Why is platonic kissing so frowned upon? I kiss all my friends on the cheek/forehead/top of the head...

Why is platonic kissing so frowned upon? I kiss all my friends on the cheek/forehead/top of the head, but people tell me I shouldn't do that to guys. To me, it's just a form of affection like hugging or saying nice things. If kisses cause guys to develop feelings, that's on them.

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It's an American thing. It's either the fear a "manly men" accidential may discover his homoerotic side or it is a women thing, because men display affection to each other not in a tender but a rough way. And given that gays are basicially women in men's bodies.

Once you know it's kinda bad, you can't do it and think it's 100% ok

I do wear sexual clothing, but no, they're innocent kisses that have no deeper meaning beyond just being a token of affection.

It doesn't matter what people think unless you are about to kiss them. A lot of people were raised by jealous prudes, others have fears of disease. just make sure you don't have any mouth cuts and that they don't have any cuts where you kiss them.

Where are you from? In some parts of the world that's pretty normal but not in places like the US

I was born and raised in Florida :3
The "no kissing" thing is dumb. Don't place restrictions on my expression of affection kthx.

>If kisses cause guys to develop feelings, that's on them.
So, your affection is only surface deep? You don't actually care about anyone but yourself.

It just makes you come off as a whore. If you’re cool with that then there’s no reason you shouldn’t.

Hmm? I do care about them. It's a platonic caring. Kisses are simply one of my ways of expressing that care.

People might think it's a bit weird but who cares? My best friend has kissed me on the cheek and forehead a couple times and vice versa. People joke about us being gay but we just find it funny.


I'm a girl, you dinguses.

Your next sentence where you made yourself sound like a cold selfish bitch suggests otherwise.

>I do care about them.
Yet expressing your affection at your terms is more important than hurting them and possibly ruining the relationship forever?

Cool. Was there a reason you just said that?

fuck off

If in America, it just violates a cultural standard for personal boundaries. Kind of like groping.

You're a fucking weirdo and you probably get off on making your friends feel awkward

How old are you?

I'm sorry if I sound cold. Honestly, I think it's just irritation leaking over at how I've been told my whole life (mainly by other women) to cut down on the amount of affection I show people, even though doing so would go against my natural state of being and would make me less happy.

I haven't actually hurt any guys this way. I kiss everyone and they know I kiss everyone, so they don't place much emphasis on it.

20 ._.

>though doing so would go against my natural state of being and would make me less happy.
Me me me, my my my. Still no regard for anyone else.

It's only frowned upon in Anglo countries
here we kiss eachother three times on the cheeks
although just random platonic kissing is also frowned on here, although I wish it wasn't

This is some good bait. Post this over on Jow Forums and you'll have a field day.

I admit I'm selfish. Always have been. I'm in no rush to change that.

T. autistic moron
is timmeh said that he got kissed by a girl on the cheek and thought she was in luv with him, only to be looked at weirdly while being told that it's just platonic but she won't do it again
platonic kissing is absolutely normal

And that is why it's frowned upon. Thread over?

I hate Americans so dearly for being such empty ghouls. Muh kissing is bad!!!

user you're absolutely normal
it's just that the USA is absolutely retarded due to their puritanism. Imagine how they must feel, their foreskin snipped away so they wouldn't masturbat, that's how retarded puritan Americans are.
So seriously, ignore their whole bullcrap about it's uncomfortable. These sheeppeople are uncomfortable around love in any sort of form (The general sense of love for things).
If my female friend gave me a peck on the cheek it'd feel disarmed and cared for, I'd absolutely love that.

Yet in France they kiss eachother on the mouth. You're bullshitting that it's Selfish, you were just raised with the puritanical view that ANY SORT OF BODILY CONTACT IS EVIL AND YOU'LL GO TO HELL basically, so that's why you respond the way you do. In arab nations friends can kiss eachtother as a way of showing affection.

>going on a tangent because you're mad that one country in a specific part doesn't do kissing

In my area (that is also in America), people kiss their friends and family as displays of affection or greeting all the time. What do you think about that?

>Yet in France they kiss eachother on the mouth.
No they don't. And even if they did, that has nothing to do with the culture you live in. Don't like it? Move to france or the UAE.

Oh hey its a culture thing, im brazilian and in here a girl kissing someone in the cheeks to say hi or goodbye is a normal ass thing. But its not in america, you cant really expect them to interpret it the way you do.

NO! You don't get it! What I say goes!

Good. It should be done everywhere. The Puritans have utterly devastated culture in America so you get circumcision being G O O D and kissing platonically being E V I L and then you've got a major porn industry which has "wrestled itself free" from the Puritans by simply producing such abhorrent material that even the Puritans have given up trying to set it straight.
Or change it, like the Puritans did. I hope OP keeps kissing her friends and changing America's culture for the best.

Id go for a kiss right about now.

Also kissing and bodily contact has been studied and these things increase caring for eachother among other things, so to say it's merely cultural is wrong. it's a religious practice that has been converted to culture but in fact is opposed to our nature.

Im fairly sure the French did this in the past, perhaps times have changed

>Or change it, like the Puritans did. I hope OP keeps kissing her friends and changing America's culture for the best.
Yeah ok, this is an alternative. I kind of regret that last post I wrote. Made me sound like a kind of asshole I don't want to be.

I still think op is a selfish person who doesn't consider other people. And that's not what affection means to me.

Perhaps she is selfish. I used to gave hugs to people who really didn't like it. Was selfish of me aswell.
Don't regret your posts, ever, this is an anonymous Forum, you can write literally everything and no one could even know who you are. although when you realise you've made a mistake it's better to write another reply with the right thing to say because people on Jow Forums are idiots sometimes and can blindly follow bad advice

maybe it's because you're a massive pedo faggot

It's fine if it's established within your friend group and you have every right to not give a fuck about what other people think about your actions but just realise that kissing is an intimate behaviour and you showing that kind of behaviour to just anyone will make you seem like a slut, you'll be known as that girl that is easy and goes around kissing everyone ( similar story with a girl who had an obsession with hugging people, she was just being 'affectioniate' like in your case but in reality all the guys were getting off on it scoring points on how many hugs they could get in a day ect

Tldr stop doing weird shit

Ironically for you, Western Europe is the outlier when it comes to kissing, with only Latin American cultures being similar (even then they still have their own varying rules when it comes to kissing as a greeting). Almost all Asian Cultures see kissing as a strictly romantic gesture, whether it's on the cheek or on the mouth. The Middle East basically forbids kissing in public between the opposite sex. All other places don't commonly practice kissing as a form of greeting.

>you can write literally everything and no one could even know who you are.
Completely irrelevant.

>it's better to write another reply with the right thing to say
I would have if I could think of the right thing to say.

You know guys get a hard on every time they get kissed right? I know I do.

I don't. But my dick don't work no more due to age.

Only sort of. Asian cultures see it as a romantic gesture, but in the middle East it's apparently acceptable for same sex friends (you don't really have opposite sex friends in the middle East anyways)
But yeah Europe is the outlier in this case although physical contact is a very old practice

I get a hard on when a woman hugs me or touches me. I am very lonely.

this is just my personal preference, but I'm assuming some people feel the same way
friends/acquaintances or not, I feel a bit grossed out when people put their mouths in my cheeks
bumped into an old classmate last week and I just went straight for a hug and a pat on the back because I didn't want her to kiss my cheeks