Is it healthy behaviour to be a contrarian?

Is it healthy behaviour to be a contrarian?

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No, having different opinions than the norm is pointless unless you have a well thought out ideology of life philosophy or something that grounds them in something stronger than just being different.

Nope. Lemmings are incapable of having different opinions and will actively avoid people who do. The majority of the people are soulless sheep, group animals and nothing more, which in and by itself already proves that democracy is the biggest lie that we were ever told. Lemmings are meant to be ruled over by smarter humans and shouldn't have any form of power.
Contrarians tend to be more of an individual than those who blindly follow society, but defining yourself as Contrarian outs yourself as just another lemming.

If your beliefs have a ground to stand on, sure. I have a few beliefs like that

What kind of beliefs user?

It depends how far you go with it.

Interjecting opposing beliefs at every opportunity like what you always see on the internet is retarded.
Jow Forums made it hard for me to talk to normies about tech.

Antinatalism, veganism and like 2 others

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Well you've listed two things that are extremely subjective and philosophical, so you aren't off to a good start...

it's actually the least healty behavior

good luck doing anything positive and healthy when you actively shit on them

They're not subjective. Murdering an animal is wrong and bringing something into existence without their consent is wrong too. They're no more as subjective than murdering someone.

*they are subjective

Right, they are subjective.
Morality is a human construct.
Everything is amoral. It's all nature doing what it does. And this is you making opinions based on your perception.
And this is me doing the same.
You can't claim absolute truths on philosophies and morals. All that's really real and constant is math and science. It's the only thing you can truly not be contrarian about.

I would argue that everything is moral including murder, torture, etc. If it's possible then it's part of the rules.

>You can't claim absolute truths on philosophies
>turns around and claims math is really real and constant and basically absolute
sure thing cuddles, prove to me that math is absolute and prove that the concept of math IS absolute truth. You know you can't as long as you define philosophies as less than absolute truths while claiming its derivative as absolute truth.
Also morality is a human construct and torturing an animal to death is exactly the same as cuddling sweetly with one, obviously...

Being a contrarian is a symptom of a mental illness.

Max cringe.

It is healthy to be a contrarian if the dominant culture is unhealthy.

>Interjecting opposing beliefs at every opportunity like what you always see on the internet is retarded.

This right here. I met a friend irl who had the 'Jow Forums' contrarian mentality, he would desperately try correcting and contradicting me at every opportunity - including innocuous shit like jokes or if I'd just recommend something like show/movie to him, suddenly he would materialize countless 0 context opinions to the contrary of what I said. Often times he would contradict himself. Almost every time he will start disagreeing before I've even finished my sentence or thought.

If anyone wants to be a contrarian just for the sake of disagreeing with people then expect those people to get absolutely sick of you and your shit. There's a time and place where being a contrarian or playing the devil's advocate is incredibly useful, such as business meetings or if someone is trying to flesh out their thoughts and welcomes differing thoughts, however when it comes down to hanging out with friends - don't pull that shit on them, you come across as a pompous prick and no one's ever going to want to talk to you, they know it's going to fall on deaf ears and be met with some snide opinion.

I have an IQ of 142, talking to the average person and listening to their opinions crushes my soul. If you follow the herd you're a moron.

since when is veganism contrarian lmao

It's predominately harmless.

as opposed to being a NPC sheep?