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Why don't we have these anymore? Where did all the 25+ anons go?

I hope these threads start rolling again. Anyways, how are you guys holding up?

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37. Been better, but staying in the fight. Started drinking monster 2 weeks ago.

They should be at least 28+.

28 god I hate being sober and working 50 hours a week.

I'm too old for these threads.

All I care about is leaving the USA before it's too late.

Any smart white man should do the same. That, or buy a shit load of guns and ammo

>Why don't we have these anymore?
because there is literally no point for these. it's a hugbox for manchildren
yes, i'm 28 too

>tfw 23

It only gets worse from here?

That's largely up to you. Since you're asking the question, the answer is most likely yes.

if you're a normalnigger like then maybe not

it's so hard, how do you find work?

In what way am I that? What makes you think that? I don't know if I'm supposed to take this as compliment or an insult.

I'm 24.

22 here. Yes.

35 reporting in

Yep. But you get used to it


My late 20’s were better than early 20’s.
My 30’s have thus far been me not giving a fuck anymore, but all the youngins seem to think I’m awesome now. Just super chill when I hang with others in my age bracket. Only wanna die a couple weeks a year!

>Only wanna die a couple weeks a year!
That's... aqtually pretty good. Relatively speaking.

why are you guys so miserable??

>What makes you think that?
your optimism

Get into software engineering.

Focus on your physical health lad, it all starts from there.
I wish i fucking did.

Where are you intending to go? Socially conservative brown/Asian countries?

Shit just changed after 30. Older people just start treating you differently, started taking us more seriously. After 30 the higher ups at work actually started giving me raises, promotions, and responsibilities at a crazy rate, even though I've known how to do the more complex work for several years

You thought that reply was optimistic?

I've always been curious on your age

35 and every year is just so much better than the last. Aim to keep it that way.
But being here has some diminishing returns, it’s fun and all, but it’s like a never ending loop of the same questions. Most people above 25+ is going to just forget this shitty little place and move on to better things.

29. New gf off with her best guy friend. I kind of see why my ancestors wanted women to be property

28. I grew up here, busy and stressful week. Jow Forums is getting younger.

Personally, if I can ever afford it, Eastern Europe. Ideally Scandinavia but that's a pipe dream

33, single but I'm at a point where I'm fine as is as long as I got my job and video games, keeping it simple.

Might be because I'm so socially inept but with enough pride not to settle for the next set of tits on legs and would rather be alone than "settle", the fact I'm here means I need to vent slightly so I can hold out for another 6 months, kek

He's a fucking idiot and probably an edgy teen. And to be honest I have absolutely no sympathy for sad anons born after '92 unless they have severe mental illness and/or live in a socially isolated place.

Congrats on the quints.

28 I work around 70 a week. And I'm honestly getting bored of being drunk and broke.

36, virgin, live with parents
But at least I've managed to get myself a degree and a job.


31, getting married in 2 weeks to the most amazing man I've ever met, couldn't be happier


I'd ask if you're a man or a woman, but then I remembered it doesn't really matter.

31. Got into rock climbing which has been dope. Unfortunately video games suck in comparison so now I just climb, look up stuff about climbing, and shitpost.

Makes me want to move somewhere that actually has rock. And maybe women I could date.


I'm turning 22 this October and that's shocking to hear! I'm glad things cool down later in life. When should you start dating? Seems like more and more of my friends are choosing to get into relationships rather than handing out as friends like my later teen years. I miss those days of not really caring and having old school kick backs with my pals and some beers/bud.

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Friendly reminder that Jeff Rosenstock made it, and so can you!

26 here.
Just got a job after finishing grad school.
Been single as fuck for a while now.
Have a crippling crush on a coworker who probably doesn't know I exist. Does it get any better anons?

>Have a crippling crush on a coworker who probably doesn't know I exist.
Sure your finger didn't slip? Sounds like some shit a 16-year-old would say?

Probably should've added that I'm socially awkward as a motherfucker. Somehow got a girlfriend towards the end of high school and was with her for 6 years. Now I feel out of touch from the dating world.

You always were out of touch.
What killed it after 6 years, though?

>got new gf, shes very cute and hard working
>kind of understand why some people cant remain single for long despite being a loner type, my life feels "complete" in a way
>still need to make friends though

I signed up to meetup but have yet to go. I suck in group situations.

We went to different countries and decided to end it before we moved. We're still really good friends though

>be me
>26yo NEET with no qualifications
>dropped out/quit everything i've done because of severe anxiety and depression
>have no real desire to do anything

is there any hope for someone like me?

I'm trying to do this but I'm in Canada and feel like it's too saturated with wanna be devs

Can any working self taught devs give advice

hi u sungel? U live in aLberta ? i love u I ur wife now we married.


I don't get this meme

28 years old, left America for good. Moved to Thailand, then Vietnam, then Philippines. Have qt Asian wife. Homeowner, teach English at local college and online, make 2k a month USD only need about 50 bucks a week to survive. Work about 25 hours a week

Leaving the US was the best decision I ever made.

Where in the US did you live before?


Moving Kansas>Colorado in a few days with my girlfriend. Stable job and enough money to not stress. Can’t complain.

