Info about me:

Info about me:
>had sex with only one girl in my life - my current girlfriend
>have a stable and high paying job for the past 4 years and saved up six figures, so I am not that much autistic
>still childlike mentality (described as "innocent" by my gf) - get excited by cheap things, like bottle of pepsi, or a $10 casio watch or $50 sunglasses, drive my car around city for no reason at night/day or go window shopping all day without buying anything
>when I walk I have the "virgin walk"
>ex mouth breather, but the damage to jaw bone structure can't be repaired

>37yo but looks a lot younger (when we buy alcohol they ask her for ID but not me!)
>very caring and is not afraid to call me a retard if I want to do something that is not "normie approved" in front of others
>very clean and tidy
>often cooks meals for us and makes my lunch for the next day
>never married
>I don't know anything about her previous boyfriends
>spent a couple years volunteering as a nurse in third-world countries after finishing uni
>travelled the world for another couple years when she saved up a lot of money from her nurse job back in japan
>wants babies in the next 2-3 years
>works hard and has a lot of savings too (once accidentally saw whats in her bank on her phone on the app)
>short (1.65m) and has a bit of short legs too. Small "almost flat" ass and small boobs

cont. in next post

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She went all around the world to get dick and live her international life and then settled on your loser autistic ass.
I know it, you know it. Youre still kinda young to change your life But you sound like a piece of shit so idk Do what you will

Show pics of her

We have been living together for more than a year now and everything is fine and the idea that we should get married and have kids soon is getting nearer everyday.
She's a very sweet girl and what most people would describe "wife material" (most of my friends do) and I know the age difference is big but I do not feel it at all when we are together.
However, I am really anxious and scared about having children. It is basically a "game over" for me and I feel like it is absolutely not fair that she had all those years to do whatever she wanted and travel wherever she wanted, while I will be locked-down from my early 20s!
I also get massive anxiety (feel lightheaded and could pass out if I don't control myself) when I look at other beautiful girls, who have a bit longer legs and a normal ass or boobs - I will be stuck with mine forever and as she gets 5 years older it will get exponential worse! I feel like I will miss out on a lot! I can't seem to accept this.
Also, how many sexual partners she had? How many boyfriends? Given her age, who knows what she had done!

I try to think that all of this thinking is because I had watched too much porn? Maybe?
We have a healthy sex life, we do it 2-4 times per week and it only takes me a couple of minutes to "finish" so I don't think I would be a partner that could satisfy a more sexy girl.

So, considering how I am 49% beta and 51% normie, should I just settle with her?
I can't get over the fact that I am settling with "old, used goods" but I feel like I should be so thankful that an autistic retard like me can have a stable and nice girlfriend.

What do?

2-4 times a week is pretty damn good user, oh and apparently the average time for sex is barely 4 minutes. Going for 15-20 is pretty rare unless foreplay is added on.

Well? Dont stay with her dumbass.

* 5 and half minutes

Exactly my thinking, however, I think "the red pill" is a bit too much extreme and not always the answer. Though I agree it did help me to get her in the first place (I used to go to gym everyday and improved my game). They say it's a numbers game after all. I had 2 girlfriends before her but it was without sex. Before that I was probably rejected atleast 50 times before I could even get a chance with a girl.

When we first started having sex I would finish in seconds but I would still stay rock hard so we would go another round or two...
Now I get limp after the first one. Guess I am not so young anymore

Might be better to stay with her instead of spending the rest of my life alone or settling down with an old hag who will abuse me or treat me like shit.

Op under normal conditions I would tell you to stick with her but she's 14 years older than you are. You were 4 years old when she entered uni. She's already at the age where she should have kids and
>Also, how many sexual partners she had? How many boyfriends? Given her age, who knows what she had done!
>while I will be locked-down from my early 20s
are legitimate concerns

She will hit the wall sooner than you think asian or not

She's a true gem considering
>works hard and has a lot of savings too (once accidentally saw whats in her bank on her phone on the app)

If you're going to let her down please let her down gently.

Low quality on purpose.
She has no wrinkles on her face despite her age and no plastic surgery done.

