Been with my gf for just over 8 months

been with my gf for just over 8 months.

when am I supposed to tell her that I've got 3 girls on my monthly donation payroll? 1 from YouTube, 1 from twitch and 1 is a camgirl.

mind you I don't watch or consume their media nor do I chat to them or have contacted them. just thought they were cool the first few times I saw them and started donating. it's only $1 each a month so $3/month. and I'm thinking of adding this fat dude off YouTube that does ASMR vids. just saw a vid of him making clapping ASMR sounds and thought it was amusing. I don't actually do ASMR btw.

I didn't think it was a big deal but mentioned it in another thread and by the reaction it kind of has me thinking it might be a big deal to my gf

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You don't. You also shouldn't fucking donate to them

That would definitely be a deal breaker if my bf did that

idk which is worse
The fact that the amount is so neglegable that you could sum it up to "Donating a random $3 to entertainment content creators because you can"
or that if your gf were to get mad over it, and instead allocate that $3 towards herself or something better in your life, that's at max like 2 dollar menu items plus tax..

really? why though?

mind you I don't really consume their media. probably last time was maybe a month or 2 after I decided to donate. any maybe check some highlight vids every now and then. nor have I sent a DM or contacted them directly or participated in the chat boxes

it's literally one of those donate and forget sort of situations

I would discreetly get rid of the donations and never mention it again. Youre not doing anything wrong but its also kind of weird to bring this up 8 mo in

wtf is wrong with you? giving money to e-thots or youtubers is the most pathetic shit imaginable

thats even worse. youre not even buying a service. youre literally a cuck

how about if I phase out the girls and have the fat guy on my pay roll. or at least phase out the cam girl for the fat guy. would that make a difference?

think she would have a problem if she found out I was donating to this guy

think that would be much of an issue? I really still want to chip in for the other girls. me and my gf combined literally donated a lot more at church every Sunday so $3 a month shouldn't be that big a deal to help out a few other random strangers

what makes you want to give money to these pathetic people? why are you considering adding a new one?? the amount is irrelevant you could be giving a penny. the problem is being a cuck who gives shit away to worthless people

What about the youtube girl and twitch girl, who are they?
>one of those donate and forget sort of situations
Never heard of this before

YouTube singer

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twitch girl

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cam girl, though I'm thinking of dropping this one for the fat guy since porn is bad for you

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You're a faggot
don't waste any of your money on those worthless pieces of shit. Trust me, they don't appreciate it.


Your girlfriend will also not appreciate you funding a camgirl. If you just quietly stop it now you can say you forgot about it until ASMR guy reminded you and you realized it was dumb considering the circumstances of having her.

It's okay to enjoy but those people are living better than you are thanks to the cumulative of donations. You're not some noble hosting Casanova because he's a riot at a party and you got so much money it doesn't matter.

how do females get into relationships with disgusting male specimens like OP related? like is their intuition defective or something? some "hobby" this degen and seedy is bound to permeate into their personality elsewhere no? i once went on a date with a guy with a twitch account following mostly girls and the really fake egirl type... complete turn off, ended up ghosting him.

Ugh. That guy is 100% not cool

Can we copystrike pewdiepie?

Name and source please

Never say anything about this to anyone ever. It's kinda weird and reactions may vary . 3 bucks isn't a lot, but preferably stop donating money to to cam thots as well.

Youre donating to a fucking cam girl whilst you're in a relationship ofcourse she's going to go mental you fucking clown

It doesn't fucking matter that you don't consume their media anymore lol the fact that you're donating something to a random stranger brings more more questions about you than awnsers. Sure you're intentions are probably good, but look at your actions on a base level, you're giving away money to a whore who gets many from probably thousands of other losers trying to fuck her. It brings up too much weird questions about your character.

Time to cancel those.

>I willingly give money to people who have begged and pleaded with me and given me content, so I felt compelled, almost obliged

Hey OP, I'm trying to make some podcasts, wanna spare me a couple quid?

desu if I get some good vibes from your work I probably would