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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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Question for other men: What are some normie porn stars? I was with some friends and they started talking about porn stars and I felt awkward because I don't know any because I only fap to femdom. So what do normies watch? I only know of pic-related because she gets memed on /sp/ a lot

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I don't know about normie (nor am I a man) but the only porn star whose name I know is Emily Bloom. I think she's cute. Also I like this massage stuff. Check it out.

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Larkin love, xev bellringer,
autmn night for best Solo stuff and also cutest person ever

Girls, what am I supposed to do with my arm when you sit next to me?
I was at a board game night and someone decided it was a good idea to fit four people on a three seat couch.
So what happened was that this girl was sitting super close to me, legs touching, and I had no idea where to put my right arm. I ended up putting my hand on the sofa behind her since she was sitting more to the front but it felt kind of awkward.

That sounds about right

>started talking about porn stars
Do guys actually do this? You actually learn the names of pornstars and talk about them like teenage girls do about celeb crushes?

Who was the asshole in "500 Days of Summer"? Tom Hanson, Summer Finn, or both?

I currently have a weed dependency, an unfit body, a stubborn outlook on life in general, and I waste money. I also suffer from some form of anxiety.
Which of these qualities would women consider the worst?

Personally, drug dependency. I don't mind people who do it occasionally but if you say you're dependent that's a big red flag.

Darryl Alan Reed

Drug use

Sounds fine. Better than putting both hands on the table obstructing stuff.

>waste money
For me, this. Then again, everyone and their grandmother smokes week where I live, and people are very frugal, so there's that.

remy lacrox and sasha gray are well known by normies.

I've been caught in those conversations twice, so yeah. I know pornstar names too, but they aren't normie ones really.

>every is very frugal
>everyone wastes money on weed

Tom. Obviously Tom.

>where do I meet women/men
>outside or online
Jesus, even for a normie answer that's bad.

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Women are 50% of the population, they're literally everywhere.
My boyfriend is an hermit who rarely leaves his house and doesn't talk to anyone consistently but me and his mom. He still managed to find a gf.

how is it wasting money? if you are more relaxed, you are way more productive. plus you don't need to buy antidepressants and painkillers and shit, better for your liver. investment.

You are wrong. They aren't everywhere.

Where did you and your bf meet?

>They aren't everywhere.
We are pretty much everywhere, yes.

Online. Been together for a couple years now.

You aren't where I work (machine shop). You aren't where I live (boring boomer area).

Where online?

>Where online?
Jow Forums. Talked in a thread and added each other. Got along great, meet up regularly, moving in together at the end of next year.

Just him though? Even though Summer strung him along and used him for sex?

what color is his skin

if a girl had pretty slutty and dodgy teenage years, and exclusively slutty boyfriends that just wanted to fuck her, is it possible that she might change her behavior in her 20's or even later? does a complete 180 shift like this ever occur to girls? from slutty to non slutty.

this girl told me all about her past and she continued on like that until she met me. Then I told her how I see things and what values I have and she'd be saying things like "I wish all guys were like you" and then later when she'd hear about something slutty someone did she would patronize it and say how slutty that was or whatever. She would also ask me things like "do you think my dress is slutty?" and she told me that if she was to date someone she wouldn't have sex with them straight away anymore.

She clearly likes me, she told me but I told her before what kind of values I have and that I seek the same from women (and she's clearly not it), but I'm not sure if she's actually changing or just pretends to get me to like her more. Do you ever just meet a certain person after a number of failed romances and realize you can do better and change? or do people just not change that side of themselves, ever?

I like this girl, but she makes it hard for me to trust her.

You realize that meeting a single woman on Jow Forums is highly unlikely, right?

Was it on Jow Forums?

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No but they might pretend to in their 30's but they're probably still the same person on the inside

It shouldn't be hard to trust her. You know it's an act.

Trust your gut bro

See the thing is, I heard of girls who were very innocent, and sometimes a bad relationship turns them into sluts, but I don't know if the reverse situation can happen. Being slutty has a much better pay off, you get to fuck all the time and you don't have to think about any commitment, you just move on. Looking for the right person and not having sex with random people until that happens, isn't very rewarding so there's really no incentive to do it, especially once you already began sleeping with randomers.

