How to be The Ramona Flowers?

Have you watched Scott Pilgrim? One of my favorite movies. Well, I noticed in my past relationships I was always Knives. The sweet but pretty average girl next door type. My guy was sorta interested in me but as soon as Ramona came along, it was all over. I want to be myself but I feel heartbreak all the time. I'm always Knives in the relationship and never Ramona, the amazing rebel girl that guys seem to go after. I'm always chasing after my Scott but he doesn't notice me and only Ramona. How do I cope with being so lame? I really don't want to be something I'm not but I still yearn to be her.

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Sorry, impossible.

Being yourself is always the best bet. You will find someone who prefers to be with your type more than her type.

i hope

I want to be the Envy.

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and I want my demon hipster chicks

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Hey man, you beat me to it REEEEE

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Wasn't there this version of the movie in which Knives won, not Ramona, but the female audience wanted Ramona to win? I remember something like that vaguely. Furthermore, I'm male and dislike Ramona. I'd pick Knives if I were the protagonist.


if you want to impress me with your rebellious attitude then contemplate how to dismantle the decentralized hierachical power structure of globalised civilisation that is undermined by chassidist and frankist jews to drive humanity into a pitfall of degeneration, decadence and sin through violent or non-violent means

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In the comic Knives wins. But they changed it for the movie. The Ramona ending fucked everything up. The whole point was Scott was wasting his time chasing a dream girl when what he needed was right in front of him. It was suppose to be against chasing some arbitrary concept.


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>In the comic Knives wins
No she doesn't. The original movie was that Knives goes with Scott and Ramona says something like "I keep fucking up in life haha bye :("
In the comic, it's hinted that she starts dating Kim Pines at some point while Ramona and Scott get together because Scott is homeless.

thank you for all the help, and i love that song. my new favorite

I really disliked that movie. Scott's a serious loser with an asshole personality, Ramona is annoying, not amazing. Knives is just some sad deluded kid with a crush on someone she doesn't realize is a piece of shit who doesn't even really like her.

What's really sad and lame about Knives is that she doesn't know Scott at all, and her wanting him isn't based on anything that he is.

If you're chasing guys who don't notice or want you, that's not about no one being able to find you amazing, that's you choosing to waste your time pursuing people who aren't really interested.

Find a person who really engages back with you. It's the person who draws out the best in you, who makes you feel good and appreciated for being you. And not just because they deign to notice and speak to you just because they have nothing better going on or no one else they'd rather talk to.

Lose weight.

There are two steps to become ramona flowers
>be 9/10
>act aloof and dye your hair

thank you very much, that helps me feel better. I'll try to do that. I have a bad habit of picking the wrong guys, sorta the rebellious bad guys but I should broaden my horizons
I'm underweight rn :[
man that'sats simple. jk cus I failed the first

No one chooses to be a Ramona. You just are.

Ramona is only who she was because of Roxie. If she hadn't dated her, she would've been normal.
In the comic, Roxie screams at her that she taught her everything she knew and Ramona copies her entire look (rollerblading and fighting style, and somewhat her fashion)
So basically, become a lesbian

that's amazing to know


Be a good and upstanding person. Don't be a Ramona.

Kims better tho.
How do i find someone like kim?

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A music supply store

>How to be Wallace Wells?

I'm a Ramona type and I have the opposite problem lol. Guys always ditch me for normie basic girls. Grass is always greener OP

I hope you watched the video that has been posted many times in this thread.

In Minecraft, of course.

Literally every character in the movie is a bad person in their own right, if anything, you should not want to be or be with anyone that resembles one of those characters. What the fuck?

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This. Let whores be with their manslut loser boyfriends while we get the good, pure virgin girls.


Shut the fuck up n-word and go back to banging your underaged white sluts. My pure and virgin girlfriend are enjoying our life right now.

great take on the stupidity of the modern incel. truly artistic

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Knives learn to be her own person and not chase guys that isn’t really interested. In better words, she grew up. And so should you. Ramona is the manic pixie girl that isn’t real and in reality have an erratic behavior not well suited for a healthy relationship. But it works in the movie and the books because Scott Pilgrim is a selfish asshole and they kind of “deserve” each other. You shouldn’t aspire to be anyone from this story, but at least knives becomes self aware of her bad, and self-destructive behavior.

Imagine being a virgin even after you get a gf, kek. Peak autism

Everyone engages in globalized trade.

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Learn to sing. As the song says:
I heard Ramona sing
And I heard everything
The speed they're traveling
They are the only thing

Secret to winning a guy and making him loyal:

Give him good sex constantly so he will not even think about leaving the good shit.

be a total whore. Suck his dick. Send him nudes. Tell him to fuck you in restaurant toilets. Be a dirt slut for him. He will know that he won’t find that good sex again.

I'm someone who has guys chasing after her, the trick is to not care. whoever cares the least has the most power. Also be fun and mysterious, by acting hot & cold. It's a given you need to be attractive ofc, no uglies can pull of this dream girl.

Find out what he's lacking in life and provide that for him, adventure, sense of comfort, emotional mattressing, whatever.

Remember, the tip is to not care, you cannot develop feelings for them too quickly or even at all because that will just ruin all the vibes.

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>basing your dating life on a movie so that your expectations can never be met and you will be disappointed no matter what happens

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>fuck 7 guys
>die your hair
>find work delivering shit
>move to a shithole
Did you ever notice how every single one of the evil exes is way more interesting and has more of a personality than Ramona? That's because Ramona is a basic bitch that attaches herself to other people, don't be a fucking ramona

I wish the movie was only about the Indian guy. He seemed so cool.

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1 find a job that gets you an income you can comfortably live in while not demanding too much of your time
2 find a rewarding use of your free time
3 make sure to maintain adequate social interaction, eating habits and hygiene
Congratulations you beat the system

Romana is girl Scott. Oblivious to the pain she caused people, she just ended up objectified by the most successful men nearby. Knives was just using young Niel. Everyone in those books/movie had poor relationship skills.

Its like no one on this site is over the age of 18 anymore

im 19 lol. get rekt skrub

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Thank you guys. My boyfriend always talks about Ramona, she's his exact type so it makes me insecure. He tries to make friends with girls like that too. I really love him but it sucks.

Be with someone who appreciates you for you. Be authentic always. Don't change yourself for someone who doesn't care and even if they do care don't change yourself either, you need to respect yourself. That's something men really admire.

It’s summer

The movie itself is very well crafted. But it’s hard to like a movie (or comic) where most of the people in it represent the worst in all teenagers. And it’s set to a theme and tropes most of us find childish and annoying. Its cartoonie, it got the manic pixie girl, it mimic the harem trope from anime where one random loser is just surrounded by women. And It’s all about the cringe and flaws of growing up in that period. This isn’t a move where you should be aspired to be like someone in it. At best It ends with some of the characters becoming self-aware. Which represent the change to (young) adulthood aka growing up.

Yeah, honestly nothing is hotter than a women whos smart and aware

>be nigger
>fuck sluts
>get AIDS
>give AIDS to even more sluts

People everywhere appreciate your noble sacrifice, lad.

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I'm not convinced your boyfriend is as bad as you're making him out to be. Do you know for sure he's consciously making friends with girls like that for flirting purposes, or is it just that he naturally gets on well with more edgy/alternative girls?

I'll be with you OP

I'm more attractive than all of Jow Forums combined


Scott had shit taste;

Stop going after the men who want the excitement Ramonas offer. If you can own mom jeans and promise rings you'll eventually run into a guy who wants that.

Every anarchist makes a guilty pleasure of shit talking about The Man like he wasn't instrumental in providing their liquor and cigarettes.