is there any way i can buy nembutal? i want to use that to kill myself. don’t talk me out of it, i have decided. i’ve never done any drugs in my life so i don’t know how to access stuff like this and any help would be great

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If you seriously expect none here to make the slightest attempt to talk you out of it then go to r9k causes no sane person is gonna help you take your own life

what’s r9k? sorry, i’ve never done this before. i don’t know the best places to go.

Do something crazy before killing ys

obviously. but i need to get the nembutal first lol

op, but then you won't know how it continues.
just travel a little first or move away

I got something crazy for you, see how long you can last without killing yourself, cause I can guarantee you you'll regret once you realise you reach the point there's no way back, after that you just become one more statistic for people to forget within minutes

i’ve been suicidal for years so i really doubt i’m going to change my mind in a week

Why would you even put that you want it to kill yourself if you don't want to be talked out of it? You could have left that part out.

with what money bro

because what else do people want nembutal for? it’s fucking obvious idiot

Is it easy to describe why you want to kill yourself? How old are you? What made life that unbearable?

Buy helium and a plastic bag instead

you are typing this on something, you cannot be starving.
hitching is a thing, that's better than nothing.

i’m 22, i’m stuck in a dead end job with no hope of getting another, i have no friends or family, i’ve struggled with mental health issues for years

i’ve thought about it but it’s actually more difficult than it seems. i also don’t wanna risk brain damage. i want something like nembutal that i can sleep into, not panic and have it be irreversible.

yeah a phone that i pay a certain amount a month for with the slim amount i get from my job that i can barely hold down because of my mental health
i livd in the uk where am i gonna hitchhike to everywhere is boring as shit here it’s a sewage system of a country

get over it pussy

Shame, we can only help this much from here, it's ok ask for help, even it's on a public on-line forum, I struggled with college when I was 18 and isolated myself from everyone, but as the years went by I observed it for selfishly, I know I'll die one day but hell even if I fail I want go out in peace knowing that I tried, I've seen to many people go from homeless to, least, successful that made me understand that I'll always have what it takes not to give up,wish you good luck fellow poster.

i am getting over it by fucking killing myself you dumb cunt

i’m glad you’ve found peace in yourself. thanks for your luck

ohhh fuccck
i lived in the uk for almost 2 years recently, just got out. wow, it's so shit there. dude, just get out. if you don't have a passport, please get a passport. start the application right now.

i haven't had suicidal thoughts for YEARS before i moved to the uk, and there they just hit me instantly.... i wanted to kill myself so fucking bad.
luckily i'm old af, so i have been in that dark deep hole before, so while i was strugging trying to get up every morning, get myself to work and pretend to care to be alive, i knew that if i just get out of the uk, it will be better again.
get out.
i'm not kidding.

right now you still have the right to move anywhere else within the eu, just do it. there is a pretty good social net all over the place, you will find shelter, you will find work.
your english alone can get you jobs on the continent.
couchsurfing etc.

that class system in the uk was fucking insane, also the bureaucracy... as individuals i have zero problem with english people, but as a society it's just hopeless. rats on a sinking ship.
it's not you. it's them.

that's not getting over shit you fucking gremlin that's just being a pussy

and this from someone with a "decent job" and stuff. i cannot begin to imagine how hard it must be if you have to survive without that....
sending strength virtually.

it’s braver than anything you’ll do in your shitstain excuse of a life

You can find yours too, dare to do things you wouldn't before, and I don't mean suicide

>god i'm such a brave hero for removing myself from the gene pool maybe they'll make a monument in my honor

who the fuck gives a shit about the gene pool lmfao jfc

there’s nothing i can do though *shrug* this world is fucked, man

Bro you still here? Have you tried discord? Seriously bro, find some hobby subreddit and look for their discord server if they have one. That's a perfect way to start to have friends. That's how met mine 3 years ago and we actually all met up 2 weeks ago on vacation together.

As for the job, you gotta suck it up and get into community college. Study computer science or programming, finish uni and apply for some tech company. Ez ball in $80k a year. All this will take 4 years tops. Only gotta hang in there.

i don’t know how to find friends, i have bpd and severe abandonment issues

i’m currently starting a masters degree in an arts subject with no hope of ever doing anything like computing, i don’t enjoy that nor am i good at it so

There are other methods that are quite painless and easier to do. Helium exit bag for example.