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Damn user, you did good lad. Put many hapas in her boy.

You got a good looking one op good luck with whatever you choose to do

37 is very old. Your children will have a higher chance of birth defects

looks like settling material to me

How did you too meet? Did you have any other gfs besides your current?

I had a good japanese friend (girl, we never liked each other romantically, it seemed we were both clear we are just friends without ever telling it) who invited me, some other friends and her friends to a dinner at friend's home, just to catch up on things and have a talk. That's where I met there.
A month later I make my birthday party, inviting pretty much the same people as the dinner. I spend some extra time with my future gf, but it all ends bad as I get too drunk, lock myself into one of the bathrooms and pass out.
Not a fucking good first impression.
A few weeks later I start chatting with her again, fast forward we go on 4 dates during the span of 4 weeks while chatting everyday as we are both busy and only have weekends off. We go "official" girlfriend+boyfriend and ONLY NOW she reveals she is 36 (I honestly thought she was something like 23-25 so I never questioned or cared about her age!!!)
Me, being a virgin, decide I must go all the way and atleast have sex before I break up with her because holy shit is she OLDDDD.
And as it turns out it became a fantastic relationship that's lasting more than 2 years, that compared to all my friends, is 99% drama free and always enjoyable.
Sorry, a bit too much.

Before her I had 2 girlfriends:
1st one was also virgin like me, we did most of the things except have sex because she didn't want sex before marriage. She broke up with me because she "lost interest in me". Probably because my pretend-normie facade got broken as I got more comfortable with her. Tho it's okay as she was really fatty and I was just desperate to get a girlfriend so anything would do for me.
2nd one was hand holds and kisses only. She broke up with me after a few weeks, because I wanted "to go further too fast".

Why the fuck is having kids game over? To me thats the beginning of my life

>t. a person who never had kids

It's the beginning of their life but the end of yours. At least until they move out who-knows-how-many years later.

I just dont understand the mentality of thinking kids are so much of a chore that your life ends. Your life doesnt end, you're living for your offspring and if you cant be happy about that then you shouldnt have kids

oh so your life doesn't end it just becomes an empty husk for your offspring to grow in, yeah that's much better

rice fever faggot lmao enjoy mutt kids if you stay with her

If you read what OP said, he is just a virgin who was desperate to have sex and have a girlfriend. He even settled for a fat one at first.
You can't have yellow fever when you have "I just want to lose virginity" fever

>a bit longer legs and a normal ass or boobs - I will be stuck with mine forever and as she gets 5 years older it will get exponential worse! I feel like I will miss out on a lot!
love or bullshit flesh desires, you choose.

but mommy all the boys at school told me big bazongers are all that matters

OP here.
That was one of my questions whether I am just so desensitized from porn, hentai and furries where everything is perfect.
There's also a fact that I haven't masturbated for 4 years now because the red pill and nofap convinced me that it is not productive and makes you more girly.
I still do though search for specific hentai pics or pr0nz because I see that no different from seeing a sexy girl young girl on the street or at the beach in her bikini.

She sometimes looks absolutely stunning when she prepares for some special occasion (dresses nice, does her hair etc), usually followed by amazing sex when we come back home for sleep. So this makes me think, this feeling of "SHE LOOKS 100% SEXY I WANT TO BONE HER" can be both simulated when I see her and when I see another girl. Difference is I might have 0% chance with a young girl while I already have a gf that will be happy to do it right now.
However, the fact is still there - I just feel stress, anxiety and brain-fog if I see another sexy girl, because I get reminded that I will be stuck with mine and I can't change it!
How can I stop feeling it? I must think realisticaly because I am not some gigga-Chad that can lay any girl he wants. But sometimes I still feel like it. I gotta crush this feeling... or find a new gf, which sounds horrible.

Well at least you're getting regular pussy. Now you can concentrate on your career.

>I just feel stress, anxiety and brain-fog if I see another sexy girl, because I get reminded that I will be stuck with mine and I can't change it!
>How can I stop feeling it?
Meditation, daily and consistently. Lower chakras.

base of the pelvis, genital region, belly button. Siddhasana.