What do you do in your free time?

Hang out, play vidya, read books, I travel frequently to surrounding countries, I go to Hong Kong and Japan to shop. During the week I go to the beach or hang out, there's a couple expats,around I drink with sometimes

how much does rent cost over there?

we've seen things we cannot unsee

28 here, 3 months and I'm 29.

I've wasted my fucking life, I'm jobless for 2 months now. I have actually accepted 2 jobs but immediately resigned because I was too much of a sperg and made the whole sales team uncomfortable with me around, until to the point where they won't talk to me anymore. I only lasted 2 week in that company, it was hard but I loved the job. The second job was more of telemarketing so I gave it up 2 weeks later.

Somebody please fucking help me, I don't want depression get into me again.

32 here.
I took a long break, but now that I started working again, I need to pass time. I'm too quick getting my projects done, so I just come here to sabotage people's suicidal thoughts.

How do you rock climb if there are no rocks?
Just going to climbing halls then?

You mean your new ex right

Yes, it does.
Ask her out for a coffee, but don't be disappointed if she tells you to fuck off.

>I'd ask if you're a man or a woman, but then I remembered it doesn't really matter.

I'll never take any advice on this board serious because it seems as though I'm surrounded by pathological liars

>Started going to the gym and losing weight when I hit 25 and realized I was 300 pounds and miserable
>Down 14 pounds so far
>Looking better and feeling better
>Never had a relationship because no confidence cause shit body image

M-maybe i'll make it guys

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Just stop writing in weak stutters. You’re too old for that.

This. If you're 25 then act like one, start to speak less and ask more.

29, still kissless virgin, stopped having suicidal thoughts.
Have more anxiety about my future though.

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Do you have anymore advice for a 25 year old trying to fix it before it's too late?

Cut back on the energy drinks, you’ll get more energy from eating fruit you like.

25 here. I go to work and lie in bed and stare at walls the rest of the time. There's no reprieve. Even drinking fills me with a nervous anxiety. I feel miserable, but I don't complain irl because I don't like hearing other people complain.

If you don’t know why you’re feeling bad, I’d urge you to see your doctor to run blood work on you.

Why many people want to leave U.S.?

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Better jobs?

Live a life. There are things in life that we simply cannot teach you through words alone, the best way to learn about life is mostly experience. Just don't make the dumbest mistakes.

Because there are places way more lucrative. And most people don’t like staying in a 3rd world country.

Yeah you’re now old enough to have a fully developed brain, so acting like a child is over. Repeating the speech pattens of autistic incels and weebs will only make you obnoxious to whoever you want to be friends with, outside of online depression circle jerks with other pathetic people. Get a job, get a relationship and enjoy being an adult.

>stopped having suicidal thoughts
That's honestly impressive, user
I got through a bad period of my life three years ago and still sometimes those thoughts hit back on me. It scares me how I can think of killing myself even when things are decent

21 here. Give me some tips bros

Come back in 4 years.

The 3rd world doesn’t mean what you think it does. Back during the Cold War the world was split between capitalism and communism, the countries who refused to pick between those where called the 3rd world. So a 3rd world country like Saudi Arabia is rich as long as oil costs money.

3rd world in modern sense means developing countries. I know 3rd world is a politically incorrect word but it's still a commonly used word.

Yeah use condoms even if she’s on the pill.

>tfw stay out of my apartment as much as possible every day after work because I hate being alone

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No biggie, I just realized the true meaning after reading about mutually assured annihilation. I noticed how most people use it to mean poor countries that don’t even have proper plumbing.

Mhm. But places like the US has such a divided country that some places are just like 3rd world countries. So it’s just a technicality, but either way that’s not a good sign for a place.

Wizardhood soon enough? Literally a few days away for me.

The best I do for people younger than me, Is that getting old isn’t for pussies. Life only gets harder, so if you’re a young guy who thinks he can skate though life with minimal pain you’re going to hit rock bottom way harder than someone who chooses to do what’s hardest because that’s how they learn. You have to embrace what hurts you, and be stronger than your problems.

Wish I realized this sooner. I look fucking pathetic manchild for a 29 year old

It's few months away.
Happy birthday to you.

25, skinny, fat dick, only 6' tall but whatever, can't brag about work but the bills are paid, have my investments set in, working on buying a house soon. My only children are 2 and 1yo, they're a cat and a chameleon. Women seem like a hassle, don't feel like slowing down to pick one up. Hope you dudes are doing alright

And how old are you? I've gotten REALLY far by just being a manipulative satanic fuck. It's came back a few times, maybe it's just luck but- ok I'm about to get 81$ just to basically drive in a circle and send some "reports". I know I don't do what im told, they know, but on paper thats not true and they still have to pay me :^)

How does it slow you down? Or, better question; what do you think a relationship is?

Dont sit around the house unemployed, do charity work

Do you meet people outside your apartment? Just curious

My life has definitely got better as I got older, not harder.

Turning 29 in less than a month. Work 50+ hours a week. No friends, no relationship. Yet a genuine disinterest in everone i meet. Its not that i lack social skills, i just dont like anyone. For the first time I'm actually seriously considering ending it all. This isn't worth it.