Thing is I don't know what its telling me. Some part of me likes being sceptical about it and question her trust. On the other hand I feel like we really have good chemistry, better than any girl I've known before. She also said her mother seems to like be purely based on the things she said about me, that never happened about her previous guys but there again, fuckboys are not much of a competition. Its not as easy as I'd like this decision to be

thanks for answering, I also think the weed use is what's preventing me from meeting women.

My sister had multiple relationship (at least 5), most of them which ended up being douche bags who fucked her over. Her most recent ex really did a number on her and that created some friction between me and her, as I really needed her to be with me on this one issue but she chose her ex bf over me( who proceeded to cheat on her soon after). It was this issue that really made me lose respect for her as I had to bear a lot of weight financially and mentally.

I, on the other hAnd, have only had 1 relationship which only lasted 8 months. After that, I was dateless/sexless for almost a decade. I stood alone while I watched my sister go through shitty boyfriend after shitty boyfriend. This has made me become more suspicious about girls and how promiscuous they can be and how easily they can lie about it. And how girls sort of accumulate all this emotional garbage and carry it onto their next relationship.

Am I being irrational? Is it right to feel jaded that when I eventually do start a family, that my wife has probably gone through at least 5 relationships with douche bags while I only had 1 girlfriend?

So I took a girl that was clearly out of my league on one date and she was giving me mixed signals the whole time, but we agreed to be friends and shared contact info to "see where it goes". Fast forward a few months of snapping back and forth sort of hot/cold and she proceeds to send me a completely unsolicited picture of her tits out of the blue, during a 100% casual exchange. Fast forward a few weeks to the present and she is leaving me on read now. Wtf am I supposed to think about that? Either gender can answer.

you found out about the disgusting nature of women. they arent all trash like your sister, but i would say a lot of them are. luckily if youre careful enough and bother to notice the red flags, these women arent hard to spot and dodge. sometimes youll realize this a few years into the relationship, but thats just you being ignorant. thankfully you had a good opportunity to examine such women from up close, so know you can at least try to map your way in a fucked up womans mind.

girls and boys i guess, what's your take on this and how would you react?

>girl ive known for over 8 years, never talked much
>end of 2017 start seeing her with some friends, she recently moved back to town, broke up with her ex she lived with for 2 years
>make out that night, exchange numbers
>start seeing each other more and more
>start dating couple of months, relationship ensues
>break up about a year ago
>still see each other 2ish months after, still having sex (fucking awful time if you ask me)
>another month of barely any contact
>make out at a christmas party, start seeing each other again up until february 2019
>find out she fucked with one of her guy friends because she felt "like it was a relationship again", naturally end the whole seeing each other, go distant
>couple of months pass by, they ofc date, get together

we've have 1.5 months of no contact at all, last i heard she's moving in with that guy in 2 months from today, she texted me asking how i was, that she would like to spend time with me and mutual friends alone, without her guy

she probably got desperate and said fuck it, and sent the pic. How did you react to it? what did you do over the next weeks until she started ghosting you? maybe your reaction or lack of reaction made her feel like she fucked up or you didn't feel the same way about her and that made her think if she's still gonna do it or not, chose not to from what you're saying but there again, I don't know whats actually going on and I'm not in her head to tell you for sure

when i notice a girl is being cold/hot, i just drop contact. she's either playing hard to get, in which case i dont want a relationship with a nutcase, or she's not interested in which case i dont want to waste time.

take what you will from my approach, but these are the kind of girls that eventually fuck you over.

Stay away from your own good. At best she's confused at worst you're gonna get played.

The main different is that you really wasn't dateless/sexless for almost a decade by choice. If it's easy for you to get a girlfriend, you would've had another one by now. It's easy for your sister to get boyfriends (or at least fuckbuddies) so she had 5 of them. You would've done something similar if you had the possibility so yes, expect your next gf/wife to have 5 relationships or something. It's very possible. Don't take for granted that all their relationship are with abusive guys tho. I think my sister had at very least 3 serious relationship and my other sister had many many more fuckbuddies. I'm (guy) still at zero and I'm getting close to 30yo.

>weed use keeps me from meeting women
Not if you are their "plug". Girls will exchange sex for weed, or hang with you because of the social "value" you have for being a dealer. At least where I am, that's how it is, sadly.

This all said, the women I know who were into drug dealers/big pot users, weren't really the types I'd want to be with. Last year, I hit it off with a woman really well, and it started to go downhill right around the time I discovered her weed problem. It's up to you if you want to share in a weed addiction with someone or move past it.

