy these things or admit that I like them to anyone because I'm ashamed. I don't want to be seen as a man child, but nerd culture is huge and nobody seems to be ashamed of it so I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't feel bad.

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social programming is a bitch like that.
spend some time thinking about how stupid it is to feel this way when nobody that actually cares about what you do in your free time like that is anyone that you would actually care about yourself.

remember that your not a kid anymore and you have real responsibilities. you can still be an adult and be into this stuff (anime is kinda a grey area because it's literally designed for children/teens). being an adult is more than just your interests; it's having a level of discipline, putting work first, getting shit done properly, remembering important dates and times, being punctual, getting a good night's sleep and taking care of yourself, being mature. you can still play video games and be an adult, what do you think a majority of the OG gaming generation did?

you are too old for that shit. nintendo markets their products to children. anime is not for 25-year-olds who are supposed to be working and being adults.

You are too old for Nintendo and anime at 25. Your instincts are telling you to move on.

why are there so many millennials who think this shit is so amazing then? they are shameless. they don't seem to care about anything other than having fun either. i want to have fun and be cool but i don't want to look developmentally stunted either.

>why are there so many millennials who think this shit is so amazing then?

because they're low T faggots, bro

you're trying to rationalize getting involved in kiddie shit

grow the fuck up

this is kind of a bad place to expect any real advice on this subject since a lot of people on here are doing the same thing and are convinced that not enjoying the things they like are a key to a better life instead of learning to accept themselves and working around that.

i don't think i should be listening to someone who still says faggot

By getting over your insecurities. Plenty of gamers and anime fans are in their 30s or older.

I'm around that age and still play a video game when I have the time. Anime is something I'm not really that into anymore because there's not much I like in the medium so it was easier to let that go.

>crying over the tone of an argument


it's a little late for you to try to come off as mature in this thread, bro

you've already made up your mind about embracing your identity as a manchild

I'm 31 and I enjoy making Mario maker 2 levels. No shame baby.

nice quads

Life is trash. Do what you want, and do not care what anyone thinks, why would you? At the end of day it's your life. Your insecurity ultimately is , what will he neighbors think? Are you gonna let people you don't know run your life? If they don't like what you're into, than fuck them.

You can enjoy whatever you want. But if you feel bad, remember that 30 year olds regularly go to see PG13 Superhero movies.

Times have changed.

>teehee, just shit in diapers and act like a mong, it doesn't matter, YOLO, life is short, i have no friends and spent $400 on anime figurines last month, lol what is an insurance copay, idk better ask reddit, adulting is hard XD

you sound this gay, bro

you're not a fucking rebel or a free man

you're just a faggot

Just don't define yourself by it. Be interesting and be interested in other things as well. That being said if you support the MCU religiously without shame you are beyond saving

Your performative masculinity and need to belong is the true prison. You are weak

Few things to be said.

First, educators, government, advertisers, and parents were not prepared for new technology and decided it'd be just a fantastic flippin' idea to engage in widespread psychological warfare against children and everyone did it.

By putting the idea of adolescence; which is the prolonging of when someone becomes an adult (self-reliant) to moderate and develop their thinking; on a pedistal and driving that sucker in there so hard they've created a generation of permanent children. Even corporate america encourages this; bean bag chairs and low pay where you can play games at work because hey kids, we're never going to be able to pay you adult wages.

Some of this is economics; you can subjugate a country by invading it or by bribing its politicians to allow your country to flood it with junk. The "Ideological subjugation" program the Russians engaged in against us in the 60's and some of the plans they came up match with what the universities are saying and doing.

As those kids hit their 20's and 30's they catch on, and began demanding a real life. Many of them are _heavily_ armed with zero patience.

Being an adult means you have responsibilities; some people are very good with their responsibilities, others no so much. If you have recreational or hobby time, and video games are it, more power to you but there are clear boundaries. E.G. Don't get addicted to WOW like a gambler. If you are staying up late to play and not looking after your health, it's a bad wrap.

based schizo tinfoil poster

Thanks buddy

>at the end of the day it's your life
Don't be hard to get
It's a free (FREE!) WOOOORLD

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Most anime is bad and Nintendo is only fun when you’re a kid so it’s natural to be over it especially if you have seen and played the classics already

>anime is designed for kids/teens
How is an entire artistic medium for kids/teens, especially when there is three entire genres dedicated solely to a target audience of adults

Millenials are the least developed and mature generation yet. I don't think basing your standards on the equivalent of giant babies will lead you to a happy place.

Let's see. Bright colors, young actors, simple messages, focuses on what children like, and repetitive. Yes, that stuff is for kids.

>not finding a Nintendo otaku gf and playing games and watching anime together for hours
>not getting married and having a ton of kids that you get to introduce all of your favorite classic games and shows to
>not having the perfect excuse to keep up with new shows and games by doing it together with your kids
Come on OP