What can I do for a lonely teenage girl?

What can I do for a lonely teenage girl?

I'm in a play at a community theater and there's this girl who I get the feeling is pretty sad and lonely. I don't know how old she is, maybe 13. I saw her talking to her mom one time and she just seemed like the saddest kid. Talking to her tonight and she kind of casually brought up that she has trouble making friends and the one friend she has might be moving away soon. I just feel so bad for her and I don't know what I can do. I guess I'm too old to be her friend really, but I just don't want her to be depressed all the time. She has a closet full of Panic! at the Disco t-shirts if that gives you an idea of the kind of kid she is.

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Get a list of interests and be a friend man, I had tons of older friends (tho I'm a guy and they were guys).

I don't make friends too easy either, but I feel like this girl's so lonely I just want to listen to her talk about whatever she's interested in just so she can tell it to someone. She needs friends her own age, I'm 23. I just don't know what else I can do for her. I've been lonely too and I know it's not good.

Nothing. Fucking stay away.

Talk to her mom about it and say you are worried, ask if there is anything you could do

She is in a transitional point of her life, once she starts high school she will probably find a new friend group.

I'm not trying to be her best friend or anything. Just make her a little happier.

Don't be a creep, say hi and keep your distance. Real life is not an anime series where you guide some loli to happiness.

When I was between 12 and 15, it was friends between 20 and 40 who saved my life.
I was literally counting down the days to college in a journal every single day, cause college was when I thought I could get out of my parents house without getting disowned entirely. I was contemplating throwing myself under the subway every single day.
It was in those days when there were less people on the internet, so somehow I ended up in some online community... We ended up meeting up irl regularly. 10-15 people, all aged between 20 an 40 except me, young girl. It was a breath of fresh air. People with similar interests to me, living and breathing people, those who survived the teenage years. I was still counting down the days until collage, but slowly I stopped constantly planning suicide.

(Btw this is why I would never give advice on suicide over here, except telling people I love them. I know it meant the world to me that there were people who acknowledged my existence, unlike my parents or the people at school.)

Sorry about that. Glad you're doing better now. Yeah, I'm thinking I should just make a point to talk to her when I see her and try to make her laugh. I don't know her that well, and I don't know how depressed she really is, but I at least want her to be aware that people would be really sad if she died, though I wouldn't want to spell that out.

Yeah, no. Too sketchy. You might mean well, but if you really want to help you’ll introduce her to some girls her own age and stay away. Preferably do nothing.

>doesent make you seem creepy
>if the gorl knows your a fren of her mom she will feel better about you.

but sence she is 13 its probably just a phase we all go through

It’s called being a teenager. Mind your own business

keep us updated plz :)

How do you find community plays to be in? I wanted to be in one but idk where to lose.

I guess you just look up and see if there's a community theater in your area. They're usually very happy to get new people.

She might not even be depressed, who knows. Point is don't feel creepy for talking to her. Anything more is a big no-no, but just talking is cool.

Ehh... But if a 13 year old is actually sad, then it mostly will do with shitty parents. So it's not always a great idea. Talking with the mom just to feel out whether she is an asshole or not would be a good idea, but to speak to her about concerns might fire back.

Sounds like she has interests that might be shared by other people. She'll probably find some emo girls or theater kids to be friends with in high school. At least in my high school every Panic! at the disco fan seemed to now each other. If you want my advice as a female social outcast I'd say get her mom to take her to therapy. It's not always the parent's fault though, my family is great and normal it was just me. I think therapy would have helped me not become the recluse I am.

You're heart's in the right place, just be extremely wary that a grown man trying to have a friendship with a 13 year old girl is going to look very inappropriate
Maybe get her a book she'd like or something

Just talk to her. It's pretty much all you can do. She'll appreciate it. Make sure you introduce yourself to her mom. Compliment her infront of her mom saying aomething like "Your daughter is very [blank]"