White. We're both white.

>You realize that meeting a single woman on Jow Forums is highly unlikely, right?
Not that unlikely. I know of many people who met their SO on here, but then I've been on here for 10 years.

>Was it on Jow Forums?

Would any woman ever tolerate having a functional alcoholic bf?

What makes a girl attracted to a guy?

I have a weed problem due to anxiety (it worsens eachother though..) so I'm seriously uncomfortable with using weed around others. I'd dump a girl with a weed problem because I know she values the weed over me.
That being said, good friend of mine is seriously into the drug business and I know quite a few folks in the drug industry. I have my ways in, but I don't want to at all. Not the stress of it but the anxiety destroys any chances of it.
I hate anxiety so much because it makes me feel like a weak little teenage kid..

are you in a fucking cult city or something?

How much they care about me and how much they want to see me when I'm alone ^-^

when asked a surprising amount of people are women, i'd say 10-30% of Jow Forums is women

We had flirted sexually a few times before and I had mentioned she had nice tits so my response was basically "those are literally perfect you are blessed". They were actually the best pair I've ever seen, but I didn't want to go overboard like a slobbering retard so I left it at that. She responded with "I wanted to see your reaction".

Some time after that in an unrelated convo I told her she was vain but like in a sort of attractive way, and she got really offended by that. Then later I tried to duplicate her random tit pic with a tasteful pic of my dick in briefs and she just sent me this hard glare back, now she doesn't respond much at all. I'm pretty lost tbqh.
Probably the best approach, but she's like a 10/10 in my view so it's tough to let go.

>Is it right to feel jaded that when I eventually do start a family
it's right to FEEL jaded. use common sense for a bit, if every women was a complete slut you would have met plenty and hear far more stories about cheaters, it would be a social epidemic
as you currently live with a massive slut it's completely normal for you to think women are like this since this is the only women you currently see. just remember this is not the case
this goes for the incels reading this too

Eastern Europe exists, okay?
I never not had a boyfriend that wasn't a functional alcoholic because "beer does not count as alcohol" and shit.

I forgot to mention this but she also specifically mentioned to me that she doesn't send nudes to anyone unless she's dating them. It's pretty clear that this is a casual relationship, so every single sign I've gotten has been 100% conflicting so far.


is it considered weird if i ask a ex-gf who is in contact with another ex-gf i haven't had any contact in years, for said exes number?

My boyfriend loves showing me off to people, especially his coworkers. I started working at the same place as him and now I feel awkward as fuck because half of the guys there know what we do in bed but I'm generally a shy person. Why do guys do this?

I aint flying to Ukraine for a gf when I can pay a Ukrainian £120 for an hours GFE

embrace it, show the guys "yep that's the guy i fuck with hard and not you ugly dicks" embrace that mentality

are mail-order brides actually a thing? How do they work?
>tfw no qt Eastern European girl who will sit on my American face in exchange for a greencard
what are we talking about exactly? Did he just say he fucked you or some other common stuff, or are you a freak? I've had girls tell me about pegging or even pissing on their boyfriend's face but IME guys usually only talk about the common stuff like anal or tying her up.

He's a jerk. Guys don't do this, your boyfriend does it.

It's general stuff like positions and all the places he's done me and he hasn't gone into the saucy details (I hope)
But I worded it badly, I meant why do guys enjoy showing their girls off so much. Kinda put me under pressure to live up to other people's expectations lmao

See the thread FAQ:

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

girls do it too, but to themselves. They walk around showing off their ass and try to look sexy, and give looks to other guys while you're there with her. Personally I find it embarrassing and insulting. Those girls say its to make their guy feel good, but unless you're a cuck I don't see how that's gonna make you feel better. You're just leading guys on and make them think they can fuck you, hows that meant to make any man feel better?

I think both guys and girls do it because they're weak, try to impress others with appearances because they may have little to offer otherwise. It also gives an illusion of being higher up in your immediate society's hierarchy because you own something that looks prettier than your competition's, but depending on how you look at it, it could be very shallow or very ego boosting

I wouldn't recommend having a mail-order bride, unless of course you do a very good prenup and you are not surprised that the moment she has a citizenship she leaves you.
I've only seen Western Euro guys with Eastern Euro or Philippine wives... I feel so bad for one of them, like literally the day his Ukrainian wife got her passport, she filed for divorce.

