Where can I find far-right girls?

I am a conservative and right-winger in general, despite being a closet nazi. How can i find those type of girls to talk?

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It's a pretty connected world these days. Groups for people of shared interests exist everywhere. Look for those groups and participate.

On an unrelated note, I wonder if Nimoy felt super awkward in that costume.

Yea lol, nazi nimoy

Larping as a kekistani won't get you laid either, incel. In fact it is a sign of fading mental health.

Any social media to recommend?

The ones that are open about it are usually retarded
Talk to a bunch of girls and I guarantee you'll find one that agrees with your point of views (You have an advantage if you're still in uni/school because you don't have to use dating apps or join clubs)

Do not settle for a church girl the're usually retarded + slutty because the ones thataren't slutty are already taken

Who is larping? Stop larping

That's enough 3D-chess for a week.

Yea... I already heard of this, about church girls... I don't know....

Do not go fir church girls
they're under peer pressure from their religion and their actions might not reflect what they believe internally. This is why it's a bad idea to go Muslim because most of their girls are as slutty as the rest.

Really just talk to a bunch of girls till you click with one

Yes, I see

You could consider a trap. They are more into cosplay than regular women and seem to be more suppotive of radical opinions like yours.

It's hard to date something that you think that shouldn't exist

In pol
Aka me hehe

I already found a nationalist right-winger trap btw

Yeah, no.

He is believes in another german reich, he has some sympathy for Nazi Germany, and he decided this year that his purpose is to be a girl. Although, he says that he might be a lesbian trap. Creepy, isn't it? He is respectful though.

They make them quite realistic nowadays. A mouthy one will make nice role play with you being the concentration camp manager.

It's your best option.

XD lol

Well, you can call it original at least. In fact I am German so this might add to it.

I am deadly serious. There might be some left in German nursery homes but their numbers are dwindling by the day.