How do you prove to a woman you're a good man?

How do you prove to a woman you're a good man?

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By being attractive.

By not proving to anyone but yourself that you’re a good man. What your describing is weakness and being weak isn’t being good.

>be a good man
>"good" in this context referring, of course, to my preconceived notion of manhood and what is acceptable in this regard which is naturally informed entirely by society

Good people generally don't go out of their way to prove it.

Have bad hygiene
Wear a fedora
Call her m'lady
Let her know your mom considers you a gentleman
Follow her, contstantly. Women love men who are persistent
Also start whining if she doesn't give you the sex you are clearly entitled too. Seeing a whining child will trigger her motherly instincts.

Basically this. A man who values himself has nothing to prove to other people, they take him for who he is, and it's what women are looking for in a man.

You embody virtue and let it resonate through your thoughts and actions

This should be everyone’s goal

While I agree, those virtues haven't gotten any man a wife in centuries unless it's with used up whores who need a "strong" man to step up to the plate and care for her after they've had their fun

Where did you get such a retarded idea from?

Experience mostly.

you don't need to prove anything to me, i see through you anyway. if you're a good man, you are a good man, end of.


Bill Cosby.

This is the greatest bait I've ever seen. Props to you

>that picture
The happiest people are those with families, because the purpose of all organisms on this planet (humans included) is to propagate your genes. Humans who stay childless will became angry, bitter, resentful, confused, frustrated, and depressed.

Okay sure, a man can be more content if he has multiple children by multiple women. Think of Genghis Khan. He didn't have to invest anything in parenting; he just knocked up tons of women and left them to raise the children. But obviously this sort of thing is rare nowadays because society frowns upon it. But you do still have people who have multiple children by multiple women.

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Happy with their dog children and 8 cats. I'm sure you can remain happy perhaps in ur 20's but as soon as that bio clock kicks in, ha good luck.

wtf this is literally me

You have no experience.


Doesnt this same shit apply for guys? A lot of you would want to have the time of your life, fuck around, then settle down with a wife/family, no?

but seriously, does op want a "good man license" or what? lol
actions > words

Because you said something wrong and retarded. When asked for proofs you said "experience". Since anyone with experience knows you are wrong, you obviously were lying about having experience.

So being a virtuous man guarantees you a virtuous and virgin wife? Because that's what you're saying

Who said men and women can fuck around and then get married and have kids? Have you seen how sky high the divorce rate is? perhaps promiscuity is a reason for this.

Wait until you are about 30, have a good job and get a girl who is just about to hit the wall who has ridden the CC and wants to settle down.. she will call you a "good man"

What's the CC?

hasnt the divorce rate decreased now? im pretty sure it was high because older generations avoided 'fucking around' and settled when it came to marriage.

i dont really know why it was so high, but i know its been decreasing because the younger generation fuck around and try their options before getting married (among other things)

By already having a gf.

Cock carousel
There is a direct relationship between cocks ridden and divorce rate. For thousands of years people got married young and stayed married. The rate absolutely skyrocketed in 60's and is still insanely high. Hopefully it will come down.

Don't ask, that guy is obviously a cuckoldry fetishist.

Candy corn
Cock carousel
Corpus cobbler
Common corning

Cuburt cumberdale

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So being a virtuous man guarantees you will not get a girl ever? Because that's what you are saying. You are not a virtuous man, you are a bitter spoiled manchild.

Divorce rates have been decreasing for a long time. You must be very dumb to not know this.

Source for your inane drivel?