I love it when half the people here are actually helping OP kill himself and the rest not, really clears it out for him good job guys

What are you even trying to say? If you think a random bloke on the internet can talk someone out of suicidal ideation you are incredibly naive. We don't have to 'clear it out for him', that's his responsibility.

I believe in a self-determined life and a self-determined death.

yeah helium is my kind of second idea but it actually is kinda hard apparently. no oxygen at all can be in the bag else it’ll be painful. i don’t want pain cuz i know panic will kick in

And I believe you are a loser that gives up as easy not even making one slight effort to help and call it day, don't pretend to be on the winning side just because you turned away

i’m a girl yo

Then replace all the "him" with "her" it's not like I can see through your webcam

Please don't end your life. Please stay strong

just use neutral pronouns then jeeze

hun if there were ways to do it for free everyone would be doing it cmon i’m not getting my ass thrown in jail


yeah, the issue is no one is telling me how to access a reliable source to get nembutal

Screw you, fucking Google it, kill yourself already, can't even make a proper search on the internet. If were certain that's what you wanted to do you wouldn't be here so go troll on pleabit.

oh yeah google is fucking full of easy shit about how to obtain illegal suicide drugs. fucking dimwit

So edgy

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Your welcome

thank you


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Well, nobody gives a fuck about your shitty opinions. You know that they are like assholes, right? Everyone's got one.

I assume you haven't been on dark web before, so do expect FBI knocking on your door

You just need to prepare dilligently and follow the instructions. You will always need a bit of prep work for suicide.

this thread gave me hope in life. thanks op and specially the mentioned person

At this point I just call BS, this thread is a fucking joke, op is probably some 15year old attention whore, have fun.

Glad it had some impact screw the rest, everyone deserves better and live a full prosper Life

what do u work and what mental health issues

You are free to leave anytime bro

wait seriously?
jesus christ. i just want to die. why is this so hard.

i’m 22 and very serious, i’m sorry i’m just new here, have heard about this website and didn’t know what else to do or where else to ask. i’ve tried a lot so far and i’m not getting anywhere still

i’m a care worker and i’m 22

There are people much older than you, leaving in their mother's with no purpose whatsoever in life, the fact that you want to kill yourself instead of them is ridiculous

oh christ, quit your job.... that's the WORST one to have if you are a nice human being with any bit of empathy.
just don't go tomorrow already.

not samefag, but you sound like you are a worm. does it make you happier to kick someone who is already down? huh? makes your penis feel larger or what? you should ask for advice yourself on how to deal with your own shit, maybe tell us why you are so pressed, then we can help.

piss off troll fag you don’t know me or my situation

You're 22, you've got your whole fucking life ahead of you. I'm 28 and I've been unemployed for several years. So yeah, your situation is way better. You even have a job, and I don't.

My advice is this: contact your local doctor, or mental health services, or just call a suicide hotline in your country (in the US that would be the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline).

i wish i could quit my job, it took me months to get this one. i wouldn’t be able to pay rent without it

i already am in contact with my doctor and have been for years. i’m in the uk and the services here are awful. there’s nothing they can do. i’d have to go private and i can’t afford that.

I don't pretend to know it.
I'm just explaining some perspective

>i'm in the uk
well there's your problem, stop doing that you ninny

I think you should really get out of the UK someway. It shouldn't be impossible and I think you'd be a lot happier. Go somewhere you know has better help for you, please like one user said, you have your whole life ahead of you, even if you've felt this way for years it doesn't mean it's not going to change. Please keep hope.

lmfao easier said than done like above, easier said than done

but you want to cancel the rent, too.
just get out of that sinking ship. the uk is not suitable for humans. see also

I know you don't want to be talked out of it but I don't care.

I've been suffering with depression for more than a decade and through these years, I have learned how to better manage it. I don't have a cure, but I can definitely suggest some tips and tricks.

Would you like to PM? I have Steam, Discord, whatsapp, etc.

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what do you even mean... you can literally fuck off to any eu country.
do it. start organizing it right now. check your passport, birth certificate, that's all you need to move away. nothing else. start packing.
a lot of countries will give you free masters courses in europe, even if you take a little break till next year or something.

u can’t rly do that right now not with brexit

dude brexit hasn't happened yet.
you still have full rights all over the eu.

Brit here, Britain has very good mental health services - if you think any country has significantly better mental health services then name them. I would imagine that most first-world nations have similar offerings to be honest. The NHS even has community mental health teams who will come and see you at home if you're in a bad way, and they have specialised teams for certain things like psychosis.

