Why is polygamy so frowned upon?

Why is polygamy so frowned upon?

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This is a question which is possible two write a doctorate thesis trying to answer it.

The short answer is 'culture'.

Because a man having more than one woman gives him the upper-hand in the relationship because he can just ignore one and spend time with the other if she isn't acting right. Same thing with feminism, women want as much upper hand as they can get and knowing some where out there, a polygamist has more power in the relationship, by a lot, and this makes women feel insecure. Just like how women trash talk players yet women fuck players, it makes them subconsciously react. Women are just selfish, entitled creatures who can't be genuinely objective in their thinking because their emotions dictate everything they do.

Also most women sre cowards and can't really confront anything head on. They justify lying a lot, because they consider anything that benefits themselves a "white lie". Women need empowerment because on their own they're weak and powerless, hence feminism.

I'm beginning to think muslims are onto something

It creates a lot of tension within the family between wives. If they feel like a lot of the attention and resources go to another wife and her children, things get bad. People are naturally jealous and want as much of their partner (and their resources) for themselves. This is why you get weird ritual exorcism shit in polygamous cultures like that in Africa. Wives accuse other wives of being possessed by evil spirits. And in more modern countries, a polygamous marriage doesn’t really benefit the wives like it might in another society or cultural setting. One huge problem with polygamy, though, is that it inevitably creates a huge underclass of single, poor men with no prospects of marriage or children. These men often times become violent, and you need to send them somewhere. Polygamous cultures are often perpetually at war for this reason. The rich, powerful men get all the women, and the rest of the men are sent off to die fighting.

It is worse for society. It is bad for women, for men and for children.
Women become replaceable. Most men stay single and don't reproduce. Children don't benefit from getting love from their parents.

Because of adulterous self destructive behavior in those communities. It’s also child abuse to force them to live in cramped conditions so your 3 other families can share a roof.

Because people are selfish

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Because it's dumb, plain and simple.
>Adding humans in number invariably fucks things up-- invariably, to the point of it being comical, large numbers of people just end up in shit getting broken and costs racking up high
>but somehow, my interpersonal relationships will be spared this

Adding more humans has always been a recipe for fuckassery. Monogamous marriages fuck up enough because people suck ass at communicating.
Polygamy has proven time and time again that people just aren't capable of this. You might get the odd ducks but they're never the twenty-plus-year stories that come outta the woodwork for monogamy, they're always just tales of maybe five years of success before someone got bored, lost spare time, or just plain wanted to move on to novel plateaus.
Meanwhile, polygamy defense is usually just something along the lines of seething cope laced with thinly-veiled ad hominem, and ends up being yet another stroke of proof against its own case, where most people who espouse polygamy are not terribly well-matured or worldly people, and tend to come from a background of entitlement and self-importance.

Then you get the people who say 'iz our NATUR we AMMINULS' and it's just like holy shit then fag, go scrounge dumpsters and sleep on the ground like an animal then. Fucking Marie Antoinettes over here picking and choosing the shit they want to admit to in life.

Do your parents know you’re gay?


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The social consequences of polygamy are too complex, but I think polygamy is taboo because women are afraid they won't get enough attention. For instance we can use the example of birds to illustrate polygamous marriage. If the owner (husband), feeds (gives attention to) each of the birds (wives) properly, the relationship between wives themselves and between their husbands remains healthy. Otherwise the birds would start hating each other and the owner too. I think it's fair to point out that a wife wouldn't think of the quality of the relationship between the other wife and her husband, provided she gets enough attention herself. In her eyes, the other wife is like any normal woman. She might become here enemy or her friend, depending on their character and that of their husband.

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The only winning move is to not play.

Because men can't handle sharing "their" women.

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This goes the same for women. It's why men get accused of cheating all the time.


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>thread consists of virgins who believe they could actually land numerous women

Lmao, the only thing that will happen once polygamy becomes acceptable is women will be able to name their most dutiful and useful beta orbiters boyfriends. Average men will become husband #1, 2, 3, 4... for the woman's (and her children's) benefit, while only top 1% tier men, who are rich enough to provide similar financial backing as all those 10 husbands together, will be able to maintain numerous female partners (and only temporarily of course, until she becomes tired of him and returns to being the boss of a flock of men).

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Nah, women just know men will fuck anything with a hole at the first opportunity. It's a convenient and common reason/excuse to serve divorce papers once the marriage grows stale.

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>be bird owner
>bird loves me and is attached at my hip but I can’t be with it all day
>get it a cage mate
>birds pair-bond and want nothing to do with me anymore
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Wut. Most people itt are talking about why polygamy is bad.