Why you hate virgins?

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No sensible person hates virgins, but it's reasonable to dislike the attitude of perpetual victimhood that accompanies being an adult virgin

overheard girls saying they hate virgins "because they get too clingy after they fuck"

Fuck off gay psyops.

That's fucking sad. The release of hormones that happens when you have sex creates a strong attraction to that person, and the more people you fuck the weaker that response gets. That's the real reason that the sexual revolution is a threat to the nuclear family. Sex and love should never have been separated



Have sex, incel

I'm married to a wonderful traditional woman you faggot

Bless you man

Good for you. And now get off this board

No :)

>Sex and love should never have been separated
you don't want to get a spouse just because you're craving for sex virgin, right?

You sound angry. Is your life unfulfilling?

You sound dumb, so I pretty much can ask you the same question.

No one hates virgins.

People hate those that moan and think they're entitled to something they've done absolutely nothing to earn. Sex is an act of mutual interest, if you have no value on the sexual market then you can only blame yourself. If you're physically flawed beyond repair (i.e. disabled) then I feel sorry for you, but for those that aren't, they're responsible for their own situation and should stop whining about it.

i think a true bro would counsel and help their virgin bros if they decide to talk openly about romantic matters. However whining and weakness should not be bared in front of women or womanish men lest they gossip and undermine your attempts at rehabilitation. Female bros exist but you have to be discerning before you risk confiding in them.

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>the attitude of perpetual victimhood that accompanies being an adult virgin
You probably meet virgins every now and then without even realizing it. Not every permavirgin is perpetually butthurt about it, many get used to it and stop caring.

Nobody hates virgins, we hate that virginity has become synonymous with childlike entitlement complexes
And then they start saying 'well all the NORMAL PEOPLE' as if nobody but them deals with any kind of trauma or pain, and then if you call them the fuck out on it and corner them where they know full well they fucked up and don't have any idea what they're fucking on about, and then they pull some goddam ad hom out and backpedal like it's going out of style. Fucking amazing.

The problem with whining is nobody likes it. They might like the person whining, but they won't like the whining. And that's the problem with many virgins nowadays is they're just permanently stuck on whine mode

normal person would not insist on their partner to bi virgin. if they point out the importance of virginity that means they insecure as fuck or even worse - are going to manipulate

Where can I find my mythical chad bf (best friend)?

I'll be it

chads are typically a 50/50 divide between being total bros and douchebags.

You sound really fucking young. You will eventually hate your wife because humans aren't meant to be around each other constantly for long periods of time.

Ironically enough people who end up alone without kids are the ones more prone to suicide.

This but to an extent. If you discover your partner has had an abnormally high number of sexual encounters that's a huge redflag.

I'm married to a wonderful traditional woman (I orded from a sex doll store) you faggot
fixed that for you

I found mine in middle school, but he wasn't a chad then. People change, my man.