I'm guessing you haven't told your doctor that you're seriously considering suicide, because if you had, they would do something about it. They might consider a stay in hospital - they might ask you if you'd be willing to go in as an informal patient. Anyway, I don't know why you think UK services are "awful". I have seen them myself and I was pretty amazed how extensive UK mental health services are. And I can't imagine that other first-world countries would have significantly different mental health services, it's probably very similar.

>go private
I have seen UK private mental health hospitals too. In fact, if you get sectioned and the NHS doesn't have space at their local mental health hospital, they will put you in a private hospital, and they will pay for it. I have seen a couple of such hospitals. In one of them, there was one ward for NHS patients, and another ward for private patients (covered by health insurance from their employment, for instance), and a couple other wards for different things. But from what I could see, there was very little, if any, difference between the NHS and private wards.

As for your job - if you don't like it then apply for other stuff. Even if it's just working in a supermarket, or in a factory, or whatever. But importantly you should find something that interests you, something you want to do. You've got an entire life ahead of you, tons of potential to create whatever life you WANT to live.

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oh god, if you seriously believe this... yeah, nhs is better than nothing, but it's not great.
in fact it was one of the reasons i peaced out of the uk, it's just worse than any other european system i've experienced before.
they treat you like cattle, and i went to some of the most posh hospitals and practices. they also only seem to be interested in covering their asses with paperwork, and not getting you any healthier.
this is by no means about the workers there, most seem like okay people, it's just the whole system is badly designed.
that said, i did have problems with the skills of people, too. never did anyone fuck up my veins so bad as they did during simple blood tests at nhs. it's just a fucking blood test, how can nurses fuck that up? never happened to me anywhere else on the planet, not even in a third world country.

again, better than nothing, though, so yes, i agree. op should go and tell about ALL of his problems to their therapist or gp.

>i just want to die. why is this so hard.
So go jump in a river or go find a bear cub and kick it in the face. If you're in America, go buy a realistic toy gun, go to your nearest city or sheriffs office and poitnt the gun at the first cop you see.
It's really not that hard, you're just being an attention seeker because you' don't actually want to die. If you did, you would be another statistic like all the other suicide cases.

Not a good idea to start a new life based on rights that may be revoked in a couple of months.

Name a single country that is better then? That's what I asked in my last post and I notice you haven't mentioned one. And if you do name one, please also name what SPECIFIC aspects make that country better than the UK for mental health services.

I think this is a very dumb argument to be honest, the fact is that the UK is a pretty wealthy country, and it is a fact that our mental health services are extensive, especially compared to some countries in the world where there is basically nothing.

Never had that problem and I've had multiple blood tests on the NHS, especially in the last few years.

>op should go and tell about ALL of his problems to their therapist or gp.
Well he doesn't necessarily need to say everything if he doesn't want to. But my point is that if he did give them some indication of his suicidal ideation then they would absolutely do something about it. Like I said, if they thought it was really bad, they would probably consider a hospital stay. But if it wasn't that bad and OP was able to manage daily life then they might be okay with just prescribing him antidepressants.

Don't worry. His life is easy so he assumes yours can be too.

He's a deranged breeder who rationalizes his life with his penis. Ignore him.

Not that guy, who was clearly being a wanker, but propagating your genes is the purpose of life for all organisms. This isn't debatable because it's a biological fact, just like gravity, and just like water being H2O.

you responded to different people previously, not me sweden, germany, netherlands, all lightyears ahead of uk. heck, even shitholes like slovakia are more reliable when it comes to the basics (though there you won't get treatment for more complex stuff).
it starts already with the fact that you go to your gp in let's say sweden, and they see you at the agreed time. you don't need to wait for all their delays, you go there at the agreed time, and they welcome you at the time, no anxious waiting outside. then the doctor speaks to you as if you are equal human beings. they don't let you out until you are done asking all your questions or they think they haven't informed you enough. no sense of hurry. they always (ALWAYS) ask you what you think your problem is. it's a conversation, not just running some tests and looking at test results. yes, they do tests, but they don't just put it in front of you zero context (like nhs workers love to do... "just fill it in, my love"), they always tell you why they ask you what they ask you. i know to you this won't be specific enough, but... the whole entire vibe is just different, you simply feel like they care for you, while with nhs it can be an overcrowded mess.

if you think the brits on the continent will have it worse than people in the uk... damn, you are smoking something weird. didn't you get the memo about companies stocking up on food and medicine in the uk? you will not have instant food shortage on the continent unlike on the island.


good thing it's not a spiritual fact

>sweden, germany, netherlands, all lightyears ahead of uk
The only way someone could say this with any sort of authority is if they had lived in each of those countries and seen those mental health systems first hand. Or perhaps if you worked in this field and you had done research and knew some statistics of key metrics. But your entire post is just anecdotal bullshit. People love to shit on the NHS because British people are miserable bastards who will complain about anything and everything - the weather, politicians, famous people, their job, etc. But we're a highly developed nation with a massively extensive and effective health service. And you still have not named any specific aspects or metrics that makes the British healthcare system worse than others.

