What can I do outside alone thats not graffiti, vandalism or or doing drugs. I can't sit inside all day its torture

What can I do outside alone thats not graffiti, vandalism or or doing drugs. I can't sit inside all day its torture.

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Go ride a bicycle.

Fishing. Hiking. Shoot guns

>can't go outside without committing crimes
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Since I started, I actually feel happy for the first time since a while. Plus, it's never to late to start.
I met a lot of people of all ages, and even made friends. I started doing sports, and started spending time outside. I understand you, I also was spending my entire life on chans.

Plus nothing feels like landing a new trick.

What do you usually vandalise? Show graffiti pics. I dream about that kind of free lifestyle, but i'm a pussy and it's way late for me. How are you not scared of the police, or of being alone in the dark?

not op here.
Did graffiti when I was younger.
>How are you not scared of the police, or of being alone in the dark?
You can do it day time (not a good idea), and with your friends. (so you're not scared)
If you see the cops, you simply run. You only do graffiti in spots you've already came to check out, and studied every way you can escape.

I just did tagging bro, it's not worth it. Didn't do it that long but way to many close calls and I'm non white so I look suspiscious as fuck running around late at night in my small city. It feels amazing tho. Especially when someone spots yoy and they can't so shit.

Fuck it, let me take that back. It IS worth it. But if you get caught your life is probably fucked depending on where you live. There is something about it. Seeing where people put their tags and where they went. Riding around your city and seeing your own "name" is great.

Just how fast do you have to run? How hard is it for a policeman to stop following you?
I've thought sometimes about stuff like , leaving my mark around where i live, but i don't have the balls and don't know anyone who regularly does these things to join them.

Skate, make wood work, garden, hike, make yourself useful with a dog walking or yard work job or smth, make art, grill- It's endless the things you can do, man.

tell us, what do you like doing? what are you good at? do you like sports, fixing stuff, reading, painting, ...? there are SO MANY things you could do...

Don't we literally have a board for this

Watch some yt videos to see if you like it.

To be fair, socially avoidant people that want to walk around at night, harming no one, regularly get told off by cops.
That's why I opened this thread. Fucking nigger pig faggots.

jerk off if you find a good spot

Will you break the rules with me in that spot bby? I am 100% white.

Might be nice, you better have good genes. Or you get to buy the expensive kind of condoms.

Go for a bike ride

most cops are pretty out of shape. not hard to avoid em. some of the most shit humans I've ever met.

holy fuck someone on Jow Forums that writes, that's so cool. you bomb or just do walls?

You just run, and belive me, nothing gives you the motivation to like this, you automatically run the fastest you can, and it is much faster than you think you can run. Most of cops won't bother following you, but if they do, if the distance between you and the cop is pretty large, you can try getting into a bus. Make sure, the bus goes the same direction the cop follows you, so he doesn't stops the bus. I did it one time with a friend. If you have one, go on a bicycle, and tell your mates to do so.
Also the police is rarely involved, and if your tagging in the late evening, most of old ladies or even other people, tell you they're calling the police, or do it loudly. If you see that someone sees you, most of the times leave.
It isn't hard to make a policeman stop following you.

Get a job?