Bro your young and settling for some older lady if anything you should be running the show your on the up shes going down. The children are at risk if anything they could be born autists n shit

The question is do you even want to settle? Can you just work out till your buff and dick down some normal pussy? You got money why not find some hobbies instead of worshiping some Asian old lady pussy.

I don't mean to be rude, but you're not much of a looker yourself. This girl is already above your league. Who cares how old she is? Learn to be satisfied with what you have in life rather than always thinking about how it could be better, otherwise you'll never be able to settle down.

>love or bullshit flesh desires, you choose.

Think about all her good qualities, then think about how many of these are manufactured/faked to please you and that she'll drop once she seals the deal because she's obviously desperate to get married and have kids at her age. I mean it's either that she's secretly not as great a person as you think she is or that somehow she's had bad luck and dated assholes who've pumped and dumped her for her entire life up to her 30s.

I've heard my fair share of stories about people changing after marriage from coworkers so you need to consider if you're also going to head down that path.

LOL faggot You will never be happy either way.

Hes 23 for fucks sake
Any dude who settles for a bitch 13 years older deserves whats coming for them

Both of u ugly af

He also looks like he has down's and should be happy that he could even land a girl who doesn't look like a walrus

Yeah he seems a bit stunted I kinda feel bad for him, hes almost self aware enough to see his situation for what it is... almost...

You are dating your mom OP and she won the power struggle at the very beginning. Never date a woman older than you.

The reason she hasn't settled down already is because she stayed on the cock caraousel for a very long time. She has had many sexual partners.

And you are probably a liberal and have resentment toward your mom and dad. Your mom, because she feminized you, and your dad, because he was absent or otherwise did not stop your mom from feminizing you.

Until you can forgive your parents, you will continue dating thots who are done with the Cock Carousel (Chads) and are looking for Beta Bucks (You).

She will cheat on you with Tyrone the first chance she gets, and divorce rape you if she can find an older man with more resources.

You've been warned.

Sorry but you are completely wrong on my parents part.
They both got married when they were 21 and had 2 children including me. They were both virgins afaik from what they tell when they are drunk sometimes. They are a perfect model family and I love both of them.
Mom is feminine and lovely.
Dad was strict but supportive.
It can't get better than that.
And yes, I am aware of the alpha fucks, beta bucks. The thing is she has a lot of money so she doesn't need mine. She also doesn't know how much I earn and I am stingy with my money.
I am willing to transfer all my savings to dad if we do get married so she can't divorce rape me.
Hell, right now my car and my house is officially written on dad's name even though I bought it with my own money and I am in complete control of it. That's how much I trust him.
She sometimes insists we go back to japan where she can earn a lot, and we would be able to survive on just her own salary even if we have a child. Says whatever I earn will be always for savings so we can go out or buy nice things if we wanted to or go out to fancy restaurants or buy a nice car.

So basically your girlfriend is already planning for your future and is fully willing to financially support you, but you're in here whining to random people about how she has small boobs. Get out of here you useless dump.

>6 figure savings and a house at 23
You sound pretty wealthy to me.

How does she treat you? Being called a 'retard' because you did something in public that annoys her is not a good sign. It could mean you've failed enough shit-tests she now believes she has total power over you and no respect, and her behavior will get progressively worse over time.

How long have you two been together?

Is she a feminist? What are her political leanings? Do you feel that you must agree with her? Does she respect your own opinions or would punish you for expressing 'wrong' views?

At age 37, she is nearing her biological wall. She may be desperate for babies and see you as the means for that.

It also sounds like you do not want to be tied down right now, and are a bit jealous that she got to live it up as a single for so long, having sex with possibly many while traveling the world, while for you she is your first and would be your only for life and won't have those same opportunities. Those are your own issues though. There is nothing wrong with being single, single men are going to be much happier than men who marry a succubus. And you still have a long time to decide if marriage is what you want. Men age like wine, women age like milk.

if you like her dude then just be with her.

having kids is hard but you end up loving them more then her. Imagine a little version of you who you can mold. You can show him your favourite movies and play games toegether.