In any case, this is a pointless discussion, there is no point whinging about which healthcare system is better or worse, we're supposed to be giving OP advice on what to do.

Biological function =! Metaphysical purpose

Yes, purpose.

"Spirits" or anything "spiritual" does not exist. So there are no spiritual facts. That's a material fact.

Metaphysical? There is nothing that transcends physical matter or the laws of nature. If you think there is then give evidence.

Our biological drives are all we have. The drive to eat food, the drive to find shelter, the ultimately the drive to propagate our genes. Those first two are only there for facilitating the propagation of genes, though. If you don't understand this then clearly you don't understand evolution on even the most basic level.

A "metaphysical purpose" cannot exist because nothing metaphysical exists. Maybe you should start paying attention to the world that DOES actually exist.

Imagine being this much of a bugman. I'm not even disagreeing that propagation matters, but to call it a "purpose" is silly

>tfw you lived in all of those countries
why is it so hard to grasp.

Ι can see this thread is still alive, but is OP?

So you've lived in every single one of those countries AND had experience with mental health services in every single one of those countries? So FIVE different countries (Sweden, Germany, NL, UK, Slovakia) you've had experience with mental health services?

Firstly that sounds like complete bollocks and secondly there's a reason why anecdotes don't mean anything. For some reason you're just butthurt about Britain it seems? I was just trying to give advice to OP and for some reason you want to shit your pants and get butthurt about Britain?

Add me and we can talk, im not gonna talk you out if it i want to die too Shady Doomer#8670 its cap sensitive and the space is there

>ad hominem
Yeah that's not an argument, are you too dumb to make an argument? Everything I said is biologically, empirically true. I don't make the fucking rules, nature does. Which part don't you agree with?

>to call it a "purpose" is silly
Function, purpose, goal, doesn't really matter. The most important life goal for all organisms is to propagate their genes - this is why they will risk life and limb in order to achieve this goal. Some humans might find uncomfortable facing up to this fact but it's still a fact, and I'm not saying this to try and make people uncomfortable, I'm just saying it because that's what the biological evidence indicates.

What is the rush? Suicide will always be there for you, living won't
Go see what life has to offer without rush user, there is a lot to do and to be

>ywn be 13 again

>he thinks ad hominem is an argument
I do enjoy triggering people who are too thick to have an argument. It just proves that your beliefs are literally supported by nothing.

Well this is rich, I'll actually take one minute to reply to you
First of all, you are the biggest pseudo I've met in this website this month. What I said was an insult, not a logical fallacy. It wasn't a logical fallacy because it wasn't an argument. You act like you are a bratty 13-year old who thinks himself smarter than everyone else. I am not using this to invalidate your opinions (especially because I agree with most of them), but rather to mock your shitty attitude.
The fact you can't distinguish because a cheeky insult and a logical fallacy means you are much, much stupider than the average person. You lack the same faculty responsible for detecting sarcasm or humor. And for the record, everything said so far is also just insults, not ad hominem.
I say all this despite partially agreeing with you because when you grow up you'll soon realize that confronting people's spiritual beliefs is a childish bratty move. Even if I agreed 100% with you I'd be rolling my eyes as you flaunt how "nothing metaphysical exists" to suicidal people clearly searching for meaning. Also you seem to flaunt about biological facts but there is something inherently unscientific in the claim that nothing metaphysical exists because science relies on a few metaphysical presumptions but if you can't even tell an insult from a formal fallacy I'd be wasting my time explaining this to you. It's also something that you learn in any remotely scientific degree, as well as the smarter humanities like philosophy, so I have no idea what you are doing with your life.
Now carry on with your arrogant attitude where you think you are smarter than everyone else in this thread while in actuality you showed to be dumber than everyone else who posted so far

*sends virtual hug* idk exactly what u need right now but u certainly need one. dont ask