How do I get an abusive boyfriend?

How do I get an abusive boyfriend?

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Start going out with "nice guys"

date an african or muslim

I want a boyfriend, not a manchildfriend.
Muslims are a bit toooo abusive.

Find a guy who smokes crack and start dating him. They are easy to find at your local crack shack.

find a well put together man with a manicure.

Where you located?

Go for a black guy then

I live near a Walgreens.

everyone lives near a Walgreens don’t waste my time. You got a Kik?

Find someone with redflags that SJWs tell you to not consider redflags since it's just "people being people"
Examples: piercings, tattoos, criminal record, illegal drug consumption, alcohol/smoke abuse
Read pic related, Dalrymple is a prison-doctor that later in life dealt with women victim of abuse. He will describe in detail how he could always tell which men were abusive and which weren't by observing simple qualities like the ones I mentioned above. And he will also say that women usually know what they are getting into, but choose to ignore redflags for some complex reasons.

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No, I broke my phone falling into quicksand a month ago.

Okay but I like boxing how do I find a bf who likes boxing too because I really want to box a bitch.

Also I must add that his books are full of actual data
For example, he will explain that 9 in every 10 prison inmates of the UK have tattoos. For the general population that's 2 in every 10. He will also explain that the types of tattoo a normal person gets is very different from the types of homemade tattoos a criminal gets. With that knowledge alone an englishman can never get mugged in their lives.

Go to a boxing gym and find someone there.

I went there once because it's next to the local coffeeshop but they seemed all so nice I couldn't imagine beating up any of them :(

You want both a boxer and an abusive man?
That's almost impossible. Men that practice martial arts or fight as a sport are very aware of their strength, so they know how to control it.


Statistically speaking OP, find a police officer.

But I illegally download music.

muslims have entire ethnostates

How come women are allowed to get loads of piercings/tattoos and not seem like a redflag and yet men can't do the same?

He'll beat you for that.

It is a red flag, just women put up so many these days that we need to ignore half of the flags we see to get anywhere.

reported for gr3

It is a redflag for women. But for a different reason, it shows that they are mentally unstable, damaged, and possibly slutty.
It does also show that they are aggressive, but women are too weak for that to matter significantly. If I were a manlet I'd still watch out though.

> it shows that they are mentally unstable, damaged, and possibly slutty.
To be honest, I actually agree here. I have no idea why though, any ideas?

While we're at it, what are some frequently ignored red flags for women like this?

attention whoring is the main one that comes to mind right now

What constituted attention whoring? It's presumably different to just typically being the centre of attention/being more extraverted/being the more talkative one in your friend group.

No idea. I got into law college at the age of 16 and watched my female colleagues, who had no tattoos or piercings nor any form of drug consumption, change dramatically over the years. They would first become extremely depressed for some reason. Then, as a cope mechanism, they would begin to change something in their body. Some would dye their hair (a huge redflag), others would shave it completely (mother of redflags), and some would make tattoos or put piercings. It's like asking for help.
I've also seen the mentally stable girls see everyone around them getting tattoos, so they'd get their own tattoo too after thinking for a long time, and it'd be something meaningful to them. These are an exception to the rule, their tattoos are not the redflag type, just the "got swayed by a trend" type. My mother considered doing the same and she is very traditionalist, in the end she got a temporary one and forgot about it.
Surely a sociologist would be able to think of more reasons. There could be Freudian daddy issues hidden underneath too. At the end of the day they are definitely redflags to watch out for, and it's usually easy to spot when the tattoo is not the damaged goods type

>It's like asking for help.
I've heard this sort of thing, "call for help" etc. What does this actually mean? Does she imagine someone will approach her after she's permanently disfigured her body and comfort her? Or does she want someone to stop her from getting the disfigurement in the first place? Or does she just do it because she just "doens't care anymore"?

I think another term for it is "pick-me" types. Urban dictionary covers it pretty well.

This would be easier to answer if I had gone through that rebel phase, but I was always a boring guy.
Maybe it's not exactly calling for "help", just for "attention". I don't know, they are definitely trying to signal a message to other people. Like when they dye their hair or cut their hair very short (or even shave it), it's like "I changed, this is the new me, I don't care about others's opinions, this is Stacy 2.0 :)" maybe?
Or maybe it's not about the message, it's just about saying something, about defying a social standard and flaunting it to others regardless of what it means.

fuck it, just going with my own explanation-

The type that need to remind everyone they know how much of an ideal partner they are. Usually in the form of spamming it on facebook, but I've seen plenty just talking about it. They have to tell everyone at every opportunity how much of a good person they are.

