How do i become funny?

How do i become funny?
Do i only need to watch comedians and copy their mannerisms or there's something more?

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Comedy isn't really understood. There's a few things that commonly work, but it's mainly contextual so all I can say is: keep trying until something sticks.

Humor is just coping, almost everything funny has a seed of tragedy at the bottom. Like how somebody might get black-out drunk and pee their pants, friends might find it funny, but when you think about it it's really just kind of sad.

Whenever people think I'm funny it's often when I'm the most depressed and thinking about how shitty and cruel the world is.

perform every night the same material making adjustments. you want to have an act you can sell over the phone. you need to have sets timed by the minute.

maybe i should've add a question - how to succeed more times than you fail?
but that's only self-deprecation humor

Stop watching comedy. That doesn't teach you shit. You need to BE FUNNY. And you know exactly how, say the things that make you laugh. Suddenly you'll find that others enjoy some of the statements you say, others they won't for various reasons. Now just be an autistic machine and create a large data set to sift through deciding when what was funny for whom and for whom not recognising the small or large differences between persons and all their attributes. If youre incapable of doing that then you've got the wrong form of autism and i can't help you

self-deprecation is not bad unless you use it as a bludgeon against yourself. Some degree of depreciation is strangely very much appreciated.
also this
contrast creates humor, and humor contrasts with tragedy. Humor is the greatest form of tragedy.

>say the things that make you laugh
i dont know what are these things. i do realize that i'm not going to be funny 100% of time. is this some kind of people reading or what?
i agree. i use self-deprecation most of the time.

Yes you do. Just try and imagine something funny. Then put it in words. See what makes you laugh. Then try it on others. Don't only make yourself laugh but keep trying on others.

>needing advice on how to be funny
you need advice on how to prep the bull too?

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I try to accustome to different situations but theres something that im missing. Its not timing (althought i could work on that) but rather i have to put tremendous effort to think up even single joke while others come with them without much effort. I dont know how to put it into single word.

Stop listening to the fags saying
>It's subjective bro it can never be truly be understood
Comedy should be analyzed like literature or film, there are different genres and each one uses different techniques to get a HYUK from people. For standup a lot of comedians use personal experiences, they set up contrast/tension with a payoff and follows some kind of narrative. Small details in the beginning of an act can come back in the end to tie everything together, irony etc.

I'm told I'm pretty funny by a bunch of people. Things I've picked up:
> Know what your "crowd" typically finds funny, work with that.
> Don't try to force a joke. Especially don't just throw a random joke without context relevant to the current situation, you're not trying to be a walking joke book.
> Don't be too insulting to others (don't pick on major insecurities), you can have friendly bant with them though.
> Timing is everything, you start to intuit it after a while.
> Know how to recover when a joke falls flat - this is really hard to do.

To add to this, self-deprecating humour seems to work, as long as you don't make it too much into:
> humblebragging
> a "woe is me, please complement me" comment.

>Don't try to force a joke.
Im guilty of doing this and trying to say different jokes until it sticks (or doesnt).

Yeah, forcing jokes tends to make people think you're trying too hard to be funny/relatable, and at best you'll get an awkward half-laugh from people trying to be polite. You can usually tell if people are doing this by watching their eyes - if the only part of their face that moves is their mouth when they laugh, probably fake. If their eyes crease a bit then likely real.

Did you learn anything from famous comedians or just understood "rules" by yourself?

You won't understand it rationally because there are too many variables, but you will develop an intuition for it. Just watch a lot of comedians, movies, tv shows, etc. Over time you'll "get a feel" for what's funny.

> Did you learn anything from famous comedians
Never watched famous comedians or see how to be funny. Comedians perform to a live audience and are pretty much the only person talking for quite some time. This is pretty different to social settings you or I get into, where you have much smaller windows of time where you're the focus of attention.

> or just understood "rules" by yourself?
Even though I've been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome (which tends to indicate picking up social cues is difficult), I somehow have a decent understanding on what to say - I don't really think TOO heavily as to what I should say - only a few seconds in advance. A lot of intuition.

