Should I be worried since my transgender gf recently showed me a knife and she said she'll kill me and then kill...

Should I be worried since my transgender gf recently showed me a knife and she said she'll kill me and then kill herself if I ever broke up with her.

It's partly my fault. She saw my texts with a girl I've been hooking up with.

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It's 50% your fault since you (1) got into a relationship with a mentally ill human being to begin with and (2) you broke his hearth.

Get some help and tell somebody. Even if: People break up all the time and they continue living. It's not your bs. Shit like that should drive you away from him.


how worried should I be? Surely she might be bluffing that she might kill me. She did scratch my arm.

Extremely. She's threatened to kill you, she has the means and is clearly unhinged. Leave now

No man. Stay until his psyche snaps entirely and he'll harm you or himself.

What do you expect? That faggot threatened to kill you. He has trust issues now and will watch every of your steps, start accusing you of crap you didn't do and get paranoid as fuck.

Escape and get yourself checked for stds, gayfugee.

You're a victim of domestic abuse, I hope you get out of it. Try going to a women's shelter and ask if they can point you towards resources to help you in your situation.

found the transphobe

The good news is statistics are on your side and she'll probably just an hero.
The bad news is you're emotionally broken enough to date a tranny so you're probably fucked when it happens.

Oh rly I'm transphobic how could u tell you faggot?

baited lol

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>Extremely. She's threatened to kill you, she has the means and is clearly unhinged. Leave now

Well what can I do. My friends would probably laugh at me and tell me this is what I get for dating a tranner. While my family disowned me already.

>transgender gf
>mentally ill
What did you expect from someone who couldn't accept himself for who he was so he chopped his own dick off and shoves a dildo up the open wound he calls his vagina at night? A happily ever after with dog and 3 kids in a home you built together on some acreage?


Not afraid of them, I just don't cater to mental illness. If they can't accept who they are why should I accept who they aren't? Faggot

not a mental illness lol

Report it to the police idiot

>all these ad hominem attacks and not a single one to help OP

I'm not surprised why a lot of people hate trannies.


Listen OP this is very important.
You must not stay in this relationship any longer. It is obviously abusive and can only end badly for you.
Here is what I would do if I were you, and this is very difficult so bear with me. I would get a gun somehow. Borrow it from a friend that owns one, he will surely understand if you explain the situation. Bring it concealed with you. Break up with the tranny personally. If it attacks you, then you know what to do. In fact you better hope it does attack you because that gives you the right to kill it, and killing it is the only way to guarantee you a good night's sleep.
Now I am well aware of how difficult it is to pull this plan off. At the very least, though, I urge you to get a gun, it can save your life. The problem with just owning a gun and breaking up is that the tranny can kill you when you have your guard off, so I'd be very careful with that and even take baths with the gun by my side.
The other more peaceful solution is to break up in a public place. Then report the situation to the police. But this will put your life at risk.
And by the way, if you do get out of that alive somehow, I urge you to never get involved with mentally ill beings again. You think the people who warned you were fools or stupid? Well there it is, it turns out they were right and just wanted the best for you.
Let me say this again: GET A GUN. Don't trust anyone else or any other organization to guarantee your safety. And if it ever lunges at you, SHOOT TO KILL (though you should shoot to kill in any occasion, it is especially true for this one)

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autism speaks

Oh and by the way the more reasonable solution would be to do all these.
Get a gun.
Break up in a private place if you are feeling courageous to kill it. But be careful, it is known that someone armed with a knife can effectively survive gunshots for enough time to kill anyone within a 5-meter radius, so shoot it as soon as it reaches for a sharp object. If you are too scared, then break up in public where it can't hurt you too badly without others getting involved.
Report this situation to the police. It helps if you recorded the break-up and thus produced evidence of its threats.
Lock your house really well, practically barricade it, so that it is impossible to infiltrate it without producing a lot of noise.
Keep your gun by you at all times. And of course, learn how to shoot.
Cooperate with the police to see what they can do.
Stay on alert for at least a few months. After that I'd start lowering my guard, but I would never completely lower it until I know it is dead. As someone else said here statistics are on your side and there are good odds it will kill itself.


>Dates a mentally ill person
>Said person does crazy things
This is why you don't date trannies or crazy chicks.



Why does name fagging happen in Jow Forums of all places?

im pretty popular around here honestly. it just clears a lot of things up for everyone

Install 4chanx
Do pic related

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Thank you friend

>dating a trannie

Lol isn't that a bit too much? I mean I still care of my gf still.

Also me and my gf lives in the same house.

good job, a lot of people would kill to have a yandere gf

no but really call the police she said she's going to FUCKING KILL YOU


Trannies don't count

Get her mental help you idiot.


Yes. Get out of there bc do not forget, you're dealing with a GUY who scientifically pulls a bigger punch than your average girl. Get out, if the thing comes back, go to the cops and get a restraining order. Cut the negativity out of your life like the trannies cut their dicks off.

>Lol isn't that a bit too much?
It flaunted a weapon on you, threatened to kill you and even hurt your arm. Use. Your. Fucking. Brain.
>Also me and my gf lives in the same house.
Is it your house? Kick it out.
If it's its house, move out.

OP need help himself for even hooking up and going along with the tranny delusion


Don't stick your dick in a crazy, especially one that's willing to cut one off. Get out of there OP. Get the fuck out of there.

What did you really expect dating a guy who vaguely resembles a woman? I can tell you don't really feel anything for him because you cheated presumably with a real woman.

As they should. Imagine having a faggot son dating a man who thinks he's a girl. Thats so rich, I'm proud of your parents.

Ignoring the transgender issue, if your partner is threatening you with a deadly object - call the police, maybe hide out at a friend or family's house for a while if need be. The embarrassment you might feel explaining the situation to them is not worth you being injured or losing your life in case she does try and attack you.

her heart

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