From personal experience, they're all talk and actually pretty shitty in a relationship.

I'm OP and I once dyed my hair purple because I was a warlock in WoW when I was 13.

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Start going on dates with other guys while you have a boyfriend. Jealousy could make a man kill you.

jokes aside, why did you make this thread?

Ahhh, the "wifey" types. Wifeys make me feel sad because they're pretty pathetic but they try so hard. I really hope they find their hubby though. They don't deserve the pain and hardship.
I've never had a boyfriend before.
The edgy tumblr teenager in me rised out of the deep abyss I dumped her into after I became an adult and forced me to make this thread. Also, this isn't the first time I joked "where to find a guy like this" before but it is the first time I made a thread about it.
I just think they're cool.
Actually, I think I remember why I made this thread. I was listening to some music from the 60-70s about women singing about how they miss their abusive boyfriends and I went "Ahh, yes, I understand it now."

I've seen a special type of attention whore at college. It was a public college, which is among the best colleges of the country, but these places were notable for being dominated by leftists. The few right-wing students would often flock together to survive. I was always conservative, so I ended up sticking with them. Since it was a college those groups would regularly study conservative and libertarian authors.
Now, the average guy would have a little-more-than-surface knowledge about these authors. The problem is that you'd find some girls with less-than-average knowledge, but since women were so scarce in these right-wing circles the guys would just worship them and put them on a pedestal despite the fact they had no clue what they were talking about. Those girls would say witty one-liners (since they were too stupid to read the full book and make a comment about its integrity) and become celebrities.
If a guy said the same things they were saying he would be laughed at. These girls found that saying the most basic shit got them attention. They liked it and milked it dry, some of their "descendants" probably still do it to this very day
I dated one of them for a while and it was damaged goods. She also had piercings, tattoos, was overweight and told me previously she had depression though, so I was a bit dumb for still going in.

You know why "The Beauty and the Beast" is still such a famous tale? Why 50 shades of grey is the fastest selling paperback in history? Women are into the "abusive" types.
But surely you are smart enough to know that this does not mean you should seek an "abusive boyfriend". It's more about finding a boyfriend that is willing to play the abusive role in bed, or in controlled environments.

you can have mine


Aww :(

No, you don't understand. I've always been sadistic, beating boys up in elementary school, stabbing them with my pencil in highschool, but I've never met a man who could be my match.

Also 50 shades of grey was very poorly written. I quit reading it after the party scene where she's puking on the floor but I did watch the movie and it was very good even with the unfortunate stiff dialogue.

You're crazy

I know. I once met a guy and I loved him but he was gay.

go to a boxing gym in a poor neighborhood

>Ahhh, the "wifey" types. Wifeys make me feel sad because they're pretty pathetic but they try so hard. I really hope they find their hubby though. They don't deserve the pain and hardship.
No, again I'm speaking from experience that that's just an act they put on to try getting attention from guys. As soon as they're actually in a relationship they throw all the shit they were talking about out of the window and show their true colors.

How old are you? I doubt these fantasies will last too long, most women move on after ~35, the biological clock rarely fails

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I'm 21.

What do you mean by this?

After you're 35, you stop wanting a boyfriend I suppose.

By that age you'll want a loving husband with whom you can raise a family
That's the phenomena of single moms looking for a "mature guy for a long term relationship", they were crazy early on and got illegitimate children, then realized the clock was ticking and started seeking the boring yet good husband material guys

I thought that was just an "incel coping strategy", to tell themselves that "don't worry, you're not desirable now, but one day you will be, and then you'll get your revenge on all those who rejected you!".

But in reality it's like telling unattractive children that they'll grow up to be tall, handsome and strong.

Do drugs. Hook up with your dealer.

This has nothing to do with incels
The "ideal husband" is not an incel, this goes without saying, it's just guys with financial stability that didn't get the insane girls like you when they were young (but still got other more normal girls)

Date an alcoholic

>only the less desirable nerdy types are financially secure
That's like saying all the nerds in highschool will eventually be CEOs when you know those are rare and they usually just end up being backdoor codemonkeys.

If you ask me, you need to have as little self-respect as the woman at that point to hook up with a washed-up roastie when you're both in your mid 30s because neither of you have any better options.

Not saying you don't both deserve it, but it's not really a winning scenario for the incel.

ARE you retarded

>I couldn't imagine beating up any of them :(
wait I thought you wanted to be beaten not the other way around.

OP, you don’t.