How to deal with jealousy?

How can i stop being a jealous person? My gf is in russia with her family and she sent me a video of her chilling with friends and she sat next to another guy and idk its making me angry

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Send her a picture of you sitting next to another girl. There are 3 possibilities:

>1. she's fucking him
Therefore you imply the same back to her.
>2. she's purposely trying to make you jealous so you desire her more
Again, give her a taste of her own medicine, if that's her logic she might actually desire you more back.
>3. it was a coincidence/meant nothing by it
In that case nothing changes.

Do you trust her or not?

she isnt jealous at all

i would be shocked if she would cheat. But dude you can never trust a Person 100%

If I were her, I'd sit next to one of my family members while taking a picture. Females are usually pretty thoughtful on the pictures they take (usually). Like, we pay attention to the background, the lighting, put filters on sometimes, maybe touch up a pimple with the smooth tool, turn our body a certain way. It depends on what type of person she is. If she does these things with pictures and you know that she does, she probably knows what she's doing.

Has she ever done something similar? Done something to get your attention or to make you jealous? Felt like you weren't giving her enough attention? Felt like you were looking at other women? Women can be vengeful.

Most girls I know who do these things have certain characteristics. They're petty. They bitch a lot about other people. They hang around friends in a friend group who are enemies to their other friends to make a point. Then go back like nothing ever happened. They're bullies and pick on other people all the time. Or in the flip slide act totally innocent and "nice" all the time when they're totally fake.

Not an expert just something I noticed.

I knew this girl who cheated on this guy and brought the other guy over (bf was oblivious to the cheating) and the bf cooked BBQ for all of them. She later cheated on him with another guy and when they broke up but we're still trying to "mend things" Face timed the guy she cheated on him with while our friends were over drinking and followed him around (while he was trying to ignore her and have a good time) talking loudly about what sexual things they'll do with each other, what kind of car he would get her and even tried having the other guy talk shit (which succeeded) to the bf over the phone. He almost drove off in a pissed off rage but we got him to calm down. Thankfully they are no longer together. (Unrelated but she later tried claiming he was a stalker even though she kept driving by his house)

it was a Video and you only saw a second that she sits next to another guy. idk man she is a good Girl and honestly i think i am thinking to much about it. still makes me angry

Do you really think she would send you a picture of her face with a caption "AAGHH I'M SO JEALOUS RIGHT NOW" or something?

The fact that she is being transparent is a positive sign. Give her the benefit of the doubt.

You're insecure then. Which is fine. It's normal. Just work on it.

You could communicate your insecurity to her and let her know your feelings. Or keep it to yourself and deal with it. It'll build up though. And you might explode on her about something stupid.

i will be in Austria tomorrow and i will share a flat with another Girl and she isnt mad at all and seems to trust me 100%. she isnt a jealous Person at all

how to work on it?

Either lock her in the house and dress her in a burka or trust her.

She wasn't sitting next to him, she was sitting on his dick. Now you have to cheat on her to settle the score.

Or she's looking for a way out and doesn't care if youre staying with other girls.

So you can read her mind from overseas? She probably has enough self awareness to not want to come off as jealous. In fact now you could say that she's purposely trying to make you jealous because she's already jealous.

dude we are one month together

she even encourages me to go out with friends so that i have fun idk a jealous Person would not do this

One month lol she's cheating on you

I really don't know. You might find a forum or something if you google "how to fix my insecurity issues" or you can actually go to a professional (a therapist) who can advise you.

My way of developing trust with my bf was completely unhealthy and unethical. I'd go through his phone. He knew I'd do it too because I would tell him. He'd laugh at me and tell me I'm fine to go through his phone anytime I wanted and would keep it unlocked and in a place I could access it.

Cringey I know. But it worked. I don't go through his phone anymore. I'm not worried about him. Never had any red flags. All this because of previous ex's and my dumbass thought any other guy I'd get with would cheat on me at least once. It sucks but I had to just... Grow and develop trust from distrust. Like I couldn't trust him in the beginning and had to "prove" he was ok.

I don't suggest this.

You'll just have to figure out ways you can trust her completely. Maybe even time will do that. But you may forever have that feeling especially when things are perfect that shit can come crashing down in an instance. And you'll have to train your mind somehow to stop thinking like that.