Life is about fulfilment. Yes other women are hot but you can just fap one out to porn. You are not missing out on much. And besides say in 10 years time you still feel like you missed out you can always just hire escorts on buiness trips for the night. No guilt just for sex.

Your doubts are just due to age difference and your lusty moronic desires.

Up to now your age difference has not been an issue. But your lusty moronic desires seem to be at least on a mental level, as well as some lack of trust due to to the modern materialistic zoo we live in.

Most people in Jow Forums would go to extremes to be in your place. Don't be an idiot for some sensations of large boobs and ass and lack of belief in your self.

Bro idek if you're still here but let's be clear on a few things. She's older than you. Wayy older than you so she feels the pressure mounting on getting a kid, creating a family and whatnot. You, on the other hand, are balling at 23 with 6 figure numbers in your bank acc as well as a supporting family. You have the privilege of a restart with another person, she, however, does not. What I'm trying to say is I've been with a few Asian women and they all have turned out to be mostly rotten inside. She might be potentially playing your ass as well. I mean for her it's all wins, a dude with a good background who's willing to bleach her bloodline ez win.

Just wait it out. See how she turns out in 4 years. Also having children puts a serious strain on both of yall physically as well as mentally. Make sure she's a person that can handle this stuff. Frankly, if she calls you retard at some dumb shit, imagine what kind of horror acid spider woman she'll turn out at 40 when you'll have kids. Enjoy the sex, but do not necessarily get tied down. 1 year of relationship id too damn short to even think about children. Get your head out of the gutter.

OP here.
Not sure if the thread will survive until tomorrow so I ust want to say thank you everyone for your responses, I read through all of them.
It's a tricky situation and as responses show here there's a lot of mixed answers, just like my own feelings about this.
And yes, I agree, my bodily desires are moronic and I guess it can be fixed as it's only mental.

Regarding "retard" part - she does this to protect me, it's for my won good. She does not do it in public, if she has to, she does it discreetly. Here's some situations she called me out:
>spent all day playing video games while she had a day off
>wanted to go with a bright orange tshirt to a fancy restaurant (I was completely oblivious to "dress code")
>ate raw meat diet for a few days until she found out
>used to drink 2L of pepsi everyday for a few weeks, she got me out of it
>when I go a few days eating nothing but mcdonalds
>when I watch stupid gmod animation videos on youtube
>anything memes related is stupid in her opinion
>reckons I will turn gay if I keep watching ricardo milos memes
It's not "retard" as in "you are disgusting", it's more in a funny way, like everyone on Jow Forums calls everyone a faggot, though I feel like she is expecting I don't contunue with stupid behaviour. She seems happy and never complained about my other hobbies, like car vinyl wrapping, reading books, going cycling or working extra hours from home.

Goodnight anons, thank you very much.

Finally something I can answer.
Hey OP. Here's my story.
>Been with girl for 8 years. She was a year younger than me.
>Like you she was my first, although I never told her
>a 10/10 of housewife skills, and pleasant to be around. Almost worshiped me.
>eventually I stop being autistic and other women started showing interest
>we had an unrelated argument and I used that to break up with her
>fuck lots of other women over 2 years and start seeing how most other women are.
>realize how good I had it.
I'm not super salty that I can't get her back but I see now what a moron I was. Never think with your dick.
I know you probably won't be a b le to get the idea out of your head though so you have 2 options.
Paying for a really good/clean escort or talking to your girl about it and seeing if she comes up with a solution.

TLDR: talk to your girl about it and if she doesn't come up with a solution see an escort behind her back to clear out the demons and then enjoy a good life with her. Breaking up with her is most likely a bad idea.

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I'd stay with her. As sometime who's had sex with multiple women, if you find someone who you can tolerate being around for extended periods of time go for it. Her being attractive is a bonus. Remember, the grass is always greener on the other side.

Follow your heart, your worries and cravings will just increase as time goes by.
Also, you seem more beta than normie. I think getting some more dating experience and living the single life will not only do you good, but is also what you want deep down.

If you continue this life with her, don't get surprised when she proposed a 3way with another dude or starts working extra hours/comes home late. She is nearing the age where her libido peaks and will probably start looking at men her own age.