"just stop looking for it and it will happen :)"

>"just stop looking for it and it will happen :)"

Is this the worst piece of advice given? I've noticed that it's usually women who say this too, probably because dating for them just means not turning down every man that asks.

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no its the best advice. no one wants a desperate incel constantly looking for pussy. improve yourself for your own sake. meet lots people with the intention of just making friends. eventually you will find someone you like and who likes you

>tfw no vegan doctor bf
why even live?????????

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>just stop bro
>B urself
>but men have to initiate
>you are a weak, feminized pussy if you do not approach 800 girls/day
>hahah just dude lmao
Fuck normies. Fuck society. Fuck this shit

no one is saying any of that

You don't have to stop looking but worrying seems excessive.

Honestly what said. People can tell if you're desperate and it's an attraction killer.

except they are

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This post () says "just stop looking for it and it will happen" is
>the best advice
You all can backtrack as much as you like. It never gets less entertaining.

Depends. I completely understand a person saying that to you though if you are continuously whining about not having a gf and asking "what do I do, what do I do?". If you are being obsessive about it sometimes you just need to back off, work on yourself, get your head right, be okay with yourself and being alone. Women can smell desperate bro.

It is true if it's done well. That is if you concentrate your efforts in building your own happiness and self-worth, that really attracts people. It also gives you the confidence on what you truly want from your life, who you'd like to spend it with and so on.

It's more like don't expect it to happen and don't stress about it so time passes faster, then it happens naturally

it being worded incorrectly. They mean sex is a by product. It's easier to improve your live by devoting yourself to your career and becoming a well off member of society. Sex will show up as one of your many options and you can choose to take it or not. You say others don't have to go through this path, but they either did or someone did it for them.
The other side is that being focused on sex makes you seem creepy to strangers. especially if that's all they know about you. Thirsty boys don't notice how unpleasant they are being. it's like being really excited about something people think is only pretty good.

>>you are a weak, feminized pussy if you do not approach 800 girls/day
How many girls have you asked out this year?

some people die without finding their precious love. lol
>sex is only pretty good
lmfaoo. no it's great

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nothing that you posted equates to "stop looking and it will happen"


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It literally does, though.
>"just stop looking for it and it will happen :)"
>Is there a worse piece of advice?
>no its the best advice
It is quite literally right there. If you can't read I understand

Zero. I am not desperate.
>cue "incel"

Why don’t you try asking in a nondesperate manner?

Because I'm not interested? Effort to reward ratio and all that.

Please give me an user to bypass the captcha. And maybe a woman

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don't take any advice said here seriously

It's good advice wrapped up in an overly simplistic and somewhat contradictory statement. Looking for a relationship is VERY attractive on an instinctual level. When we see someone smile we have a tendency to smile back and if someone is displaying that they are open for a relationship then it will attract people who are also open for a relationship. However, this is not the case for desperation. If someone communicates, consciously or subconsciously, that they NEED a mate then others will interpret it as saying "I'm unsuccessful and highly dependent on others for my own happiness" which are both unattractive features if you want your kids to be happy and successful.

The way out of this and the intention of the advice is you need to find other ways to be happy in life before you can get into a relationship. Another way of looking at it is you can't be happy in a relationship if you aren't happy with yourself. Just work on yourself. Find your hobby, find your passion, and make a real change out of it. Fix up your hygiene, change what you are not happy with, and just politely let the world know you're looking for someone to enjoy life with.

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It's not really that much effort to ask someone out. No more effort than asking for a pencil really.

While I somewhat agree, I still don't want to go on a date let along play the game with a female long enough to get sex.

let *alone*

But that's what bars and clubs are for so you can hook up right away

That's gross and, regardless, still too much effort for someone like me.

What do you do

What are you asking me?

What does your life consist of

Well, school is going to pick up again in a few weeks. I work a few days a week at my mom's pizza shop. I live with my mom for free in exchange for watching her younger kids sometimes and as part of her incentive to get me to go back to school.
When I'm not doing those things, I read, write, go on Jow Forums, occasionally draw, and play vidya sometimes. Also I recently bought a bike so I have started riding around a bit

Good for you then, I hope it makes you happy

Thanks. You too

sex is like anime. some of it is mindblowing, some of it is shit, some is ok, and most is not for everybody.

The part that annoys me from this is that many women get to that point AFTER being in a relationship and being shown that they're worth it and deserve loved.

As a man that will never happen to you since if you aren't an island of self confidence you will never ever get even close to landing a girl.

The only girl I've ever loved/been in a relationship with I met at a completely random chance encounter when we started talking at a party.

It’s only good advice if you’re annoyingly desperate. If you’re making no effort to meet new women and be attractive it actually is terrible advice. This means that if someone posts it on Jow Forums it’s terrible advice, since shyness and asocial lifestyle tend to be the biggest issues here. Notice how everyone defending it in this thread is having to backtrack and move goalposts just to avoid looking completely retarded.

It's true and it sucks big time. It's like being happy with yourself before being happy in a relationship is something we stopped teaching men about a few generations ago contributing to the rise of inceldom.


Don't worry, I didn't look for a relationship for 4 1/2 years and I didn't find one, I then tried tinder and bumble and also didn't find one. Perhaps women give that advice because they don't tend to approach and many get constant attention if they desire it. This is not true for most men.

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They give it because any man dumb enough to follow it is a beta and naively removes himself from the gene pool.

I wasn't following advice. I was simply not interested.

Same effect

>just meet people

Then you accumulate 15 male friends you don't even want for every 1 female who already has a bf.

>you don't even want
this is why you cant get a gf. youre only looking for women you can date. you need to want a healthy social life with male and female friends

user, what you need to realize is that it's a hopeless chase. A carrot on a stick.

If you want, you're too desperate. If you don't want, you're too distant. If you show interest, you're too hasty. If you don't show interested, you're getting friendzoned. If you socialize for the sake of it you aren't approaching women. If you socialize for the sake of finding women you're being too forward and driving them away.

It's harder than ever to make decent connections with people and the way society works now, which lets us do whatever we want without needing to talk to other people means that people like you and me who struggle with people get left behind. Because no one is going to make an effort to get to know people like us, they're just going to go after the socially beautiful people. If you aren't perfect out of the box you just get discarded, swiped, forgotten. Noone is gonna put any effort on you.

You're telling me women can sense who's desperate but they can't identify an abusive asshole that cheats on them?

Desperate guys out themselves, no need to sense it.
Abusive assholes are commonly good at hiding their intentions.

Are there no women that prefer to have quiet life with just a few close friends as opposed to constantly making a million new acquaintances?

there are but they dont want desperate faggots who have no motives other than getting gfs


it is bullshit advice. what you should be doing is asking out girls you are interested in, that's it. obviously its more work than women but what can we do.