That said, I don't really know in detail how the mail-order thing works. Even if I did, I'm a female, so it wouldn't help you.

She very clearly told him she didn't want anything from him.
The movie is specifically structured so you see the romance through his eyes, but it's not the real thing.
The real thing is that he fell in love for a woman who didn't have feelings for him, and never tried to make him believe otherwise.

>and never tried to make him believe otherwise.
>Holds his hand immediately after telling him she doesn't want anything serious

The real crux of the film that nobody talks about is when Tom bitches to Summer so hard she agrees to be official. No man should ever need a woman that much.

Holding hands is not necessarily a sign of romantic love.
I held hands with people on first dates.

Are you a man or a woman and did you initiate?

How many of you guys are shy/introverted and into gentle femdom/role reversal?

Woman. Sometimes, other times he did.
I also hold hands with friends, my dad and my mom. And my granny. It's a sign of affection, but not necessarily "I want to have your children".

According to 4chans own stats its almost 30% I believe

I can 100% guarantee you that holding hands on a date is halfway to baby making for a guy. Guys don't hold hands with women they aren't deeply wanting.

I'm 30
Women like me and have obvious interest in me and I can interact with them fine when it comes to friendship

I have never had a relationship because when I was a kid, my mom fucked me up good so I'm weary of trusting women and relationships I guess.

I can befriend women well, and I like talking to them and all that, and I get when they are interested in more, but I feel like there's something keeping me from progressing from casual friends to something more, and I don't know how to initiate that shit and get over the anxiety or whatever it is.

I've had "sex" once with a legal prostitute trying to get over anxiety but I couldn't come and it didn't feel good because the woman was no one to me and I had zero feelings for her.

there are a couple of women my own age and younger who would like a relationship with me, but I don't know how to get into that and get over the anxiety, because I'm basically without any experience and they have had serious relationships already in the past, so I feel like they will instantly find out how inept and inexperienced I am and that this would ruin it for them and prevent it from working out I guess.

I'm 100% serious by the way, if you want more info on something, ask and I will answer honestly. I want a normal life, I want intimacy, and I want someone I can really care about.

>wants to spend time alone with other friends
eh, i'd say go for it since there are other people to accompany you as well. just don't let yourself get provoked by your emotions since the deed was already done a long time ago

how would you describe what she did? imo i feel used

they do it because girls like it

And how many would you say are ACTUALLY women, and are open to a relationship on top of that?
I would bet under 10%

Females yall like to meditate?

I've never tried it but I heard its pretty useful for relaxation and focusing the mind and whatnot.

girls, when you're into a guy that you never met, do you send signals that you're attracted by choice or is it shown more naturally, like you don't know it happens when it happens, only after the fact? because the patterns seem to repeat in every girl, like they all got together and said "act like this if you're interested in him" to each other and made an agreement. If its natural then it'll be more identifiable I think

I'm kind of concerned guys
I know I should be active in the dating world and all since I'm 23 and have yet to touch it once, but I honestly don't see the appeal in dating or relationships. To me, it almost seems like a fad that everyone just does out of peer pressure.

I mean, what would I even do in a relationship? If truly have to constantly pay attention to them three times more than I went to a friend, how would I even do that? Not to mention, what would we even do? It all sounds so boring and off

I don't get it and even though I do feel lonely sometimes, I don't understand why people try to solve it with relationships. I also don't understand why there so damn good. They don't seem all that special to be desu.

Is there something I'm not considering? Maybe it's because I've never been in a relationship or dated. Idk.

Dear women,

How can I can I make you feel like a woman and what behavioural traits seperate boys from men?

Sincerely, a boy

Not reallly, I have a very hard time focusing/relaxing enough (and not enough interest/desire to invest in learning to over time) so if I want something like this I will sooner go with guided meditation/autosuggestion.

On the rare occasions that I have meditated I far prefer "active" assignments like imagining you are exhaling weight or that you are floating in the air like pollen or whatever else over trying to empty your mind of thoughts.

Lift heavy things for me.

In my opinion It's how mature you are. I don't mean being solemn and boring but being responsible. I think a man is autonomous, caring, respectful and responsible.


and your question is...?
just go for it. only thing is, don't got straight into stuff like marriage or so, just dating for a few years or so.
the only problem i could foresee, is that someone might use you cause of your inexperience, but... you seem like a lovely guy from just these few lines, so at least give yourself a chance to open up to someone irl.

i like to follow some basic guided meditations, like solar plexus cleaning stuff, but i'm lazy to follow it regularly.