A lot of my comedy comes from quips and quick wit directly relevant to the situation at hand. Over the last few days at social events I've been introduced to others as a "comedy genius" and "the funniest person in the room", but when I'm asked to tell a joke I can't do it on demand - it's always reactionary.

Over time you'll get better at intuiting what works.

from my experience it's about becoming comfortrable enough in conversations that it comes naturally


People find the truth funny, because it's relatable.

But there are a lot of things that need to be considered while telling a good job: Timing, pacing, enunciation,... things like that. The content is one aspect of it, but if it's said in a way that is not appealing or, worse--difficult to comprehend... people are not going to laugh.

For the most of the part i struggle to find anything funny or it comes way too rare.

I find the way I make people laugh is by being as subtle as possible with my jokes and always tell them pretty deadpan but with slight body language as well and vocal shift or accentuating words. Even like a raise of an eyebrow or a hand gesture can change what your are telling to someone.

Also even if they don't laugh at my joke what I say is mostly a truth so even if they get slightly offended (on accident of course) they can't refute it or I will often make sure that I was joking.

just some thoughts for you guys

Forgot to mention that how you look can play into how "funny" you are. Like for example a black guy being self aware hes black. or if you're fat making fun of yourself (I had a good friend who would always throw in a that i'm fat joke and for god sake hes hilarious)

Last bump. Maybe someone has some material to read or watch on this topic?

methinks he did a decent job explaining
sadly intuition is key and it comes naturally, it just requires practicing and situational awareness.

i guess you're right. i shouldnt force a joke and just adapt to situation.

A lot of humor is found in not taking life too seriously.

What do you mean?

Watching comedy to analyze it often makes you worse at it unless youre a legit career comedian
You'll end up copying someone else and itll be shitty
Tell jokes you find funny, and try to think of unexpected (but not random) things, and get comedic timing down pat. Timing is king

>unexpected (but not random)
Whats the difference between two?

Dont take shit like it has too much gravity. I remember some guy saying something about my clothes when i was in middle school. I didnt really say much back and felt all ashamed. However, had i not taken the situation seriously, i couldve shot back some little remark where i lean in to the skid, basically play off his joke, acknowledge it, and turn it into my own joke. Then it wouldve been funny, and i wouldve been cool. I wish it knew it back then.
Self deprecating humor is a good start for people just trying to be funny, so try that, but not too much. If you ham it up too much or do it too often you seem pitiful or like youre compliment fishing rather than funny

Trying to be funny will never make you funny.
You either make jokes regardless of whether they're funny or you don't.
If you don't practice you'll never get better at anything.
Being afraid of being unfunny is what sets apart someone who's funny from someone who's not.

Random =/= funny, but defying expectations is often good. Chapelle had some bit about 9/11, and he was talking about different theories. He said something along the lines of "i dont know who did it, but you know who does know? Strippers. They know everything". It was hilarious, because its true, he played off that idea that strippers (like bartenders) seem to always know everything, and connected it to politics and crackpit conspiracy theories. It makes complete sense, it isnt random, but it sure as hell wasnt what i was expecting.

But now im analyzing comedy, like i said you shouldnt do, so fuck me i guess

I'm trying to gather the advice which would let me to be more funny than cringy when it comes to saying jokes. I'm not talking about a guy who doesnt have humor sense trying to become the funniest guy alive.

Who gives a shit if it's cringy? You will not get better at anything if you don't practice.
If your jokes are cringy then reconsider your audience and sense of humor.

>sense of humor.
that why i've started this thread

Nothing that anyone who browses Jow Forums will say about how your sense of humor should look like can be applied to being funny outside of people that browse Jow Forums.
The only way to develop a sense of humor is to consume/be in on/be a part of things that other people can relate to/know about/are a part of, like a video game, politics or Jow Forums.

Tl;dr: Have hobbies and tell jokes to people that share your hobbies.