There's definitely some subconscious signs (flushing, smiling more, dilated pupils, more open body language, listening just a bit more intensely, getting just a bit more personal, standing closer, fidgeting, looking at their mouth...), whether or not I also give conscious signs depends on what I want from him. If I feel really attracted to a guy who's taken or not paying any attention to me, I'm not going to put myself out there. If I see real potential and the guy seems available and at least somewhat charmed by me, I will, because it is in my own best interests to put myself forward a little and plant a seed, to push things forward. Mostly I will make things a little more explicit, give more (personal) compliments, comment on how much I like talking to/meeting them, and willfully put myself in a flirty situation. E.g. if the guy says something mildly embarrassing (for me) and I don't want to hit, I might say "oh god, time to get another drink". If I do want to hint I could say "oh stop it, you're going to make me blush". I will also steer more for playful, silly interaction and making him laugh OR heart to heart talk about life, past and future etc. I am less likely to stick to an interesting but matter of fact conversation.

You did not really name examples but from your description I'm leaning towards mostly natural signs of attraction. Some token moves like dramatically placing a hand on his chest/shoulder/upper arm are also copied from movies more than shared as tips among friends.

I got friendzoned by a guy I was dating who doesn't want a relationship but we still talk and hang out all the time. My friends said he probably friendzoned me because he's scared to fall in love with me and would rather sleep around (he's a chad in his mid 20s), but that sounds like bullshit. Do guys ever friendzone girls because they like them TOO much? Is that seriously a thing?

>he loves me TOO much
>would rather sleep around

He's a chad and you want to lock him down, but you don't have what it takes. Classic.

about 25% of males are subs according to my memory

Nope. Guys are "investors". They put too much work into a girl in hopes they'll marry them to play around and do stupid things.

>and your question is...?
I think he wants to know how to progress from friends to actual dating and all that.

I'm extroverted and into bdsm/extreme femdom. I just want a woman to manipulate and abuse me constantly until i'm a senseless slave devoted to her. Sadly very few women are into that, the only one who did entertain it and come to enjoy it herself tossed me aside after a couple of years for a new boytoy.

Some classics include spooning her in bed, walking on the side of the traffic, lifting her up/carrying her. Keep romancing her (and don't settle for someone who does not do the same); it doesn't matter whether your way is to remember that bracelet she saw and gifting it by surprise, or throwing a towel in the dryer so she has a warm one when she gets out of the shower, or writing her a silly little note before leaving for work, or anything else for that matter. Little tokens of appreciation.
Another important one is still making her feel beautiful. Obviously when you are together long you get used to one another to some extent and you probably won't always feel horny just seeing her naked. But still sometimes doing a double take or a heartfelt "wooow" after she dressed up goes a long way.

The first part of what I said is quite individual, not everyone cares equally about gender roles. Personally I don't like it at all if a man insists on paying or tries to help me in my coat or whatever, some women swoon for it. There's no right or wrong only compatibility and learning what makes the woman YOU love happy.

As for boys vs men, it is just maturity. A boy blames others if something goes wrong, a man is able to take responsibility. A boy looks at others to know what he should think of things or what he should like, a man makes up his own mind in the end. A boy is obsessed with short term rewards, a man can balance those with working towards long term rewards.

It is in essence no different for me than the difference between girls and women.

Think I might be narcissistic. I wither and get depressed if I don't get constant attention, but that attention tends to be short-lived for obvious reasons and I'm sick of changing the people whose attention I crave all the time. I also can't seem to change this behavior. So how do I get someone to stay and give me attention? Obviously I need some sort of behavior cahnge.

>Do guys ever friendzone girls because they like them TOO much?

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How do you lock chad down? Seriously is it looks or something else?

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didn't expect myself to struggle as much as i am to find an answer. i guess it's an instinctual thing.
i find it hard to believe that the idea of constantly being reminded how loved you are and just always being there does nothing for you. maybe you're just /really/ pessimistic?


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Giga chads do this, but it's really risky.

yep. a lot of people are scared to break off a really good friendship with a botched confession
but if he friendzoned you (you DIRECTLY confessed and he said no) he just isn't into you